Inscryption: achievements “Devil's game” and “Joint onslaught” (save file)

In this guide, you'll find the save file for the two longest-running achievements in this game.


Attainment “The devil's fun” (Devil's game)

These achievements are obtained in the second act..

To obtain this achievement, you need to inflict in battle from above 666 units of damage. This can only be done in the wizard's tower on the second floor., during a fight with a scarecrow because. in this battle you are not attacked and you will have time to find the cards you need for this. But even in spite of this, you will have to spend enough time in “clicker simulator”)) Deck, which contributes to this has already been collected.

First, you need to download the save files from the Google drive and drop them into the folder <path-to-game> \SaveFile.gwsave. Copy the SaveFile.gwsave file and the SaveFile-Backup.gwsave file with replacement (if you need, do not forget to save these 2 your walkthrough file). If you do not know how to find the save files of the game – they are in the game folder. The easiest way to find them, – in the Steam library, right-click on the game -> Management -> View local files. It is in this folder that you should copy the save files.

After these manipulations, load the game and join the battle with the scarecrow. Next, you have to find all the necessary cards. The main ones 3 – Energy conductor(while it is in the circuit your energy scale is not depleted), Horn of the Bone Lord(per click for 1 unit of energy(and we have it infinite thanks to the previous map) allows you to get 3 bones and a pile of bones map(which allows you to enhance it by 1 damage for 2 bones). When you have the card data on the table, you need to 1 turn click on the map Horn of the Bone Lord 444 times.
And also on the map Pile of Bones 666 time)))
It will take a certain amount of time) When will the striking power of the Bone Pile card reach 666 or higher, you can press the next move button and the achievement is in your pocket)

Attainment “Joint onslaught”

This achievement will be easiest to obtain after completing the achievement. “The devil's fun”(because. you will have enough coins). At the moment, the save contains 733 coins and if you get the previous achievement, – approximately the same amount will be added, which will allow you to buy the necessary cards, despite the random. In this save, all decks are full, except Druid deck(the merchant of these cards is in the upper right corner, in the hut of the final boss, if you go right), this deck is four cards missing, – to get the achievement, it was enough for me to buy one of the missing. Go to the merchant and buy everything you see from him before you get the achievement)

Save files and additional information

Same, if you missed the secret boss in the third act, in this save, both keys are taken to find it.

Link to Google Drive – save files[]

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