Crab Game: What are the games in the crab and how to drag?

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tasks in the game
Hi all. you merge at the very beginning of the crab? and you don't know what to do with it? oh my friend you have come to the right place!

let's first take a look at what modes are available in the game? the most popular is

– stick

– bomb

– king of the hill

– Crown

– race

– night scoring

– buttons

– decorations

– the floor is lava

– bridge

– hide and seek

– the quieter you go, the further you'll get

game, where one (or several) the player becomes the presenter. he gets a stick and lights up in red. his goal is to catch up and hit ordinary players, in order to transfer the role of the host.

everything seems to be simple, but you have a timer. if time runs out and you have a stick in your hands – you will die and no Jesus will help.

question: how to win here?

everything, basically, simply! there is 2 game tactics for players without stick:

– sit, hide, that is, to play like a rat

– run, jump, mans and so on

and there is also 2 stick game tactics:

– run and pass the stick, be very active

– chase one player and then sharply pass him the stick

I'll explain for the second tactic:
it is better to do this on large maps and pass the stick only when you are sure that your victim will fly away from you and there will be time to escape. and it is better to turn such tricks when there is little time left in order to kill the enemy.

well, roughly understood yes?

bomb (of b)
this game where one player gets a bomb and it is highlighted in red. almost everything is the same as with a stick true?

be aggressive and pass this bomb to other players
(she explodes on 45 and 5 seconds)

king of the hill
king of the hill is a game where all players spawn from below and they must climb the mountain pushing others away. while those who are at the top (under the yellow dome) you get points. who will have the least points – retires.

try to beware of places, where many players try to climb the mountain. always looking for the path where there will be the least number of players. why? because everyone pushes each other and as a result, no one gets on the mountain.

climbed the mountain and someone with you? congratulations this battle will be legendary. try to stay under the dome as long as possible. try to spin circles so that your opponent has to run after you. at this time, try to stop abruptly and go for it by hitting another player. usually helps, but by this time many more players climb.

but what to do if you are on the mountain and there is no one? fend off players climbing up to you. hit them on the head so that they fly to the very bottom. you have a more advantageous position because a little higher players who just climb up to you

crown time
game where one (or more) the player receives the crown and it is highlighted in yellow. while such a dress flaunts on his head he gets glasses. in order to pick up the crown you need to hit the player with it.

here I don't even know what to explain, take the crown from everyone and frolic, hide

a game where the participants must reach the finish line first. at the beginning of the game, on the top right, you can see 0/1 0/3 etc. this is the number of players that can get to the finish line, that is, their number is limited. (on one (?) the lava level rises on the map, so staying at the beginning for a long time is not an option)

then calculate the timings and everything will be ok

night scoring
a game where the lights in the room with the beds are turned off and the players are given weapons
(pistol, katana, knife, trumpet, bits, stick). all do different damage and the pistol has a limited number of bullets

here 2 tactics:

– be an aggressive killer

– hide

a game where players must press the desired button in order to survive.
in front of you 5 buttons of different colors and only one of them will kill you!

only luck will help..

by the way, let's take an example, you go out pushing the button after the enemy. and for example the enemy presses the blue button (not necessary, it can be any) and explodes yeah? and your next turn. you can safely press the button on which the last player exploded, because it is already cleared of mines in fact)

game where there is 4 different teams (blue, green, red, pink). and there is a map on which everything is in gray tiles and players of different teams must paint the tiles with their color as much as possible.

in this mode, run so as to touch the tiles on the floor and on the wall (you immediately touch 2 tiles and usually such spaces are very long, that is, you paint a lot of tiles). don't run straight to the center, because there are a lot of other commands and they will paint you stupidly there.

the floor is lava
game, where the players stand on the platforms, which break over time. everything is random here. you need to jump to other platforms and push players off them (gently they can push you too…)

a game where there is a bridge in front of you and in order to pass it you need to guess the correct platforms.

probably many have seen this in the series and this game does not need a detailed introduction?
try to go at the end or at worst in the center.

hide and seek
game where there is 2 commands

– hiding

– do you want

seekers get knives and chase others. players with knives need to kill one / several players in order to become normal.
(when the timer expires, players with knives are eliminated so we must try to get rid of it as soon as possible!)
kstati in you 100 xn and you are on 3 blow. that is, the knife blows somewhere 39 hp

– hide (on small maps this does not help)

– run (the best option)

the quieter you go, the further you'll get
a game where players have to run over the red lane. this game is like a traffic light

green light you can go

red stop and freeze

when the doll turns freeze and do not move (you can't use a mouse either!!!!!!)

there is 2 game tactics:

– run away from everyone and often turn around until the doll is watching (this is necessary so that you are not pushed)

– go after someone in order to push this player and that is, get rid of a competitor! (dangerous because the doll can notice you – you can peek out from behind the back of another player you are about to push)

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