Walking Zombie 2: Northtown. Figurine in the location “Nuclear power plant”

Locations of points with a Statuette and methods of opening them.


Having appeared, we go behind the hangars to the house on the way, opening green boxes – are looking for dynamite (the boxes are near the house and inside). Next to the entrance, we fix the electrical circuit (opens the door to the 3rd floor). Next, we clear the way to the top. – kick packages, we lay dynamite.
On the 3rd floor, we look at all the notes with the code (from the container in the hangar). Then we go to the transformers.

The passage is littered with debris – kick.
Breaking open electric locks on transformers – will allow you to turn off the electricity on the bridge. Next, we sit down at the machine gun and shoot the target in the drains – turns on the pump and pumps out water.
We go to the bridge to the drains.

We pull the switch near the bridge, we go down into the drains and go to the end, opening small boxes along the way – are looking for key (from the hangar).

The finish – where is the figurine?
At the end of the drains is the first box with a possible location for the figurine..
The closed hangar contains a sealed container with a second box..

From Leon

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