Red Dead Redemption 2: How to get materials for Crips as quickly and easily as possible

Very easy farming of 50 materials for 8 minutes through the role of naturalist


– The role of the naturalist
– Hunting cart (not necessary, needed for, to save carcasses)

We go to Harriet, and take one of the following missions to capture the legendary animal.

  • Alligator brown blood
  • Coyote milky way
  • Bison Pita
  • Vapiti Iname

If they are not, come back later, or complete other legendary animals, but consider, that these are the shortest missions.

Fast ways to complete quick missions
Shortest mission – alligator brown blood, it can be done for literally 3 minutes.
Very long missions: A fox, Golden Spirit Bear, Elk Tobacco side, Ikahi boar
Long missions: Beaver Night Rustle, Wolf Moonstone, Puma Iguga, Deer Swift Shadow, Pantera Ivakta
Short missions: alligator brown blood, Coyote milky way, Bison Pita, Vapiti Iname.

When searching for Bison, you do not need to spend time opening all the cells. Locks hang on ordinary buffalo, to shoot at, but on the legendary – valve.

All other tasks are already short.

When you skinned, the best thing is to call a hunting cart, since the skins are saved there even after exiting the game or sending the cart to the stable. In addition, you can put several skins there at once.
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