Cyberpunk 2077: Euro dollar farm on kraft, works on version. 1,23

This guide is about, how to make money on craft. I say right away it's dreary and not fast. No dupes, etc.. etc., namely, craft with the calculation of spending on sources and estimated profit.
For Work you will need 5 Technician level, perk “Journeyman” (gave info in the afterword) and drawing of the SV-32 sniper rifle “City” (where to find the drawing, Google to the rescue, I do not remember).



1. We need a merchant, which will sell regular, unusual and rare item components. In my case, I used a salesperson right in mega-tower V. (Why I chose it, I will justify it in the afterword)


2. We buy ordinary, unusual and rare components of items for all the money you have. (bought these three components, came out, waited / scrolled 24 hours ahead, the assortment has been updated, to repeat, until you have left 0 eurodollars, it's better not to be greedy, since here, literally, principle works “the more invested, the more I got))

The craft itself

3. Further, we go into creation, choose a weapon, there we find SV-32 “City” and craft it, until you run out of resources. (Why the choice fell on her? very simple, for production it costs about 600 eurodollars, and in the store it is sold for 1056, that is, the net profit is more than 400 eurodollars. Yes, if you sell by 4 or 6 pieces, it is not important (although it's not bad at all for the start!), but when the turnover increases and you produce 150-250 rifles per call, then the numbers will be completely different)


4. We sell at a merchant, along the way, buying new components of items. (Then you will start to have such a surplus of common and unusual components., which of them can be crafted green sniper rifles for 617 eurodollars, do not disdain them, they will also contribute to your capital)


And don't forget to keep out of harm's way! There were no precedents, but what the hell is not joking.


Yes, very dreary, boring, but effective. In my case, I spent 3 hours and from 20k Eurodollars increased them to 300k.
You can craft other rifles too, epic, eg, I made my choice based on, what sellers have, who sell legendary components, there are no common and unusual components, which will lead to, what will you run between 2 different traders, while you still need to craft rifles, and this is also not wildly fun.
Per “journeyman”, which is needed to create rare items.

The perk will help a lot “something out of nothing”, but you still need to get to it.

They shouldn't fix anything here, as this is a purely game mechanic with an emphasis on game economy.

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