Cyberpunk 2077: Cyberpunk vocabulary and timeline

The cyberpunk genre has its own language. Some of the most common terms are described below.. The asterisk means, that the term came from the book by William Gibson "Neuromancer" - works, which laid the foundation for the entire cyberpunk genre.


Bionics – Бионика. Artificial body components.

Biz * - We. Business. Usually, illegal.

Black clinic * - Black clinic. Medical institution, unlicensed. Engaged in illegal transplants, trade in stolen or illegal implants, and cloning bypassing the law.

Black ice * - Black ice. Anti-hacker program, real harm, up to killing a hacker.

Bomb - Bomb. Logic bomb - computer program, activated when certain predefined conditions are met. Bomb effects range from simple message output to car formatting.

Chip - Chip. Small storage device for storing a program or information. Dedicated chips can connect to the brain through a connector in the body.

Console cowboy * - Console cowboy. Hacker's slang name, especially working through a neural interface.

Corp or Corporate * - Corp or corporation. Anyone hiring a large organization. As a rule, all corpses look like faceless performers..

Cyberdeck * - Кибердека. A computer, used to connect a person to the Network through a neural interface.

Cyberspace * - Cyberspace. Slang name of the global computer network.

Cyberpunk - Cyberpunk. A world with a high level of technology and a low standard of living. Also, hackers are sometimes gazed like that..

Cyberstealth - Cyberstealth. Any device or modification, allowing you to move unnoticed.

Cybertech, Cyberwear - Cybertechnics. Any equipment or technology, directly connected to the user's brain and body.

Cyborg - Cyborg. Someone with bionics implanted into the body.

Daemon. Program, working with a computer directly. Does not display any corrections of its activities from the user. It just works as said.

Deck * -Deca. Cyberdeck slang name.

Decker * - Decker. Somebody, cyberdeck.

Face - Face. Slang name of the interface.

Flatline* — Флэтлайн. State, in which Decker's brain is burned out with black ice until all brain activity ceases.

Flip - Flip. Reflex Chip.

Go-to * - Inbox. Dossier. Usually illegal.

Hack - Hack. Breaking into (or hacking attempt) computer system.

Hacker - Hacker. Human, breaking into closed networks for information or pleasure from their actions.

Ice * - Ice (Intrusion Countenneasure Electronics).Anti-intrusion system. Acronym for Network Protection Program.

Icebreaker * - Icebreaker. Any program, breaking or breaking ice.

Implant - Implant. Cyber ​​gear, usually internal.

Interface - Interface. Programs and equipment, allowing direct interaction with the cyberdeck and the network.

Interface jockey - Interface rider. Another synonym for hacker.

Jack in / out * - Enter or exit cyberspace. usually through a connector in the head / spine.

Matrix * - Matrix. Global computer network.

Megacorp * - Megacorp. Huge multinational corporation, usually larger and stronger than many world governments.

Merc - Merck. Abbreviation for the word mercenary.

Microsoft * - Temporary Implant, chip adventure, skill chip or any other chip, user pluggable.

Mod - Mod. Body modification through cyber gear.

Net * - Network. The global, computer and so on.

Netrunner * - Another Hacker Variant.

Neural interface – Нейроинтерфейс. Direct connection of computer and human brain.

New Yen * - New yen. Hypothetical Japanese currency.

Night City * - Night city. Bad part of town with nightlife, neon signs and uncontrolled crime.

0-ROM - Personal database.

RAM - Device, storing information subject to modification.

Razorgirl* (razorboy) - Boy / girl with blades. Slang name for a street samurai with combat implants. Implanted claws are quite popular with these citizens.

Rogue program - thief program. Designed to damage the server and steal or modify the information stored there.

ROM - Storage device, not allowing it to change later.

ROM deck - Program cartridge. Inserted into cyberdeck.

RPV - Remote Controlled Vehicle. Controlled by means of a neural interface. Almost all cars in the cyberpunk world can be modified this way..

Skip - Skip. Skill Chip.

Softhead * - Abbreviated name of a person, embedded in his head a couple of chips.

Sprawl * - Zone, created by several cities, due to their size merged into one metropolis.

Street op - Street opera. Anyone living on the street. Not the fact that the criminal, but very close to that.

Street samurai * - Street samurai. Specialist in defense and attack. Usually, cyborgizirovan.

Suit - Suit or jacket. Slang name for the corporation.

Tempest - Device, capable of reading information from a computer, at a sufficiently large distance.

Time bomb - thief program, triggered after a certain period of time after its activation.

Trip - Trip. Pre-programmed adventure chip.

Trojan - Trojan. Thief program, masquerading as a normal program, or connected to it.

Virus - A virus is a program transmitted from machine to machine without the knowledge of their operators.

Yak * - How. Short for Yakuza.

Wirehead - Electrode. Man with electrodes in the pleasure center.

Worm - Worm. A program that spreads itself over the network.

Zaibatsu * — Дзайбацу. Megacorporation. The term comes from the name of a Japanese company during the Second World War.

Cyberpunk chronology
Since the franchise has been around in one form or another since the 1980s, Cyberpunk timeline 2077 almost necessary, to reveal the story so far. Finally, there is almost 40 years of knowledge. To master you as quickly and easily as possible, We've put together an abridged version of Cyberpunk's rich background right here.

But before we dive into the Cyberpunk timeline 2077, its useful to note, that it shouldn't be a "version" of our future. Instead, it takes place in an alternate reality - the story of cyberpunk is somewhat different from our own.. Cyberpunk Red TRPG gives us a good overview of how, as (and when) Something went wrong, therefore we have listed the most important events below.

