Gunfire Reborn: Guide to the unkillable dog

and there will also be a link to cis discord games 🙂


Perfect build of abilities

Survival instinct should ideally be taken in C(,Further (if it's in 3 uploaded)
“on the verge” pump in (from 1 to 3,3 if the skill is higher we could not get the maximum) ,proven in battle at maximum speed ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. and the golden return too. In this way,we get an extremely fat and unkillable character,which gains immortality in case of high instant damage and regains lost HP,in addition,that almost infinite ult.
These 4 abilities will be our pillar,for change as variations, you can take(akimbo shooter,amber eruption,lucky patron,explosive potential)We give preference to the akimba arrow(in 1 swing) and explosive potential(also in 1 ).


these are our two main gannas(ideally we take or 2 hypothalamus or 2 illusions),all their power will be revealed with the scrolls and if there is ,then tagged with twins.

it 3 option(for him it is necessary 2 fold ,but not 1 to choose).


I'm a little too lazy to insert screenshots because there are too many of them,then I will finalize,but ,for now, I present the most preferred list:
tier 1:
Flesh and bones,Bloody relic(this is what will allow us to replenish our HP very quickly),bloody ammunition(upstream alternative,but you can go to reload + lose a huge buff to damage from an inactive bullet),inactive bullet,exploding bullets(situational,but a very strong scroll,veteran,merciless combo,precautions,arms dealer(alternative ruthless combo).
tier 2: copterka(alternative to bloody,a must-have for the wild hunt !),energy capacity,penetrating projectile,double-edged,fire enthusiast,flexible life,heavy shield,current time.
tier 3: everything else is fucking unnecessary.

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