The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: All Planetarium items

Welcome! In this guide, I will tell you about all the items of the Planetarium. The guide will be very helpful for beginners, so that they could better understand what item to take, which one to avoid. Enjoy reading!


How to get to the Planetarium?

• Initially, the Planetarium has 1% chance to appear on the floor, which increases by 20%, when the character goes down to the next floor, and decreases by 20%, when the character entered the Treasure Room. In most situations, you can say, that the chance is increased by 20% with a full skip of the Treasure Room.
• See, what is the probability of the planetarium appearing in the game (unlike the Devil and Angel Room), however for this case there is a mod: cry.

Unlocking the Planetarium

To unlock, you need to collect for the race 3 subject from the list:
• Or any 3 subject from 12 zodakov.

Planetarium Items
TYPE OF: Passive
• Immediately shows the location of the boss room on the map.
• After defeating the boss, the tarot card effect is activated XIX – The Sun (full health and card display). It also recharges an activated item and removes curses from the current floor, gives +3 to Damage and +1 to good luck until the end of the floor.

TYPE OF: Passive
• Adds to each floor an additional Secret and Super-secret rooms.
• Each room contains a ray of light, which gives to the end of the floor + Increased Attack Speed ​​and Blue Heart. The first room gives +1 to Attack Speed ​​and 1 Blue Heart, the rest will give by +0.5 and half of the heart.
• Reveals the location of one secret room.

TYPE OF: Passive
• +0.4 to Running Speed.
• When entering a new room, doors remain open, allowing you to leave the room at any time.
• Does not open locked doors or doors, leading to the room with the Boss.

TYPE OF: Passive
• +1 to health.
• Enchants nearby enemies, forcing other enemies to attack.
• The charm will quickly subside, as soon as the enemies move away from Isaac.

TYPE OF: Passive
• Turns tears into stones, which can break other stones and objects
• +1 to Damage, but each tear has a random spread in damage, which can lower or increase it (from x0.5 to x2).

TYPE OF: Passive
• Double tap in any direction Isaac dash, damaging enemies.
• At the moment of the dash you are invulnerable.
• Can be used multiple times in the same room.
• Dash deals your x4 damage.
• It is not necessary to make a straight dash, you can shift direction while driving.
• It has 3 second rollback, before it can be used again.

TYPE OF: Passive
• Gives +0.2 to Running Speed, but every time you move, speed will decrease rapidly by -0.5. While your speed will decrease, Isaac starts to fart, creating poisonous gas around.
• The gases will stop, when you reach minimum speed.
• Poisoning deals half your tear damage.

TYPE OF: Passive
• When entering a room creates 7 tears, flying around you
• Tears fly for 13 seconds, before you fall
• There is a chance to absorb enemy shells, turning into flying around you.

TYPE OF: Passive
• Makes tears icy, freezing enemies after death.
• Frozen can be pushed. After a collision with an enemy or other object, it throws a lot of ice fragments-tears around itself.

TYPE OF: Passive
• Isaac will now automatically charge tears, allowing them to accumulate and fire quickly within a short time.
• Until you shoot, during 3 seconds the scale of tears is filled. Pressing the shot will quickly release the accumulated tears

TYPE OF: Passive
• +0.72 Increased Attack Speed.
• Severely reduces Isaac's size to such an extent, that some projectiles will fly very close without causing damage.

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