Sea of Thieves: The Dark Brotherhood – Dead Man's Chest Key

In this guide, I will explain, how to open a cache in the meeting cave “Dark Brotherhood”, which contains the key to the dead man's chest.



Let's start off with, that this puzzle is actually at the final stage of the quest “The Dark Brotherhood“, and it can be skipped unless due to extreme care.
And interest in the problem arises when finding dead man's chest, which is also extremely difficult to miss.


The cache itself is located on the right side of the Dark Brotherhood cave., and the question immediately arises: What combination can there be??
Of course, some craftsmen will go through all possible combinations., and try to find the right one, but I'll probably simplify the task.

Just use the presented combination “pieces of wood”, to open the cache:
The principle is: 1 – a fish (bottom left), 2 – mermaid, 3 – trident, 4 – three points, 5 – ship.
In other words: The fish came, met mermaids, after which they took the tridents, and a group went to the ship. \_-0-_/ (Something like this)

The essence and meaning of the pictures can be understood as you like, there were even guesses on the topic: Like this is a sequence of films; Stages of finding a pearl, etc..
But still the presented combination is correct..

After opening the cache from the pedestal, we take the key and open the coveted chest
By the way, the chest is static, and other than how to open it, there is nothing else you can do.

And finally, having opened it, we don't see Davie's heart, and we find a scroll with the following text, interpret the text as you want:
I suppose, you got that little thing,
which we talked about for the last time.
be ready.
When rumors of your victory reach me,
I will rush to you in full sail.

Regards, Captain…

Then we fall out into the next hall and win the showdown for the truth., and finish the story of the quest


This guide was made in view of the recent release of the update, and virtually complete absence of information on this chest. There were many guesses and theories about the chest, and there was almost maximum readiness to restart the quest, due to extreme interest

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  1. After getting the scroll from the dead man's chest, the next hall does not open, can you tell me what to do?

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