Green Hell: diseases and methods of their treatment

  • Banana dressing
  • Dressing from any plant
  • Good dream
  • Boil and eat the flower of Quassia bitter.
Food poisoning
  • Eat charcoal
  • Pain reliever
  • Boil and Eat a Water Lily Flower
Infected wound
  • Lubricate the wound with honey
  • Put a maggot on the wound
Open wound
  • Lubricate the wound with ash
  • Banana dressing (small chance of avoiding infection)
  • Lubricate the wound with honey
  • Put ants on the wound
  • Dressing of leaves of any plants (small chance of avoiding infection)
  • Boil and Eat Red Mushroom (Scarlet goblet)
  • Lubricate the wound with honey
  • Just wait
Scorpion / Snake Venom
  • Pain reliever
  • Cook and eat Hostu wavy
  • Tobacco leaf dressing - removes poison and heals the wound over time
  • Boil and eat tobacco leaves. It will take away the poison, but do not heal the wound.
  • You can use animal bone needles, fish bones or stingray tail.

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