Barotrauma: Hammers or Hammers

Full description of hammerheads, their abilities, characteristics and so on.


Who are the hammers?

Hammers – rare creature, inhabiting the cool oceans of Barotrauma.
– the equivalent of our sharks. They have at least two pairs of eyes., four claws, four fins and a long tail, which is their main means of transportation.

Most salient feature – flat head, claw-like hammerhead. ( from here and a nice little name – Hammers )

Hammer- several solitary creatures, but sometimes they can be seen in groups of two or three individuals.

Normal hammer

Hammers are capable of causing significant damage to the outer walls of a submarine, using their flat heads to punch holes in a given surface. They are very sensitive to light., and therefore they can be avoided, by turning off the external lighting on board the submarine.

They cannot get inside the submarine and will tirelessly pound on the outer hull of the submarine and its inhabitants.

250 (350 at the boss) Armor 100%)

Speed – Swimming (6 slow – 9 fast)

Always aggressive.

Can't get into the submarine.

 – Alien blood, Swim bladder

Golden hammer

Golden hammerheads – these are varieties of gold-colored hammerheads, and although they are significantly weaker than their usual version, they compensate for this with one of the highest speeds and mobility of all creatures in the game.

Golden hammerheads have a hardened blunt head, strong enough, to punch holes in hulls, and also the brand name of the hammerheads – four oblique limbs, each of which can inflict very heavy bleeding on any living creature with a range of 360º. As the name suggests, golden hammerhead has golden, slightly shiny skin and two fixed fins, acting as stabilizers.

Golden Hammerhead will attack the submarine, punching holes in the hull with his head and retreating, to strike again. Lonely divers will be chased and bleed to death. However, they are very fragile., and any of the submarine-mounted cannons are extremely effective, if only an experienced gunner can predict her movement.


200 (300 at the boss) Armor – 100% )

Speed – 8 slow – 15 fast

Always aggressive

Can't enter submarine

– Alien blood,Swim bladder

Hammer Matriarch

Matriarch Hammerhead – it is a large dark red squid-like creature with 4 hands, attached to the torso. His head – this is a big fragile bag of eggs.
The descendants of Hammerhead hatched from these eggs have the shape of a standard Hammerhead, only much smaller and have a dark red Matriarch hue.

not aggressive, until provoked, and runs away at the sight of a submarine. However, if she is attacked, she will strike back – suicidal, devastating attack on the submarine hull. As a result of the impact, the egg sac bursts, releasing 30 hammerhead eggs.

Abomination is not capable of damaging the body, but their mother's attack force, probably, caused a hole right there, where were they released.


Health 500 ( Armor 90%)

Aggressive when attacking

Can't enter the sub

DROP – nothing

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