Disco Elysium: Tips for the aspiring detective

Some helpful tips for getting started and generally playing the game.


Before starting the game:
Naturally, first thing before a new game – dig into the settings. There are three things I want to draw your attention to here.:

  • Choice of two languages ​​at once:

    Russian localization is very good, but, naturally, translate all jokes, speaking names and references were impossible. Put the second language in English, and if you think, what the character says * weird *, or unsuccessfully tries to joke, you can change language with one click (I have it Q, can be changed in the control settings) and to know, what was he really trying to say.

  • Selecting the type of voice acting:

    “Full” I do not advise you to bet. The voice-over idea * of all * sounds good., but in fact it is very boring and delays reading the already long dialogues. Especially considering, what all “skills” glav hero speak with one voice. The best option – “Psychological” – human characters are fully voiced, but descriptions are not read aloud, and skills “talking” only in text.

  • Difficulty selection, or HARDKOOOR:

    There is no action here, and the whole point “Hardcore” therein, that skill checks are getting harder, and quests give a little more experience, due to the fact that there are fewer quests available to you. The meaning of the regime is, that you will have to pump a narrower range of skills, to be an adequate detective in any area, and you won't see much content, how could, but you will get a more complete role-playing.

Character Creation:
The game offers you three archetypes. They're actually not that bad.. And the plus and the disadvantage of the game is, that you will pass it in any case, even the most complete idiot. The only difference is, how will you pass it.

But I see no reason not to try to create something of my own. I recommend choosing two directions out of four. For instance, combining intelligence and motor skills you will become a classic detective, whose style – collection of the most extensive information about the case, including the smallest details, and subsequent deductive analysis of the found, to put it all together. He has an encyclopedic knowledge, who now and then make their way through the veil of amnesia, and with a good conceptualization skill you can become a person of art.

Intellect and psyche will make you a master of persuasion and help you see through the characters' lies, physiology and motor skills will turn you into masters of speaking the language of pain, and combining physiology and psyche it is easiest to become a complete drug addict. Generally, choose.

The selected characteristics need to be invested 4-5 glasses, and the remaining two are better not to download at all, especially if you play hardcore – you won't get anything from it anyway. It is strictly not recommended to pump the characteristics evenly! Yes, you can attach by 3 points in each, but end up with an absolutely mediocre body. But nothing prevents you from investing almost everything in one characteristic. – what about passing only on motor skills?

Next, you are shown the skills screen and asked to make one skill from 24 crown, which gives a small bonus, and increases the limit of his pumping. This skill can be anything. I can advise resilience or willpower, since it is on them that your “health” in Game, and it is better not to lower these skills below three. My choice – force loves, as it helps to fight the constant urge to plump / smoke / blow sweetly, and with developed physiology, one of her skills – electrochemistry, who is literally responsible for bad habits, will bother you very much with this. But if it suits you, make electrochemistry the crown and watch, what kind of monster did you create.

This completes the creation of the hero., and it takes you to the game itself.

Getting started and general tips:
  • Study everything, what do you see. Always survey the area carefully first., and then start talking to the characters – what you see can help you in conversation. At the very beginning, do not forget to carefully inspect your room and the second floor of the hotel, before talking to the smoking girl and going downstairs.
  • All your words and actions have consequences. Human, to whom you say too much or cry about, how pathetic you are, can later use it against you. Don't waste all the available dialogue options! If it seems to you, what to say to a disabled person “And you are in the chair.” – too stupid, then don't say it.
  • Time is money. Time in this game is sorely lacking for that, to talk to everyone and find and complete all quests. Prioritize, don't forget the main thing, otherwise it will end badly. The inevitable climax will occur on about the fifth day, by the time of which it is better to have as much information as possible about the case, and it won't hurt to find the missing things of the protagonist. Otherwise, the consequences may not suit you.. Spend two hours talking about history with old people, when it's already the third day, and your corpse has not been removed yet – bad idea.
  • And when to rest? It's better to spend all your time at work during the day. – conversations, progressing through the main quest and completing side quests. The clock only runs during conversations, so there is no need to rush to explore the world. IN 2 after midnight, absolutely all characters disappear from the streets. But you don't have to go to bed right away after that – you can read the records of past affairs in your notebook, or pre-purchased books. You can play board games with a partner, if you haven't sent him to bed yet. Indeed, in 2 hours the time stops, and you can do these things, without fear, that you are missing something important.
  • Take your time to pay off your hotel room debt. Yes, initially the amount seems cosmic. There are several ways to make money – you can take things to a pawnshop and collect bottles, but on the first day you will never make enough money this way. And you can beg for money and take bribes. But if you don't want to do this, do not do it – you will have another opportunity to get rid of debt towards the end of the day. And honesty will be reckoned to you later.
  • Pack your clothes. clothing – it's your everything. The right selection of it can be a good way to increase the necessary skills and lower those, which you even “hear” you do not want. The game also has several “styles” – that is, sets of clothes, which also give a bonus to some checks, if you are wearing enough set items.
  • Do not save! Failure is failure, and very often it turns out, what in case, if you fail the check, the result will be better, than with “success”. Sure, always interesting, what would have happened otherwise, but wasting tons of time downloading, which are quite long even with ssd – thankless job. Write a unique story, and you can see other options in the next playthrough.
  • Don't worry about choosing the right thought cabinet. Choose that, what are you most interested in, and over time you will find the most convenient combination. Yes, changing thoughts, you will lose a couple of skill points, but it's getting better, than watching guides and ruining the gaming experience.

That's all, and good luck with you.

From rufush

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