Potion Craft: Making any level III potion

A simple algorithm for obtaining any potion 3 level


Connect the lines
You might have noticed, that from our bottle on the map comes a short pale line, which points to the center of the map. Our task is to connect this line with the dotted line., which connects the desired effect and the center of the map.
Getting closer to the desired effect, so we have one last ingredient left to add. We need to find such an ingredient now, so that the path of the bottle intersects the continuation of the dotted line behind the can (preferably closer to the center of the jar, but not necessarily). The screenshot shows a green area, in which approximately you need to find the intersection.
In this case, I was approached by Goldthorn. As we can see, we have two intersection points. In one of them we will need to stop. We will stop here at the second point, because she is closer to the center, and it will be easier for us there to connect a short pale line with a dotted.
We start stirring. We're getting close to the moment, when the lines almost coincide. We interfere here very carefully, until the lines connect.
And so, when we connected the lines, start slowly adding water, enjoying the clear and even progress of our flask towards the perfect potion.

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