Phasmophobia: Definition of ghosts on a nightmare or a cheat sheet

Hello everyone, this guide serves as a kind of cheat sheet for those who do not know how to just study or completely constantly forget how to identify a ghost in a nightmare:)


The most common type of ghost,determined by hunting. starts them only if you have a very low mind or sit in his room for a long time,he also doesn’t like to do something special and will start his atrocities only when you stay at his place

It is determined very easily just pour salt into the ghost room, wait until he steps on the salt, and then he tramples on leaving traces, so the mirage simply does not have these traces, it also has the ability to teleport to any hunter during an attack

That other master of hide and seek is determined by hunting, just stand with incense and wait for the ghost to come to you, he will (blink) less often than others, that is, appearing and disappearing less often, also when you take a picture of him, which is very difficult, he will disappear and be invisible

He loves to interact with his environment, something constantly drops him.,required evidence is a note in a notebook, a distinctive feature is that he can throw several objects at the same time and very far,to check, we simply throw any things into his room and wait if this is a poltergeist, he will stir up this “bunch” and scatters all the objects or during the hunt we listen to the sound Polter will throw everything he finds along the way

Singer-screamer obligatory evidence is handprints for verification go to the ghost room with a directed microphone and wait for the banshee to emit her special scream that only she emits

A ghost that loves light, he will never turn off the generator and will often turn on the light so that during the hunt he accelerates and can grab you by the heel if the generator is turned off by you, the genie will lose this ability and will walk like a normal average ghost)

Unlike his friend, the genie will constantly turn off your light and generator,she simply can’t turn on the light if she turns it on it’s not Mara anymore, also when the light is off she will spam you with attacks almost on cd

It is checked by the desire to get up with incense and call him to you. The revenant is slow in itself, like an old grandmother, but when he sees your heels, he will run with such foolishness that without incense he will bite them off for you

A lazy and very shy ghost will do nothing if there is even more in the house 1 person and then being in the house with 1 “heel carrier)” also will not particularly show itself, it is checked by the fact that you are watching his activity when you are all in the house and when 1 man in the house 1 man, he will be more active

A lover of crosses and early attacks attacks much more often than the rest, and if you throw a cross into his room, he will gobble it up on both cheeks, he also makes an attack earlier and after that he can spam them very well, an order of magnitude higher than the same Mara

Often makes guest events that reduce sanity more effective than others can also open or FULLY close the door when others open or close the door a little check is done only in the room where the ghost lives if he is your bellboy pray that he changes the room,so we put motion sensors on the door below and on the sides and light the incense in the whole room and detect 90 seconds for these 90 seconds Yurei will not be able to leave his room and if the sensors detect that he has left it is no longer Yurei

They are
The mind eater 2 times more during the visit, is determined easily it cannot have a guest event “smoke” where the ghost appears or goes at you and after disappearing makes a sound like “shhhh” and also he “blinking” more often, that is, unlike the Phantom, he appears more often and the Phantom less often than others

A deaf ghost that will get angry if you often chat near him will constantly open / close doors, throw objects, to give guest events and hunts is determined by the fact that not far from the room without eye contact we call a ghost if he does not come to you, then this is our deaf Yokaichik

Feels like a fish in water in the cold, speeds up in the cold and slows down in warm rooms, always has a minus temperature with him to check, we stand with incense when hunting and just wait for the ghost and determine step by step near our room it will be faster and slower in a warm place

A friend of the shy shadow also constantly does not show his projector in a large number of people the projector and is a mandatory piece of evidence, it is easy to determine, just get up with the camera so that the projector is visible to us and on the camera the mountain will run on the camera but will not be visible live

Quiet, an inconspicuous rat that, when hunting, behaves quieter than the others and sometimes makes its own special sound when attacking, it is checked by simply listening to the steps, if they are very quiet or almost none, then most likely Mule

That's it
He doesn’t like candles, the check is that we throw crucifixes into his room and put candles on them if, after the candle fades from the ghost of Onre, he eats the crucifix, sometimes he may not eat them for a long time, but eventually he will eat them

The impudent and annoying are active immediately in 2 rooms in turn or at the same time there is also an original twin, its speed is either normal or slightly higher than normal and “bait” it moves depending on the original if the original is moving normally then it is slower if it is faster then it is moving normally

A lover of eating energy is determined by his speed, he eats energy from electrical appliances and often turns them on when hunting, he will be fast if many devices are turned on and he meets him on the way, he drives around the hut worse than a lightning makvin if he brings all the equipment to eat

Feels cool and sure to leave prints ,why do you think you're cool? Yes, because he considers himself cooler because of his distinctive feature, leaving on the door with some chance not a five-finger print ,and with six whole it is determined

Feels like an actor and imitates other ghosts in his nightmare 3 evidence and a light is sure to fly in his room ,but how to understand that the light is not Mimic(false) but the real one?That's easy, just if it's a Mimic he'll have two of these signs:
Hand prints
Subzero temperature

That evil one who will always curse you, he always has a radio receiver, he is also more sensitive to incense and reacts to it more strongly to remove the curse, you need to eat a pill and he curses through:
And a directional microphone
How to distinguish? just eat full pills, cause an attack with high sanity, he will run normally, but the less he is, his speed will increase

In the gut it feels where you are sitting, it is hiding, it is easy to make a hunt, it will run wild and will immediately run towards you after approaching, it will begin to walk like a lame and you are not hiding, but running around the table in the kitchen and other similar objects

An aging ghost who protects his room is checked like this”
We start hunting or we wait from him if this is Taie once he starts it himself and two he will drive around the hut like his friends Raiju and Moroi With Deogen for a couple and over time spent in his room or next to it he will grow old and become slower

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