Going Medieval: Small guide (For newbies)

How to keep bad guys out?

At the moment, the guys that come to you(those with a sword) very polite and always knocking on the door. Breaking down your buildings along the way(love all kinds of machines).
Actually we put strong doors, and better some, making a moat(better around the perimeter of your castle) , and set traps on the way to them.

But this is all bullshit, the doors will not be delayed for long, traps rarely kill, and then those who come running first. the most important thing is archers on the walls these guys will figure it out.

Sometimes trebuchets come to you 1-5+ pieces, shoot breaks your walls and more, without a ditch it will be sad.
Sometimes arrows come, everything here is just battlements on the walls(the tighter the better)
And another nuance, all dummies love roads, traps on the roads look in their place, probability to come 99%

How to preserve the harvest

Probably not the most efficient way, but it works!

We drip stairs to the 2nd tier. Making a room, put the door. Further more interesting, land is our bro (she gives cold,like everything earthy)and the tile takes, like the walls, like the door, like torches, well you get the idea, asceticism. The main thing is that somewhere half of the earth is covered with a floor., we put a warehouse on it,

remembering grandfather's cellar and digging.

There is still a nuance, meat carcasses deteriorate at a higher temperature than small meat pieces(well and take up less space) so do not rush the villagers to skin all the carcasses that are.
Do not be intimidated by the bodies, you are visiting the village of cannibals, they have their own reserves.

How to use the harvest

The dining room and kitchen are an important part of the castle Not. Not who does not like stairs, all the more to run along them with a bunch of food. The closer the stove is to the refrigerator, the better., if a table is next to a table with chairs generally top.

Made a pantry with ready meals as close to the table and stove as possible, so that there is less running around.

Deep sleep

At the moment, only peasants live in the castle, we give them almost all the same where to sleep, the main thing is to have walls, floor, well, at least not sleeping on a haystack, and so that it is not cold.

An important little thing, keep a small warehouse of medicines(they don't like warmth) in the bedrooms, so that the lads do not run somewhere while the bro dies.


Run Forrest run

The more the villager ran, the less useful he did, help him run less, faster. Then he will be in time.

Well if ..:

  • Next to there is a warehouse with a machine with what it produces.
  • There are villagers on the main routes roads with the biggest bonus to speed movement(now 120%)
  • There are roads in the long haul, bridges. (Careers, forest edges)
  • If production has waste(there should be a dump not far from it, on its territory there should not be a roof and a floor so that it all decomposes. Bones take a long time to decompose. the bone dump is best kept away.

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