Warframe: how to catch Woolpaphila

Now I will tell you my way of capturing Vulpafil or Pridazit (the most important thing, this is not just a guide to catching them, but also a story about, how to catch them and grow them yourself)
Who cares only about the way to catch a weakened vulpafila, then you can immediately rewind to the section “A Little Trick”


Preparation for capture
Hello, today I am ready to tell you about the easiest way to catch Vulpafila, he also works for Pridazit.

First thing, what do you need to do:
1. Buy Tranquilizer Rifle
2. Buy Vulpafila / Pridazit Echo Decoy
3.Buy pheromones for rare species of Vulpafil and Pridazites
4.Go to the Deimos Open Location

Faq on that, how to search for tags with the desired game
Having finished with these most banal preparations, we move on to the second stage.: “How to catch her?”. To do this, we need to take a tranquilizer in our hands., on our map there will be markers with droppings of various game.
“But how to find the beast I need?” – For the appearance of tags with the animal you need, you need to pick up his echo decoy (Choosing a Tranquilizer, pinch 2 and find the animal we need), after these actions, we will have tags with vulpaphils or prydazites, whichever, what decoy did you pick up.

To display the litter, we need to hold the Echo-decoy of the selected animal in our hands.
Find it, press x and follow the trail, reaching the end, we will see the remains of the egg of the beast we need, in this case Vulpafila.
For an increased chance of shell vulpaphila spawning, we must use pheromones, what did you buy before (pheromones are on the button 3). We listen from which side the beast will go to us, find and shoot him with a tranquilizer rifle.


A little trick)
Unfortunately, I am not a master of my craft and not a lover of capturing animals., so i had to change location, because of, that the mobs scared my vulpaphila ((

And here's one trick, for which I created this Faq, after that, how did you put the vulpafila with the tranquilizer rifle, you need to lure any mob, forcing him to beat a recumbent vulpaphila. After a couple of hits, she will become weakened, then it will be possible to pick it up) You will receive several tokens and a weakened vulpaphila.

Last words
This was my first incentive guide, if you have any questions, you can ask in the comments, I will answer if possible
From Gad

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