Tips for Hand-to-Hand Combat in Red Dead Redemption 2

First, I would like to thank Rockstar for such vigorous hand-to-hand combat in RDR. Yes, they are still one-button, still have dynamic animations, as well as several features, worth considering, to increase the chances of winning in hand-to-hand combat. Some of the information in this section was taken from Kota tests from the RedCatRedemption channel. I am attaching a link to a video with his guide to close combat..


AND before proceeding with the analysis of these features, you need to change some settings inside the game. I think many are old or those, who likes to delve into the game settings (like me) have guessed to enable this feature. However, she has another trick., which I learned from the Cat from the RedCatRedemption channel. In short, even after changing the settings to the following, you still need to press the keys during the battle, and not hold them. I can't say that my tests showed a clear result., but it seemed to me, that pressing the keys when the "hold" is on still gives an advantage in combat.

IN settings menu go > Management > Keyboard and Mouse (or controller) > Scroll down to "Special Features" > Click Help > We put on "Hold" > During contractions, instead of holding down, press the keys..

  • TOmelee battle (capture, block, hit). You can leave the standard, or reassign to more convenient for you. By default, capture "E", "R" block, "F" stroke. Also, in close combat, you can use the "LMB" key (left mouse button), in order to push the enemy to the ground or after capture to get a firearm for execution, butt blow, etc..
  • TOKeys for selecting weapons from the selector, reassigning which will play a key role in hand-to-hand combat. It is necessary to put edged weapons on the "1" key, on the "2" lasso key (the need to use the lasso read in tip # 3), on the "3" key any weapon, with which you shoot the enemy, fallen to the ground (if the cuts, put paired weapons on this key, if other shotguns, then we put the weapon from the back or from the shoulder, depending on where you carry the shotgun). This layout will allow us to quickly switch to the lasso while running., knock the enemy to the ground on the "LMB", and again switching to melee weapons or firearms to neutralize the target. At the same time, it is very difficult to counter such a rush to the enemy without the help of other players..
Combat options and mechanics:
  • Capture, on the "E" key while running, lived through which we will strangle the enemy.
  • Skirmish, on the "F" key while running, we will fall to the ground with the enemy and the fight will begin, pressing "F" we execute the enemy with any cold, throwing weapon or butt from a firearm in hands. For execution with a firearm, press "LMB /
  • Collision, on the "LMB" key while running, after which we will push the enemy to the ground and be able to shoot him or kill him.
ChTo get close to the enemy, run to him with a snake. This makes you much harder to hit., especially when activating the "Slick Bastard" card.

Chso that you cannot be countered, attack the enemy from behind. If there is an enemy in front of you who does not see you in the heat of battle, you can safely face him in hand-to-hand combat, because. he most likely will not have time to turn to you and counter in a capture or collision. Extra beautiful kill in the piggy bank, why not.

Dla 100% capture and collision with the enemy, who can't counter you, you need to pick up the lasso and grab, knock or push an opponent (grab on "E", fall on "F", push on "LMB") after that you can drain it in different ways. But be careful, if his allies are nearby, you are crazy. Moreover, this trick can be done with the maximum benefit for yourself., without wasting time tying. As I wrote above, I will repeat again. After setting the lasso, cold and firearms on convenient and quickly accessible buttons, you must do the following ... we run to the enemy, when approaching, we switch to the lasso with one button, on the run, press "LMB" and push the enemy to the ground, then quickly switch to a firearm or machete and make the lightest and most beautiful kill.

EIf the enemy counters you while trying to push him (he pushed you away), don't try to shoot right away, because he will do it earlier, because. you are stunned. It is most beneficial to dodge his shot by pressing the aim and jump button, then you will have time to reactivate the "Slick bastard" and assess the situation, and then merge the opponent anyway. Wherein, as practice shows, the enemy himself is lost. Thereby, even if you get countered, you can still drain your opponent without much difficulty.

IN confrontations in the settings, you can remove unnecessary devices from the slots of throwing and melee weapons, so as not to waste time looking for what you need during the battle. From my own experience I will say, what is worth leaving - dynamite (saved more than once), ancient tomahawk, tomahawks, axes. The rest, in general, is not so useful and will only take up space. From the cold we leave the machete.

TOCapturing can be carried out even with a throwing weapon. For instance, slash an enemy with a throwing knife or hack to death with a throwing ax (tomahawk). The same weapon can be used to inflict regular blows., but they are not as efficient, like a machete.

EIf you use the melee style very often, then you will most likely lack stamina. The Peak of Shape card is perfect for such occasions., endurance will be much more. There is also a card "Iron lung", but in the heat of battle, as practice shows, you won't have time to rest, therefore, it does not bring the desired effect, it is better to replace this card with another one you are interested in, eg "Always with you", it also reduces damage to you (only when you are wearing a hat), but also protects against hashots through the hat.

AND remember, the melee system in RDR is far from ideal. Solo in PvP with such tactics you can hardly. But melee is not about, to bend everyone around. This pace of play is more suitable for fun., for beautiful kills, role-playing (for example a cruel Indian). Otherwise, there are alternative and more effective options for winning PvP victories. That's all…

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