All quarantine zones in Dying Light

In this guide:
1) I will show on the map the location of all quarantine zones in the game
2) I will describe in brief what each of the quarantine zones is.
3) I will describe the loot that you can find when passing this or that quarantine zone
4) I will list all the opponents inhabiting each zone
5) I will name the difficulties and tricks of passing each quarantine zone
6) I will describe the most relevant and least time-consuming quarantine zones for the NPCS pharma


What are quarantine zones and what are they for??


Quarantine zones in Dying Light are represented as small sub-locations where he can find various useful things listed below:

  • Emergency kits (You need to give it to the storekeeper to gain experience for pumping skills gg)
  • VGM boxes (Will be locked tightly, inside you can find weapons and jewelry or bags needed exclusively for sale)
  • Regular boxes and chests (Will be closed with hard / very difficult locks,(weapon mods often fall)
  • Various small loot (Gauze,lockpicks,money,chirp for crafting)
1) Bright Mountain Tunnel (Slum)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 4 box VGM
  • There is a bunch of biters in the tunnel, many infected,several bombers and 1 brute. There is also poisonous gas and chemical waste at the end of the tunnel.. On the rails there is a part of a wagon with concrete rings that can be dropped on zombies. To facilitate the opening of the 1st box of the VGM, you can turn on the switch and start up the current on the rails (NOTE! The rails will not allow ordinary biters to pass, but the infected can enter you through the bent fence). VGM boxes No. 2 and 3 it will be easier to open, to do this, you just need to open the lock on the door with a grill and then you can close it so as not to bother the infected. To approach the 4th box, you will need to move in a crouch because the gas will constantly inflict damage, from behind the broken door next to the box, several infected will crawl out.
  • The location is shown below
2) Chemical warehouse (Slum)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 3 boxes of VGM
  • A bunch of biters live in the warehouse and about 6 toads. Almost the entire floor in the storage is flooded with chemical waste that can quickly kill you on any difficulty level. The passage can be accelerated with the help of a cat,the bite can be lured to a fence under voltage or simply run. Toads can be got rid of with a throwing weapon or a banal shot from an assault rifle.(NOTE!It is not recommended to go through the early levels at night because there is a runner and a bunch of jumpers in the neighboring hangar, respectively).There are several ambulances near the entrance where you can get free first aid kits.
  • Location provided below
3) Jubilee tunnel (Slum)(Cleaning the nest)(DLC)
  • Can be found: 0 sets of NPCS, 5 boxes of VGM
  • The purpose of this quarantine zone is to fill up 2 the passage of containers and also kill all the biters and infected in the tunnel. Here everything is decided by the speed of the character. There are a couple of wagons with concrete rings that can be pushed onto mutants.(NOTE!Not recommended for passing at low levels of a character with low stamina and without the ability “hook cat”)
  • Location provided below
4) Sunny quarter (Slum)(Cleaning the nest)
  • Can be found: 0 sets of NPCS, 6 boxes of VGM
  • The purpose of this quarantine zone is exactly the same as that of the Jubilee Tunnel.,kill all mutants. Near the entrance there is 2 ambulances and a police van. This quarantine zone is suitable for passing at any level. Of the inhabitants there is only a crowd of biters. Of the difficulties, there is gas everywhere throughout the building that will constantly remove enough HP. 3 floors that are almost completely littered with barricades,it will not be difficult to navigate.
  • Location provided below
5) Underground parking (Slum)(Order)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 0 boxes of VGM
  • The parking lot is rather difficult to pass and is not intended for beginners and poorly pumped players. There are many biters and about 5 jumpers who make up the main difficulty in passing. It is recommended to kill all the biters and take with you a few potions of night vision for a better view, since the parking is quite dark, and the trail of the flashlight is scorched by jumpers. In addition, the passage is complicated by the fact that the cars have an alarm on which all jumpers will immediately run down. If the jumpers clamp on both sides but also burned you, you can climb into the white van and turn off the flashlight to wait out.
  • In addition to a simple passage, parking is also associated with an order, the meaning of which is to collect all 5 At the same time, the NPCS DOES NOT ATTRACT the attention of the jumpers and DOES NOT USE disguise potions, which in combination with the above-mentioned alarms and random walking of jumpers becomes much more difficult..
  • Location provided below
6) Супермаркет Stuffed Turtle (Slum)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 2 box VGM
  • Quite a simple quarantine area, suitable for both beginners and experienced players. It is inhabited by a group of biters, about 6 infected(climb out from under the boarded up passage) and 1 bomboarder.If there is a cat, then you can immediately get to the switch and turn off the electricity, if not, just jump on the shelves. In the crowd there is a zombie with a cylinder that you can hit on him and he will kill the bite with an explosion,you can also kill the bombardier and he will finish off the rest of the biters. It remains only to deal with the infected and the zone is cleared.
  • Location provided below
7) Three Moons Restaurant (Old city)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 4 boxes of VGM
  • A place with the task of scaring the player. There are many screamers, for the first time or unexpectedly can scare. The fauna is a bunch of biters, several infected and 1 screamer. If you do not want to spoil the weapon, you can throw off the bite and the infected into a puddle under tension. So that you know what to expect,I prepared info on all screamers with the line below :D.
  • Broken glass at the entrance
  • Gas burst in the basement
  • Falling corpse on the piano in the dining room on the 1st floor
  • Toilet cubicle where zombies drop
  • Twitching the door handle of the macaw on the 2nd floor
  • Twitching of the handle in the corridor with 2 drawers of VGM
  • TV in the office on the 2nd floor
    Location provided below
8) Hotel striped dragon (Old city)
  • Can be found: 5 sets of NPCS, 5 boxes of VGM
  • Corridor loka,quite simple in terms of orientation. It is inhabited by a bunch of biters according to the classics. several infected, 2 bombs and 1 screamer - It's pretty simple in terms of passing,there are no additional factors complicating the cleaning of the quarantine zone.
  • Location provided below
9) Parking (Old city)(Cleaning the nest)
  • Can be found: 0 sets of NPCS, 5 boxes of VGM
  • Normal place for passing. The task is to destroy all mutants. Its population will make up a crowd of biters(Who would have thought), several infected,2 bombing and 2 thugs. There is a bunch of gas cylinders and several gasoline puddles, which makes it easier to go through this quarantine zone.
  • The location is shown below
10) Complex New Antalya (Old city)
  • Can be found: 4 set of NPChS, 5 boxes of VGM
  • Again, a corridor location where it is easy to navigate. The fauna along the road consists of a bunch of biters,several infected and 1 screamer. There are no difficulties for the passage of this quarantine zone.
  • The location is shown below
Places for easy and fast farming of NPChS
  • The quarantine zones for the best farming are indicated from top to bottom. (From worst to best).The approximate time for passing these quarantine zones in order to get only the kits in an emergency will, on average, be 5 minutes.
    1. Chemical warehouse. At the entrance, you can immediately climb the fence with a cat under tension and while the biters are blunt, open the gates to the hangar,there, we quickly drain all the toads and it remains to patch up the NPS.
    2. Supermarket Stuffed Turtle. Immediately after you climb onto the refrigerators, we hook on the switch and open it. 3 recruitment, after which we go to the door nearby and open the light lock. There, quickly scattering the biter, we select the rest 2 set and you can leave.

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