Everlasting Summer: ALL ABOUT MICU AND WIFE

We continue to talk about the characters of the beautiful visual novel, and today we have two pioneers again - Miku and Zhenya.

Important! This manual may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.



Miku is one of the main heroines of the novel "Endless Summer". The only participant and head of the music club.

Miku is based on Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual singer.

Miku's appearance and character:

Miku is a beautiful-looking girl with one distinguishing feature - very long cyan hair, tied in two tails, reaching her knees. Very cheerful and positive, but too talkative, than quickly tires others.

Miku's relationship with other pioneers:

Was not seen communicating with other heroes, besides Alice and Semyon. From the first, possibly, is friends and shares an interest in music. Semyon often becomes her companion against her will., and also has several events in the game, associated with it. Lives in the same house with Lena, she also communicates with her.

Story and endings:

Miku was originally planned in the game as a comedic supporting character without its own root.. However, later during development, one story, originally planned as an add-on, but not finished on time, was rewritten for it.

Miku has his own root with one ending. It has a great horror focus., and is also the most fantastic of all the routes, which in general makes it stand out from the rest.

Interesting Facts:
  • Her mother is Japanese.
  • Miku is the only character, whose voice is heard in the game, during her song in Japanese accompanied by Simon on the guitar.
  • Miku's tie is untied in the game's intro..


Zhenya is a minor heroine of the novel "Endless Summer". Library manager.
Mitsgol is the prototype.

Zhenya's appearance and character:

Zhenya is a small girl, in thick glasses, with dark blue hair, from which ahoge is knocked out – a strand of hair on top of the head. She is the head of the library of the camp "Owenok", spending most of my time there, where was discovered sleeping in the workplace.

The girl has a rather difficult and unfriendly character - she is straightforward, does not hesitate to respond to interlocutors in a rude manner and says that, what does he think of them, which makes many pioneers reluctant to visit the library. This behavior translates into something, that no one wants to pair her on a hike, why does she have to go with Semyon, what, however, didn't make her very happy. Of her positive character traits, it can be noted that she is well-read., as befits a librarian. In a conversation with Semyon, she admits that she can only do that, what I read about in books, and also that he does not know how to play cards, not particularly eager to play with the others, but, However, she manages to win a round of cards with Slava.

Zhenya's other traits are respect for personal space., which is possibly caused by prolonged loneliness, and punctuality. So, eg, she leaves Semyon and Slava alone, although he does not deny himself the pleasure of making a joke to the lovers. If the assumption that, that through a request to help clean up the library is an invitation from Slavi to a kind of date, then Zhenya is also ready to help with love affairs organizations, but romance to your side (at least, direct recognition by Electronics) she does not tolerate. It is also known that Zhenya is a patriot and, as Semyon suggests, shock worker of Soviet labor, and also likes to sing, but at the same time has an extremely bad singing voice.

The official modification-supplement "The Story of a Pioneer" presents the character of the real Zhenya, which does not treat Semyon so sarcastically, is distinguished by special jealousy and a sense of humor. Unlike the Pioneer Owlet, who has gone mad from the monotony of cycles, living in the camp is only a joy to her, because she was tired of the monotony of ordinary weekdays in the real world. Also, this DLC reveals the fact that the librarian does not know how to sew and loves lilies of the valley.

Zhenya's relationship with other pioneers:

Zhenya is an inhuman person, why in communication with other pioneers she was rarely seen and almost never appears in the plot, but, However, she happened to intersect and communicate with several inhabitants:

  • Slavia - Zhenya's roommate. They definitely have a relationship with each other., but it's hard to call them good friends, since Zhenya spends all his time in the library, and Slavia actively participates in camp activities. It is known that Slavia calls Zhenya “very punctuality”, and also doesn't want her to worry. Also, it looks like inviting Semyon to clean the library, Zhenya thus conveys Slavi's request.
  • Electronic - Electronic is in love with Zhenya, but she doesn't reciprocate. He doesn't want others to know about his feelings., and also hesitates to start playing cards until Zhenya arrives, and later unsuccessfully tries to invite her to go to the river in the evening. but, after a declaration of love from Electronics, Zhenya tells him to never appear in the library again., calls him in a conversation with Semyon a fool. However, Electronics does not give up hope, that she will ever reciprocate. According to reaction Electronics from the official add-on The Story of a Pioneer, he reacted to the staging of the wedding of Zhenya and Semyon in a far from positive way.

