Phasmophobia: Skirmishes at Willov Street House

Places to hide from ghosts. В Willov Street House.


1. Nychka
Behind the closet, most popular place 95% where the ghost won't eat you. Well if he goes to the couch and sees you, then everything is deplorable.

2. Nychka
Kithen door ( 80% That he will kill you in this place) If the ghost goes to the garage, then he will notice you with his back and kill you.

3. Nychka
In the basement (Death chance 60%) as a last resort try.

Stupid stupid.
There are tables in the basement in two rooms, boxes you can hide behind them.
Especially I am not hiding there.
There is a boy room there 2 I think they won't save you, so I do not stupidly advise you to be close to this room.

4. The best nychka.
The girl room has 3 stubs, at the table or at the closet. But it's better for a chair, chance of death 0%.

These are nymphs, not bugs. If a ghost runs after you, then it's better to run here..
He will not get lost in them.

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