Potion Craft: Letter from a colleague

Double potions and how to use them.



good day, dear colleague!
I am writing to you with that, to communicate the customs of your village, and volume, how can you sell your skills for a higher price. I am attaching a copy of my badge., so there is no doubt, what, even if I am not a royal alchemist, but I more or less studied my business.

The first, what should be noted – price for potions, as you already know, determined by your reputation, therefore you will find out the exact prices yourself. I will just describe in more detail the phenomenon of the demand for double effects of potions..

Also attached to the letter is an illustration of my book of potions., opened on an arbitrary page.

Sim start.

The origins of knowledge

In our culture, it is customary to do many things three times.: cast a seine into the sea, knock, offer your services… The latter is just about us. Alchemist – not a fortune teller (her house is usually closer to the forest), and if three times does not understand the needs of the buyer, will ask him to come next time.

Of course, the main meaning of the request is almost always easy to grasp: if they say “I need help with the wound” – does it need anything, curative, even the simplest potion of two green mushrooms or an ice fruit and a strange mushroom. Well, you know without me. If they speak directly – “give a throwing vial of acid”, why argue? But if they tell you “I want something fighting” or “I want to be mighty”, here you can get creative.

Here look: we have three attempts. The first and second are harmless, on the third they do not want to bargain with us, because they already took a lot of our time and are shy. People are polite today, honest. Which means, what if we know the obvious bottle, the first time you can suggest something else. Maybe it will work?

Take this respected robber as an example.:

It, judging by his words, decided to go down the spines with my friends, and fears, that he might be attacked. Naturally, our first instinct – give him a potion of protection, right? And the truth, we understood each other well and he is glad to take him. But maybe, it will be more convenient for him to just collect the roots faster and run away? This requires hefty strength., and I offered him a tincture of the fury of our mountaineers:

As it turned out, that's exactly what he wanted! I took the risk, but if he refused – I would just give him a potion of protection, bargained and let go in peace, but now I know, what does he need both of these effects.

We lay out our map of potions and begin to brew a wonderful ointment.. Bear in mind, what the further the effect on the map, the more expensive it is which means that only the last one should be endowed with full power, the most important effect! (but if that, the sixth sign of strength will replace the first, so you can brew such potions on the basis of already brewed three-digit)

In the meantime, I was writing this down, ointment boiled. Look at this young man's shocked face!

To-to, will know, who ordered the service! What amazed him so?

Double effect ointment! For each of them he was willing to pay, which means he will pay for both!

List of potions

I did not come up with a special categorization, so I'll go through the book.
I'll make a reservation right away, what a set of herbs, past discounts and general taste preferences are different for everyone, because I see no point in telling, in what way and with herbs it is necessary to achieve the effect. I believe, that I am writing this to an equal colleague, who is able to determine the optimal way of preparing the drug.

  1. “Star” – a wonderful remedy for battle mages. In my time, when we brewed potions to restore health and mana, they were yellow, then purple… Well, yes, not the point. If you are told, what are they going to conjure in battle, then check in advance, do they want to buy a healing potion separately (keep one for checking), and if you don't mind – boil them this. There will be no end.

  2. “Night Mushrooming Potion”. I know, what may surprise you, that people generally have a demand for this potion. It's so specific, that the first three months I did not even suspect, that it is worth boiling at all. However, mushroom growing, seems to be, local residents combine with the main activities, and therefore they go, when they have time for this – at night. Not very difficult, if you approach wisely, potion, making good money.

  3. “Everywhere at the end of time”. The name was given to him by a wandering magician, said, that someone will definitely appreciate it. Anyway, this great potion helps to unleash the potential of creative people. So, which can captivate even the guards, what robbers love to use, lulling the vigilance and giving more money for it, what we intended.

  4. “Healthy Sleep Potion”. Healthy sleep – the guarantee of a happy life. I never tire of reminding myself, and sometimes I drink it myself before bed. It must be given to people, who complain about, that they do not sleep precisely because of a headache. Pay attention to words, colleague! Just in case, check this, by placing a healing potion on the scale or comparing the price to a sleep potion without the healing effect. If they are not willing to pay for it – it means they have no problem with it.

  5. “Tuk-tuk”. Terrible, ingenious, monstrous potion! And what money are you willing to pay for it?! Mostly, those are asking him, who want to open the drawers, or you, who want explosive potion, damaging the environment. The difficulty in making it is definitely offset by the price.. Ask those, who asks for acid, are they willing to pay extra for the explosion, and if yes – try to suggest it.

  6. “Infusion of jet thrust” – this is what one of the inventors called this potion after the first tests. And then I bought a barrel for a lot of money, sat on it and flew to the capital directly from my yard. Pearl of the collection, one of the most expensive potions. It is very difficult to produce without miners' stones, but even one of these stones is enough, to brew it at the base of the Levitation Potion III. Be sure to do as many of these as possible., and sell those, who needs to go to the tower, across the river, etc., but check, are they willing to pay extra for jumping – without it, the loss of a stone is not worth it!

  7. “Slonenko Grande” – also one of the most expensive potions, worth every bundle of herbs (if you don't use pebbles). Sometimes people, for some reason they know, are drawn to fly over the monster., which is very dangerous and can eat them. They will happily rid themselves of fear with invisibility., without losing flight advantages. And pay in gold, a lot of gold! And then the ruby ​​will be thrown.

  8. “Garruk”. Often insects harm people in the fields, or fire, or god knows, what else. They don't have many fruit-bearing plants left., and they, what remain, do not bear fruit. For, to provide comprehensive assistance, you can use a more or less obvious combination of these effects. Pay attention: if you use all the herbs in a little bit, none of them will end quickly.

  9. “Battery”. While that inventor was visiting me, I also familiarized myself with his potions. He called one of them a battery. – I liked the mixture of poison and electricity. Buyers, dreaming “smear a sword with something magical”, from which I will not save either, excited. Perhaps, this is the most expensive potion for this request, as long as the acid shatters the sword.

  10. “Director”. My grandfather used to talk, what was the name of the most ferocious barbarians, and sometimes – their leaders. Lightning flashed from their eyes, and their every word was like an explosion. Occasionally, yes there will be a client, who also wants to be in this role, dreaming of thunder and lightning. This potion – the final answer to this desire. Yet, funny our craft – pity, that we usually don't see our success with our own eyes.

All other potions are used to make salts., or too simple, to waste your time on them.

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