Little Big Workshop: Achievements 100%

A guide to all the achievements of the Little big workshop with comments from personal experience.


Little big workshop

The comments of all achievements clearly describe how to open them.. Therefore, I will not duplicate them. but, I want to give a couple of tips, who would help me, as a beginner.
1. Any production of goods gives experience and money. AND, at times, more profitable to produce from the market, and not on special orders.
2. Furniture can be rearranged in rest rooms, so that they have an updated cooldown.
3. Sometimes the automatic scattering of tasks does not work correctly and gives a production error – and the plant rises. This problem occurred with the use of tables.
4. Many small loading and unloading areas work more efficiently, than one big warehouse.
5. Good mood of workers – guarantee of the speed of manufacturing and movement.

Dessert achievement
Achievement will work like in a new game, so and if you start performing it in the middle of the game.
Lazy Pete
Has time for a week then, what do others need 15 minutes.

Load the game or save until then, until a two-story house appears in one of the corners.

We pause and begin to zoom in on the camera like this, to get you inside the house. There, on the second floor, Pete sleeps on a lounger.

We look at the playing time, eg 10:15 and click on Pete. It disappears.
We move the camera to the opposite corner with road signs and cones and wait a day.

Pete appears in a day, who sits on the corner of the table.
The next step is to create a break room with a drink machine and a TV., loading and unloading area (if before that it was not).

We transfer the screen to the recreation room with a TV and wait another day. A day later, Pete appears on the TV on a sunbed. Click on the TV screen.

And soon Pete is delivered to us.

The Evil DLC

👿 13 hard-core achievements of the supplement 😈

Novice villain
Move to the second level of competitors

Corporate threat
Move to the third level of competitors

Achievements will be unlocked during the game when the value of the plant increases.

Open the Evil Worker Suit

In technologies of evil, open the suit of an evil worker.

Evil genius
Research all evil technologies

Research all evil technologies.

Super stealthy sabotage!
Use covert sabotage, to apply at least 50 units. damage

This achievement is unlocking, when it is possible to discreetly place goods. Random and only 🙂

Corporate culture
One Overseer must yell at 20 or more workers

Put the overseer in the break room and wow.

Like a phoenix from the ashes
Reform a bankrupt company

It is necessary to enter the plant in minus and then bring it to plus.

Portal 3
Place three portals

Buy and deliver 3 portal on the territory of the plant.

To spend less time, make these achievements through 1 saved.
We develop our plant like this, so that all competitors are open and available for purchase / sabotage. We save.

Deputy private detective
Use each unique special sabotage

We study the detective in the technology of evil and use a bomb on each competitor in turn. Need to know about, what event is being prepared by a competitor, produce dirty goods and successfully deliver them to a competitor. And so with every competitor..

Finish the game without using sabotage

Loading save without detective. And we buy out for the money of competitors one by one.

Own all competitors at the same time

This achievement will unlock at the same time as one of the achievements above..

The disciple has surpassed the master!
Defeat Blood!

The pinnacle of a career
Come face to face with Blood and take over as the head of the corporation

And as a result, redeeming or sabotaging Blood, get achievement “Puppeteer” and “The pinnacle of a career”.

From Astera

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