Clone Drone in the Danger Zone: Complete guide to the sword

here I will tell you the tactics of sword fighting in Clone drone
(I will only consider LBS fights)


Tactics against men with swords
you just need to JUMP from the brow, to run out of energy, and counterattack with a lunge

need to attack unexpectedly (preferably from the back) and with the help of a lunge, kill the chela with one blow, but consider,that the enemy can dodge or just unregister damage, so I advise you to take 2 energy for this case, but if you attack unsuccessfully, then you can go to defense, or spend the last energy on the last attack, and if he fails, then most likely you are khan (depends on the enemy)

Hammer tactics
Description-The hammer is a very formidable weapon, and against a brow with a hammer,you need to be EXTREMELY careful,because the hammer is MUCH longer and more powerful than the sword, but the hammer counter jumps, and remember- sword faster than a hammer
(1)-aggressive defense
you need not to let the brow strangle you - jump, byte on beats,energy, and when needed, lunges and maybe,you will kill him (depending on your skill, and the skill of the enemy)
(2)-rapid attacks (for those, who takes the energy)
you just need to choke to the maximum, do not give time to strike, but remember,that you can attack the hammer only when you are much stronger than your subscriber or the brow has no energy or you are very confident in yourself.

Bow tactics
Description: bow-in my opinion-the most DIFFICULT weapon in the game, a good archer can, though
with the first arrow to all hands, shoot feet, so take this into account
(1) beating arrows (for those, who will take the reflection of the arrows)
you just need to choke the archer,but remember, that archers can have a kick, and most likely you
never catch up with the archer, if he runs away from you, you can just score on him, and go fight other opponents.
(2) (for those, who will not take the reflection of arrows in every roller)
Need to play from the stupidity of the archer- if it fits,then mansit as you can, and when he gets too close, then lunges, and maybe you will kill him., then find another enemy if it will stand still, and shoot you, then
come up, because he spends a lot of energy trying to kill you, but remember - if there is a chance to kill the gemorrhea archer, then kill him sparing no energy, and remember, that NOBODY is immune from an unexpected arrow.

Spear tactics
description- spear is one of the most difficult and harmless weapons in the game, but also the most rare weapon in the game in my opinion, because there are more chances to stumble upon a master with a bow,than a master with a spear, and remember - the spear masters are almost impossible to defeat
(1)-suffocating attack (suitable against almost all spearmen)
must be choked without respite, do not allow to restore energy,approach as quickly as possible and
lunges without respite, and in this way you will most likely defeat the enemy

Jetpack tactics
Description-Jetpack-very popular and dangerous upgrade,but depending on the skill, an enemy with a jetpack can be dangerous and very dangerous
(1)-counter attack (go up against those, who clamps from the jetpack)
You need to jump over a chela with a jetpack, and lunge, but no one is immune from a rat with a jetpack
(2)-tough protection (excellent counter to those cheliks, who use the jetpack MAXIMUM neatly)
Need to prepare, that you will be strangled without stopping, make the opponent spend ALL energy, and when is the required distance, lunge

Tactics against the Kung Fu masters
Description-Kung Fu Masters are very dangerous opponents,and with one blow can send you into the stratosphere.
(1)-conventional protection ( suitable against mediocre kung fu masters)
you need not spend most of the energy ( save for final lunge) and make the chela go on the attack, and byte for errors, and if he does it,then lunge and kill the enemy
(2)-choke (suitable against fat noobs and ideotes)
you need to break the distance with your brow (just jump around the brow) and keep hitting, and most likely you will kill him
(3)-you are most likely khan (this tactic is against strong kung fu masters)
You will be constantly choked, the opponent will make constant attacks, will always have more energy,than you, so try to camp ALL advice,which I gave you, and maybe, if the enemy dies as stupidly as possible, or make a gross mistake,
then you can win, but it's not certain

Laser tactics
description-laser-one of the most dangerous,and sudden guns in the game
(1)-be on the alert (applicable in that situation, when a person with a laser is nearby, or behind your back)
just be on the lookout, and turn around, watch that, what upgrade appears, and who takes it.
(2)-attack on a helpless brow (approaches in that situation, when a person with a laser is in front of you, and launches the laser)
you need to approach the brow, dodging laser, and kill him with a lunge, but do not come close to the forehead, because you immediately anegilate.

tactics against the raptor
Description-The Raptor, in my opinion, is the MOST RUNNING CREATURE IN THE GAME, it constantly fucks you with its tail, and finally kills you with fiery breath, and with all this, this reptile is also in armor.
(1) stumbling (for those, who takes the foam)
you need to find a convenient moment, and kick the damn raptor, and kill the rider.
(2) VDV technique (in a situation,when you are over the raptor)
you just need to jump on the raptor, and kill the rider with a lunge.
(3) the fight 1 on 2 (in a situation,when you are in front of the raptor, and he runs at you)
you need to counterattack the raptor, (it is advisable to beat in the belly) if you start to figure with fire, then come up and bite to hit with your tail, and then lunge.

Other tips
Description-here I will mention other issues
(1) Always keep your camera above your opponent's head (so you will hit on the head, or on the legs)
(2) Best Defense Offense - Don't Fear The Opponent,attack
(3) Builds - I advise you to create your own style and build
(4) Victories are not important, skill is important
(5) Do not get fooled by provocation, keep calm
(6) And remember - the deadliest attack is unexpected
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