Crab Game: Large lobbies and how to create them (>40)

Hello, in this tutorial i will show and plant how to create large lobbies.


• Begining

Probably everyone who played “Crab Game” saw big lobbies, who were over 40 human, for example 80. Now we will learn how to create a lobby of the same type..

After reading this manual, I am not responsible for your actions. :^)

• What we need?

We only need 2 things

  • Cheat Engine (downloaded on the official website which is called that)
  • Crab Game

If you've never had any experience with Cheat Engin, then I recommend starting with the section “For Dummies”. If you had experience with the program, then I recommend starting with the section “For connoisseurs”

• Cheat Engine for Dummies

Well, first, open the game, and go to create a lobby

Let's stop at this moment and open our Cheat Engine, we are greeted by such an interface (I have an English version, the position of buttons in other languages ​​does not change), click on the computer icon with a magnifying glass and select there “0000####-Crab Game”.

After that, we return to the game and (if you did not touch anything in the game) see what we have in the section “Max Players” number 15, which needs to be written in the program in the section “Value” [1], and press the button “First Scan” [2].

Go back to the game and change 15 to any other number, for example 30.

Next, in the Cheat Engine, replace 15 on the number 30 (or the one that you chose) [1] and click on “Next Scan” [2], we only have on the left 2 meaning, which we need
(if there are more values 2 then you either wrote down the wrong number or you should press the button again, to get rid of unnecessary values).

These values ​​need to be highlighted [1] and press the red down arrow [2].

These values ​​were duplicated below, they must also be selected at the most opaque line under the parameter “Value” double click on 30.

In the window that opens, replace the number 30 for example on 100 and press “OK“, go back to the game and click “Create(WHEN CREATING A LOBBY, NOTHING VISUALLY CHANGES).
After the final loading, we can see that the number of players is no longer 30 but 100.

• Cheat Engine for connoisseurs

In the lobby creation menu we find 2 addresses using Cheat Engine, responsible for the maximum number of people in the game. For this we need to put for example number of players 10, do the first scan with 10, after changing it, for example, to 25 and do a scan with the same number. Remain 2 address, copy the addresses and change the parameter “Value” to the desired value (change the value for two at once).

• Subtotal

  • Do not overuse by this, I don’t know the consequences of a full server, MB crash, xs.
  • Changed lobby value will remain the same until, bye value slider “Max Playersremains intact.
  • Minimum number of players, which can enter the lobby 1 (including lobby with parameter “0”).
  • Maximum the number of players in one session is equal to 2147477777, more than this number can be only one of three:
    1. game crashes
    2. will be created “negative lobby”
    3. I miscalculated


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