Until We Die: How to change controls on a gamepad (FOR STEAM VERSION ONLY!)

The manual will tell you how to change the joystick control in the game completely for yourself..


Before moving on to setup

In the Steam library, right-click on our game, push “properties”. Next, a window will open, there we find the section Controller, and already there general controller settings, click on the button.

We will open a new Steam window with controller settings. There we find the icon Custom Playstation Settings, if you don't have a jackdaw, then click on the icon, to check the box.

How to go to setup

We go into the game, and already in the game we press the combination Shift+Tab, Steam overlay will open, looking there controller settings, after we press the button, and a window with control settings for the gamepad will open

Customizable control

Now it remains for us to choose, where to put this or that action. For example, let's choose a cross, click on the desired window and go to the settings for the cross. In the middle we will have a window with the settings for the buttons for the cross, select any button there, which we want to remap

Reassign the button this way: if we need, for example, to assign an order to units to the upper button of the cross, then select that button, which is responsible for this on the keyboard, i.e W

Now the top button of the cross is responsible for ordering units

(Important: after that in the game the order button will be changed from triangle to W, but everything will work like this, how we set up. The upper arrow of the cross will be responsible for the order)

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