House in Muck for the first time 5 days

Raw game, so building a house is very problematic. Monsters will constantly destroy your buildings. But there is an alternative to the first 5 days.



On the first night, you are immediately attacked by monsters, and even if you have built a house on the ground, then it will most likely be destroyed. There is a construction option heavenly home using a workbench.

To start, even though there is physics in the game, but it does not apply to bench, stove and the like. My way is, that you need to build a house on zero gravity, using the workbench as a base. This way you can sit quietly upstairs.. But this house is also suitable for players, who survived enough days, have farmed a lot of wood and want to build themselves beautiful house.

Celestial starting home.

Brief instruction.
Create a workbench, making semi-vertical walls, building up to a height, which you yourself wish (but on the fifth night the boss appears, so at the height of the house, I would recommend not to skimp). We put a workbench at the top, it will serve as the foundation of our home, since physics does not affect him, and, even when breaking any buildings under it, he remains in the air to levitate. We put the floor on the workbench, and now the house is ready.

The house flies

In theory, home should look like this. (On the left, I tested the maximum height of the world, as seen, I never got into the restriction).

Where are there so many coins in the screenshots?.

After two hours of playing, mobs beat me to of death. Then I thought, why not ? Artmoney goes into business, so I wound myself 10k coins. I did not test in multiplayer, but I hope, what THIS IS will fix, because otherwise all the fun from the gameplay disappears.

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