  • Semyon - Semyon appreciated Zhenya's appearance, noting, that she has a pleasant appearance and a cute appearance in a dream, but the relationship between them did not work out. On the very first day, Zhenya reacted dryly to the request to sign a bypass, but, However, Semyon was able to persuade her to take part in the game of cards. The librarian reacts with irritation to Semyon, because she doesn't like that, how Semyon pesters her with stupid questions and does not listen to her, and Semyon, in turn, reacts negatively to her unsociability and harsh character, why does not want to come across her once again in the eye. When the two of them have to go camping, nor Zhenya, neither Semyon are happy with this situation, why Semyon kept his distance from “yeti librarians”, however, he noted his resemblance to her in terms of unsociability.
  • Semyon (ZS) - in a parallel reality, Semyon spent all his free time in the library reading, where he constantly crossed paths with Zhenya, essentially becoming her assistant, why did they become if not friends, then friends, what, but, it did not hurt to make Zhenya reproaches for excessive passivity towards camp life in his direction, although Semyon did not really care about her sarcasm. And although Semyon really liked to read, he actually went to the library to see her more often, what I could not admit to myself. once, on New Year's Eve, Semyon confessed his love to his wife, which shocked the girl, why she thought he was crazy and ran away. But on New Year's Eve, to Zhenya's question whether Semyon was serious, he answered in the affirmative, and Zhenya accepted his love, telling him that “maybe you are not so bad”.
  • Pioneer (IOP) - having met Zhenya's abnormal behavior in another of the camp cycles and having learned that she is the same person from the ordinary world like him, not some “doll”, Semyon was filled with sympathy for his wife, which turned out to be mutual, which ultimately led to the planning of the wedding, which had to be disguised as a production, followed by the first wedding night. When Zhenya disappears, and its place is taken by “doll”, Semyon falls into the most severe tantrum in his life, which speaks of the strongest affection for her. However, when Semyon almost completely ceased to be himself, becoming an unbalanced maniac, while in the unusual version of the Owlet, he meets his beloved again and quickly gets rid of his past cruel desires, why leaving the camp by bus and getting into the real world promises that this time he will marry her for real.

Interesting facts and notes:
  • Zhenya's sprite has unworked legs.
  • Despite, that Zhenya has yellow eyes, in the ruler image she has green eyes.
  • In the editor for creating modifications, Zhenya's replicas were awarded the command "mz", which is most likely short for Mitzgirl – Mitsgol (Mitsu-chan), the mask, on which the image of Zhenya was created.
  • Zhenya is in third place among the lowest characters, second only to Yulia and Ulyana.
  • Zhenya is one of the three characters of the Endless Summer, who wear glasses (two others – Shurik and Viola).
  • Zhenya does not appear in the opening video.

Zhenya part 2

  • The prototype of Zhenya - Mitsu-chan - did not like Mitsgola very much (the prototype of Mitsu-chan). Unlike the unsociable Zhenya, in many images Mitsu-chan is presented as an extremely chatty person. Moreover, on the location of general clubs there is an inscription “Mitsu – fool ", referring to the prototype of Zhenya.
  • In the early version, Zhenya was called Tanya.
  • According to the gallery of the old projects of the Endless Summer in the Moonworks group (the team separated from the Soviet Games), initially, Zhenya was supposed to have his own root.
  • A poster with the image of Mitsgol in the form of a Jew with a raised finger hangs over Zhenya's bed.
  • Zhenya has a special emotion with a tear-stained face, which is never used in the original game, but, However, featured in the finale of The Story of a Pioneer DLC. Also, Zhenya is one of the few characters with an accessory (glasses in this case).
  • In some modifications, Zhenya is credited with knowledge of foreign languages. (in particular, english).
  • Zhenya is mentioned in the novel based on "Endless Summer" called Frosty Kiss, telling the fate of the heroines after the harem ending. According to the events of this novel, Zhenya still managed to get out into the real world with the rest of the pioneers, and also wanted to celebrate the new year at Lena's house along with the rest of the camp mates, but I could not come.
  • The image of Zhenya and other pioneers is present on the shirt (back side) cards in a mini-game with cards.
  • In the release version of the game, Zhenya is missing a swimming suit, why, even during a meeting with Semyon on the beach in Lena's route, Zhenya is dressed in a pioneer uniform. However, on an early sprite, Zhenya had a yellow and black one-piece swimsuit and, Moreover, in an early script she is referred to as “sexy girl in a swimsuit”.

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