Geometry Dash: How to get everything 149 coins

In this guide, I'll show you how to get all 149 coins.


1. Passing levels
Total geometry dash 21 level, in each of them you can get 3 coins
total 63 coins

2. Passing Map Packs
Map packs are located in Map packs
Total of 65
for regular map packs (all of them 47) given one coin
for daemon map packs (all of them 18) given two coins
total 47 + 36 = 83

3. Entering codes in repositories
Total codes 2
1 code
in the old storage (it is located on the top right in the settings, it opens for 10 custom coins) you need to enter the Sparky code, this code will give you 1 coin
2 code
in the vault of secrets (it is on the top right, and opens for 50 diamonds) enter code glubfub
[Remember! First, type Sparky, and then glubfub / b]
Total 2 coins

4. For completing the Master Detective achievement
To complete this achievement, you need to open the official levels menu and scroll through it. 3 times (5 once in the free version) до coming soon, and coming soon there will be a coin, which can be collected, clicking on it
Total 1 coin

Whole Bottom Line
63 + 83 + 2 + 1 = 149
thanks for watching, now you know how to collect all these coins

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