She Will Punish Them: Guide to the magician (Relevant for 0.780)

Recommendations for those, who decided to create a full-fledged magician out of his character.



I greet everyone!
This guide focuses on the topic, how to create a magician from your character, without wasting free glasses.

First of all I will warn you. Don't try to create magicians from your companions. At the moment, their AI is not yet ready for this.. They rarely use attack magic.. And for self-medication instead Healing aura where will it be more effective in pumping them Rebirth. So only your character can play the magician., which you control.

Pros of being a magician

The first and less significant is, that absolutely no weapon is needed. We will incinerate all enemies only with the help of Fireballs.
There will be no special need for clothes either, since we will always maintain a social distance from enemies and therefore very, very rarely receive any damage. Is there, that only an arrow hitting the knee can be guilty.
So if you are a naked and unarmed magician, then it's ok. This will not greatly affect your combat effectiveness..
You can safely give the best weapons and armor to your companions. They will need it more.

The second plus is, that you will be a ranged fighter, like an archer, but much cooler. After all, arrows take up a lot of inventory space and they run out. At first you will have mana potions instead of arrows. And later, even potions will not need to be carried with you., since own mana regeneration will become very high.
And it is not even worth comparing some kind of arrow and the power of a fireball.

Third plus, also the most significant, therein, that there are very few necessary skills for a magician. You will quickly learn them and almost at the very beginning of the game you will be very effective even against enemies that greatly exceed you in level..


The first levels are so twenty we invest everything in Strength. This is the most significant and necessary attribute for a magician..

Strength increases maximum mana, as well as the speed of its regeneration. With about twenty ones Forces in attributes, we are beginning to stop needing mana potions and no longer need to buy them and carry them with us in our inventory.
Until then, we are very addicted to mana potions. Therefore, before each passage of any dungeon, you need to buy potions in the tavern. With a stretch, ten potions is enough. But as you level up Forces, will be more economical.
Ten mana potions will stand 800 gold. But completing the dungeon will more than pay for them.

Same Strength increases the effectiveness of spells. Heals are more effective and fireballs do more damage. Didn't measure it on purpose, but on top of it, 5 units Forces equates to one skill level. That is, at 20 Forces and at the first level Healing aura the effectiveness of the spell will be the same, like on the fifth level Healing aura and 0 Forces.

After the twentieth level, it will already be possible to Vitality ponder. Since the mana regeneration will already be decent, and the increase in damage to fireball is an increase Forces will no longer give so much in relation to how powerful one procast is already Fireball.
Moreover, on Insign difficulty, archers will kill a mage with only one arrow 350 hp. And by increasing hp, there will be a ghostly chance to survive the arrow.

So that, from level 21 to 30, we invest everything in Vitality.
But if you play on difficulty below Insign, instead it makes sense to keep pumping Strength instead Vitality.

After the thirtieth level, you can pump one by one Forces and one Vitality.


Fire ball
Here we download it first of all. Our most basic skill, which we will constantly use.
Fire ball will now be our main attack. For further convenience, you can go to the settings in the control and reassign the keys. Fire ball on the left mouse button. Weapon attack on the right. Block of E.
It deals tremendous damage and most opponents will kill with one-shot.
If you let him into a group of enemies, it will hit several opponents at once. However, only one enemy can be killed in one cast.. If there are opponents near the attacked enemy, who do not have enough hp for that, to survive Fire ball, then they will be ignored. The rest will be injured..
Same Fireball you can hit the enemy through obstacles, if they are almost right next to them. Or you can hit the enemy by launching a fireball into the ground nearby.
If the enemy is very far away, then you can shoot him with a canopy, to get. Aim above his head.
Sometimes it happens, that due to continuous throwing Fireballs, our character may freeze. In this case, a somersault or a block will help us..

Healing aura
We pump it only by one! You won't need to invest more points in it.
Excluding Forces at the first level, she restores 50 hp. On the fifth, 250. However, since we still increase Strength, then in a short time, even at the first level, this skill will restore health even more 250 for procast. And if something happens, with our huge mana reserves, we can cast this skill as many times, how much will be needed.

This skill is very important.. Especially if you fight completely naked.. Especially on Insign. Especially in those moments, when only one attack of the enemy can kill you. This skill will save you life better than any armor and a high supply of HP.
So after Fireball swing Evasion.
It works like this. You did a somersault. And for a moment you become impenetrable to any attacks. Swords, axes and arrows will go right through you, and you will be unharmed. And the higher the skill level, so this moment lasts longer. At the fifth level, somersault after somersault, it is possible to quietly slip through a crowd of enemies along a narrow corridor.
If there Evasion, then you can forget about blocking and always dodge any enemy attacks.
Even during the cast Fireball, you can click on somersault. Flip animation won't work. But the enemy sword will still pass through you, without providing any inconvenience to this phenomenon.

