Walking Zombie 2: Work codes that can be activated

List of working codes for today to get free in-game items.


How to enter codes

Just press on the keyboard “Esc” in Game “Settings”, then go to tab “Rest”, and then press “Redeem Code”. Enter them in capital letters


CodeWhat gives
KILLZOMBIE-Gives you 10 pcs rugby garnet
WIKIFANDOM-Gives you an encyclopedia(+two skill points)
20Melons – Gives you 3000 silver coins
ZOMBERO – Gives you 40 gold coins
SANTA2022 – Gives you 10 snow grenades
ENDCOVIDEPIDEMIC – Gives you 1 super bandage and 1 regular bandage
ZOMBIE DAY – Gives you 3 RAD-X
ZOMBIEBOWL22-Gives you 10 rugby garnet
SCARYDAY2021 – Gives you 3 Brain pills
NIGHTMARE2022 – Gives you 3 Ozverina
PINEAPPLEDAY – Gives you 10 pineapple pomegranate
You can only use codes once!
Codes at the moment 20.07.2021 I personally checked everything myself[/i]

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