Sea of Thieves: List of islands with coordinates

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Alphabetical list of islands with coordinates:
Darkwater Enclave R-5
Black sand atoll O-3 O-4
Brian's Bazaar Y-12
Sea Monster Tower L-6
Robber Trouble Q-6
Shores of Cursed Waters X-13 Y-13
Bay shark feed H-19 H-20
Ruby Y-16 Waterfall
Scorched Path X-11
Shingle G-5
Thieves Harbor L-20 M-20
Snake nest K-15 K-16
Watchtower I-20 J-20
Valley of Treasures F-16 G-16
Devil's Thirst W-21
Devil Merchants U-20
Bay of Wrecks M-10 M-11
Smuggler's Bay E-3 F-3 F-4
Protected spring L-17
Reserved Outpost F-7
Sunken Grove O-7 P-7
Flexing hollow M-16 N-16
Keel fort C-6 C-7 D-6
Flint Peninsula W-14 W-15
Crow's nest fortress O-17 O-18
Molten Sand Fortress Z-11 Z-12
Secret Spring Fortress I-8
Skull Fortress P-9
Curved masts O-11
Chicken I-16
Shop rich loot B-7
Wild Treasure Shop O-4
Shark Fin Camp P-5
Lagoon of Fools I-14
Blind Lagoon N-6 O-6
Lagoon of Whispers D-12 D-13
Rascal Den K-4
Shimmering Bar Z-18 Z-19
Sea sands G-3 G-4 H-4
Navigator's reward B-4 B-5 C-4 C-5
Fiery Limit V-19
Firetide Y-20
Lonely Bay H-6
Lonely G-8
Lonely cliff T-16 U-16
Around the storm Q-11
Trophy Island K-20
Outlaw Island K-14
Old faithful island M-4 N-4
Pirate Palms I-4
Ashlands U-23 V-23
Sandbank D-5 E-5
Kraken Bane R-12 R-13
Crescent B-9 C-9
Recent Sorry O-9
Outlaw Haven K-14
Smuggler's Shelter H-9 I-9
Asylum of Death I-12 I-13
Wanderers' Refuge F-12 F-13 G-12
Piercing Shoal D-8
Cannon Bay F-10 G-9 G-10
Robber arc Q-3 Q-4
Shell shallow O-15 O-16
Roaring Sands U-21
Reef shark tooth P-13
Groves twins H-11
Mermaid Shelter B-13 C-13
Saber Bank M-18
Sulfur Rock X-18 Y-18
Old treasure K-20
Old Marine Atoll F-18 F-19
Old Campaigner M-4 M-5 N-4 N-5
Three cliffs R-10
Thieves' hideout L-19 L-20 M-19 M-20
Sea Wolves Refuge C-11
Weasel Hideout V-12
Coal U-14
Rebel Cliff N-19
Factory best goods F-17
Factory Polar Star H-10
Factory three steps east S-9
Stefan's trophy factory L-15 L-16
Outpost of robbers J-18 K-18
Ancient Peak Outpost Q-17
Golden Sands Outpost D-10 D-11 E-10
Outpost the last refuge of the galleon R-8
Outpost of the Damned L-14
Outpost rock Morrow V-17
Outpost steel tooth M-7 M-8 N-7 N-8
Fort of Lost Treasures H-17 I-17
Devil's Ridge P-19
Deceiver's Spine S-11
Ridge of Discovery D-17 E-17
Sea Knot Citadel E-14

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