Geometry Dash Secret Rooms

This guide contains all the codes from the secret rooms in the game Geometry dash. There is also a detailed description: how to enter these very rooms and what you need to do for this.


Storage number 1
Storage number 1.
To open this repository you need to collect 10 coin user (custom coins) To enter it you need to go to chapters. menu and find item “Settings” (gear bottom) there, in the upper right corner, an open lock will be waiting for you. Go there and enter the codes below. After entering the code, click on the dark demon. After that, we get all the achievements from this storage in this way..


Neverending – code of N.L.O..

Ahead – code on the wave

Mule – ship code

Robotop – robot code

Gandalfpotter – tail (trail) for the player

Sparky – code on one coin (secret)

Spooky – cube code

Blockbite – code of N.L.O..

8;16;30;32;46;84 – (enter numbers one by one from 8 to 84) code on the wave

Your Nickname (game nickname)

Lenny – cube code

Storage number 2
Storage number 2.
It's in the button “Create” in the upper right corner and opens behind 50 crystals. All the same, as in 1 – ohm repository, but the background is purple.


seven – cube code

brainpower – cube code

Octocube – cube code

Thechickenisonfire – color code

Cod3breaker (Then we are given random numbers. Subtract the first from the second number, from the third second, and so on until the end. We connect all the obtained differences) – cube code

your number of stars – cube code

The Challenge – a challenge level from the guard will open (you need to pass 200 crystals)

Gimmiethecolor – color code

Glubfub (First you need to take a coin “Sparky” in the old Vault. Then you need to talk to the new vault guard until he talks about “Sparky”, then you need to go to the old vault guard, and talk to him too, until he talks about a coin “Glubfub” and then enter the code into the secrets store)

Time room
Time room
The guardian of this room is a lion's head with glowing orange eyes, small horns and a gold ring in the mouth. The background of this room is orange. You can get the orange key here, which is kept in a chest in the corner.
To open the Time Room, you need to click on the orange lock in the basement. The prisoner will say, that to get the key you need to look for it at the end of the world.
The end of the world - Coming Soon. Once there, you need to click under the inscription coming soon, and a door will appear.
To go inside, you need to get the Emblem of the Master. It is located in the Secret Store, where is sold for 1000 orbit.
By purchasing the Emblem, you will be able to enter the Time Room.


Silence – cube code

Darkness – cube code

River – color code

Hunger – cube code

Volcano – code on the wave

From OG Long

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