Back 4 Blood: How to get supply points quickly?

How to quickly farm point points “if you are too lazy to grind”


Let's get ready?

First, when you enter
PASS THE ACT 1 (If it doesn't pass) – You will receive maximum supply points. There will be about 800+
Spend them especially on cards endurance and running
If luck crawled out sideways for you. It means that we have done similar actions again passing the ACT 1 from start – to end

Let's say you received the coveted running and endurance cards – what's next?

We put the deck in this way. You may be different.
The main thing is that the character can run long and fast..
I will briefly tell you my build
– Combat knife (To fight off the possessed instantly)
– Universal Crosses (The perfect card to start with running and endurance)
– Cardiotechnics (Also endurance and running)
– Dash (Running speed)
– Screwdriver (To plant bombs faster)
(The rest is a handout if there is a failure)

Have a build? Excellent – start the search for the AKTA lobby 1, and go through the first 4 missions.
There is no point in going further due to the fact that these are tasks (Find the script, and then you will walk)
Or worse, confrontation regime (where you have to wait)

(Solo mode does not provide supply points, of – why still have to wait for teammates. At best they will come out on their own).
– After beta, they removed the kick button. What for? God knows him. So you could farm with two or three.

This will greatly increase the success of the race.. If you do not have time – take holly. And they took her?! Well, it remains Doc or Mother.. If you are not playing for EVANGELO, look for a stun gun, so as not to get into “dead end”

Loaded? Don't wait for teammates and run forward (they will come out of – for you).

The main weapon in the hands will serve as a micro-ultrasound.

See a frag grenade? Take! She can quickly blow up doors.

If you see that you can pump the number effective subjects. We take without hesitation. This will be needed to quickly place the C4 in the ship..


Rebirth can be easily run. There is nothing to do there and there are simply no moments where you can get stuck.

The blood tunnel will be more difficult, since even after running the ogre he will be in the tunnel. Run around him while he spawns on buses. And calmly goes to the safe room.

The train of pain has one nasty thing – you need to pull the lever while gravel is gaining. This moment is easy to miss too. Just waiting for it to pass 12 – 16 seconds until gravel picks up. And I dig space. Then we jump onto the pipe in “waters” and we are already at the safe rooms.

The railway crossing also promises unusual moments. When leaving, we immediately blow up the gas cylinder and run to the end of the chaw at all. Then we take 2 C4 (If the number of effective items is pumped) and immediately put in place of the explosion.

Consider everything done and after the end of the mission you can do it over and over again.

the end

One such wound can take time 20 minutes (if people left the lobby) but may be attracted to 30 and more with them.

If we assume that the average number of points earned for a run is about 150+ it's pretty good farm. Since you can pump half, or the entire supply line.

It should be borne in mind that you should not go above the recruiting difficulty. Because the damage from the possessed will be greater, and the chances of survival with such a deck are less.

You can of course take the risk of completing the first two missions.. Purely logically, this is possible without loss..

(Well, or look for “dead lobby”) Where the players knowingly left. But the server is still open.

Like the manual so other people don't “supply points” good luck!

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