US government captured in secret coup, such as NSA.
This leads to the First Central American Conflict where the US invades countries south of the border. They justify it with the war on drugs and communism, but in reality it is just imperialist ambitions. Many American soldiers come home dismembered and in very poor condition., what drives the demand for cyber software.
USA creates and distributes "Designer" ulcers of the World. They specifically target coca and opium plants, leading to the collapse of governments in Chile and beyond.
War erupts between US and drug lords in central America.
Colombian drug lords detonate a small nuclear bomb in New York in retaliation for US actions. Thousands killed.

Metropolis, which will become the night city (Cyberpunk setup 2077) founded. It is destined to become paradise, free from crime and corruption. Ironically, its founder was killed by a mob at some point from now until 2005 of the year. They take over territory, making it a hotbed of everything, what was built to counter..
USA stuck on the stock exchange. This leads to
World stock market Crash # 94.

Collapse. US collapses on losses from global stock market crash. One in four Americans becomes homeless, martial law is established, gangs appear with menacing regularity, and the first wandering nomads appear (families, who have lost their homes and livelihoods). That leaves the board for the mega-corporation to rise.

"Near East". Limited thermonuclear exchange devastates a huge chunk of the Middle East. Oil supplies fell by half.
In the United States, droughts and earthquakes are damaging, what's left of the nation. Even worse, A debilitating plague destroys most of America and Europe.
Crystal Palace space station installed - a ton of people, apparently, decided to escape from Earth, because everything sucks there.

NETWORK, Cyberpunk takes on the internet, established.
‘Food Crash ‘ 2001 destroys Canadian and Russian cultures. American farms remain mysteriously intact. Biological warfare? Probably.

Second Central American Conflict Begins With US Invasion Of Venezuela And Beyond. It's a total disaster - many American soldiers are abandoned, left, to find your way home.
The gang of four exposed by fearless journalists. Democracy Returns to America, albeit under the scrutiny of megacorporations.

Slightly hindering megacorporations from exercising their will, how and when they see fit, First and Second Corporate Wars start (mainly because of resources or in an attempt to undermine competition). Spectators are shocked by the level of demonstrated violence.

An orbital war is torn between the US and Europe over the installation of weapons ... until the living in space get fed up and drop a huge rock in Colorado Springs, America. Being well and truly intimidated, truce reached.
Mega-corporations destroy the ruling mobs of the Night City, giving them almost complete control.
Network 54 currently owns 62% media in the USA. By this point we are approaching a complete dystopia..
Human cloning becomes viable, but bodies have no soul. They are used as body spare parts for the wealthy.

This is when the original Cyberpunk TRPG pen-paper happens.
Digital Soulkiller Virus developed by Alt Cunningham. This allows you to make a copy of someone else's opinion., when they connect to the NETWORK. This will be important later..
Johnny Silverhand Concert Leads to Riots Throughout Night City (you can find out the name; Johnny plays Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077). The rebels killed 18 man and wounded 51. This was all a cover for Johnny trying to save his girlfriend., Alt Cunningham - a megacorp called Arasaka kidnapped her after the invention of the souller virus. They create a more dangerous version, which kills the victim after, how their mind was copied, and this is then used to Alt (but, her digital self survives on the net). These events form the "Never Fade Away" mini-adventure in the original TRPG.
the first artificial intelligence created.

The third corporate war begins, when cyber terrorists attack the megacorporation network. Billions in revenues are lost.

Second Edition Cyberpunk TRPG - known as Cyberpunk 2020 - set this year.
Corporate stuck car crashes near the night city, causing the disease of nanotechnology, known as the Carbon Plague. If you haven't guessed yet, these corporations are very bad news.
Night City - "Free State" at this point - it exists outside of the United States.

A devastating fourth corporate war is taking place, fought rival megacorporations Arasaka and Militech.
They, who lives in space, tired of constantly arguing with the Earth, so they throw many moonstones across the planet, to show your independence. Countless people die. This new nation becomes known as the Highriders.

International trade structure due to war and Highrider attacks. Many megacorps have gone bankrupt.
Night City Massacre. Johnny Silverhand and the Militech strike team broke into Arasaka headquarters in an attempt to destroy their database.. Tactical nuclear bomb is launched by unknown parties, and it destroys the strike team along with millions in the Night City. Arasaka expelled from the USA, and the US government has led, that the government of Militéch became the fifth.
This leads to the Time of the Red - so named because, that particles from the massacre in the night city and the attacks of the supreme leaders for many years cause a blood-red sky.

NET is crumbling. However, some rogue AIs sometimes slip into, what's left of the system, to join the artificial intelligence haven, known as the Phantom World.
The United States is in the grip of a complete dictatorship at this stage, controlled by, what is left of the government. They declare Night City lost and leave it to rot.

Newest Cyberpunk TRPG, Cyberpunk Red, occurs during this period.
Night City Rebuilt by Combining Corporations and Resolute Citizens.
Johnny Silverhand's body allegedly found and placed in cold storage by a hot fan.

Little is known about this length of time, but it seems, that NET is recovering and Night City is returning to some semblance of normality. Interesting, that Arasaka is also returning to Night City, despite, that he was expelled after the Fourth Corporate War..

Not surprising, what is it when Cyberpunk 2077 established. The digital version of Johnny Silverhand is chasing the player character, and the Soulkiller virus rears its ugly head again. Seem to be, it's time for us to go to work.

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