Now let's look at a couple of skills, which will not be needed, despite its apparent importance for the magician. They should not be downloaded.

Compared with Fireball this skill is not effective at all. To destroy crowds of enemies Fireball more than enough. Frostbite does no more damage. Consumes more mana. And a maximum of only one enemy per procast can also kill.
The biggest disadvantage of this skill is that, that he has to be cast close to enemies. Cast produces animation. And there is a huge chance of missing a beat, that even Evasion won't save here.
It should be downloaded by the magician just for that, to show off. Like a pier, I can alternate spells of fire and ice, look at me, check it out. And all the skeletons around are like that, wow, and start to applaud. And yes, this skill will not bring any other benefit.

Don't be fooled by this skill. Yes, a beginner magician will find this skill very useful. At the maximum level, potions instead 50 mana, will restore 100. And this will significantly reduce the consumption of potions for novice magicians.
The only trouble is, that this skill will only be useful for a short period of time. Exactly until that moment, when you can do without any potions due to fast mana regeneration, and our Healing aura the first level will give odds to any health potion. Here are the benefits of potions, if your mana regenerates faster, how do you manage to spend it? Hide, potions can be sold. However, this skill will not increase the price of them.. And the points spent on this skill will no longer be returned. Therefore, you do not need to download it.. It's better to just buy a little more potions at first..

So here, only three skills are needed for the magician: Fire ball 5 level, Healing aura 1 level, Evasion 5 level.
Total 11 skill points. By the sixth level, you can already study everything.
And then it remains to develop skills only at will.

I can do something- what to recommend.

Useful skill, which should be pumped as early as possible. At the fifth level, doubles the profit from the sale of unnecessary items to the merchant.
This way you can earn much faster coins. And buy on them, best equipment for companions. Buy books with experience for yourself and for companions. Buying minions just to, to arrange spectacular siege battles. Coins always have something to spend.

And this is a great addition to the previous skill.. It significantly increases the drop of loot. I don't know how much it increases. But that, which is much for sure. Without this skill, after the battle with the army of skeletons, the field remained practically clear. However, with this skill on sieges, loot sometimes drops out so much, that he blocks the screen with himself and the enemies become invisible, that you have to aim with fireballs at guessing.
The more loot, the more profit from the sale. And if the sale price is also double, then it will be doubly pleasant.

Hardened skin
The skill significantly increases the effectiveness of the equipped armor. At the fifth level, percent so on 50.
You can download after level 20, together with Vitality. Useful on Insine, in order to end up being able to survive an arrow in the knee on sieges. However, during sieges, mobs grow in levels with you.. And if you are over the thirtieth level, even the armor 200+ does not help much. However, you can try. All means are good for survival.

Between times, it will be useful to throw in, so that you do not constantly have to monitor your health and be treated if it is just a little lacking.
It is not worth downloading above the first level. Since there is already Healing aura, which will be much more effective with a pumped By force.

Playing as a magician

Probably, currently the biggest drawback of playing a mage (or plus, depending on which side you look at) lies in the absence of agra on Fire ball.
That is, you go into any dungeon and calmly shoot all the mobs one by one., without entering their agra zone. It's too easy and might not be very interesting..
And run up to the mobs yourself, so they get angry, though honest to them, but a little stupid. So it's almost impossible to die for a magician in ordinary dungeons.. Unless if only by suicide go to ram at enemies. Well, and in some dungeons, you will be greeted by a group of mobs, which immediately becomes angry due to the close proximity to them.

Exceptions are sieges. This is where mobs are constantly running after you and there is a great opportunity to show your skill in all its glory Evasion and after rollbacks let fireballs into the advancing crowds of enemies.

Anyway, I think this flaw will somehow be corrected in the end. And now it is just possible to go through dungeons according to a simplified scheme.

If you aggro your enemies, then in battle, key skill will be Evasion and fast legs.
Evade space. Even if the skill itself Evasion still at zero, you can still avoid enemy attacks. However, then it will be necessary to somersault exactly at the most suitable moment.. Otherwise you'll miss a beat, if you roll out of rhythm.
And to run fast, just clamp the shift. But if you run past any enemy, even the slowest and most awkward, you can't just run, without getting hit by him. No matter how fast you run, his blow will catch you. So running past enemies, you always have to somersault.
And as there will be at least some distance, let fireball into the enemy. And then we run and dodge. Periodically keep your finger on 4 and when the clip ends, to recharge, immediately drink a mana potion. If there are no potions left, then without panic, we just continue to run away, until she recovers herself.

Natural enemies for the magician – it's the cramped space and archers.
But even if it's crowded, don't give up and keep tumbling all the time, from time to time finding moments to shoot fireballs.
But in the case of archers, it only remains to be very careful.. Go behind cover, when they can shoot you. Hide enemies from arrows. Run quickly to the side and somersault more often.

From taysal

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