Muck: Mushroom Guide

An overview and description of all edible mushrooms in the game Muck


Red mushroom \ Gulpon Shroom

This type of mushroom will help you recover 20 health units. I advise you to always have as many red mushrooms with you as possible., with their help, you can easily maintain the optimal level of health in battle or quickly raise it if you are seriously injured.

Yellow mushroom \ Ligon Shroom

Yellow mushroom will help you restore some food.. A sort of alternative to meat, but restores about three times fewer calories. I advise you not to ignore and collect as many mushrooms of this type as possible, to be able to quickly replenish the food level.

Purple mushroom \ Sugon Shroom

This mushroom restores some stamina for you.. Essentially a useless mushroom, because. easier to wait for stamina to recover, than waste time eating this mushroom. You can safely ignore this type of mushroom and do not litter your inventory with it..

Multicolored (Rainbow mushroom) \ Slurbon Shroom

This type of mushroom can help you restore two parameters at once., health and food. It provides slightly fewer calories than yellow mushroom and provides 5 units / health less than a red mushroom. I recommend collecting this mushroom, so that in the event of a shortage of food and health, you can quickly replenish their level. I also noticed that this type of mushroom is a little less common than others., but it is not exactly.
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