The Evil Within: Passing 100% (The Assignment add-on)

Episode 1. Oath
1.1. The task

We play as Special Agent Kidman. Getting out of the burning ambulance. Sebastian is no longer in the cockpit. We go through the woods, we enter the cave in the roots of the tree. The possessed one attacks us and throws us down. We pass through the cave, hear Sebastian's voice. At the exit we meet a psycho Leslie.

Private bussiness (1/3). Once in the cave, at the very beginning we go to the right, in a dead end on the couch we will find “Police Department Dossier”.

Flashback to our mission. In a large office, the head of the organization “Mobius” instructs us to kill Leslie Withers. The entire hospital and STEM system belongs to this organization., but they do not cooperate directly. A cat with a red ribbon around its neck comes running to us, it allows us to survive.

We go out into the corridor, go right. We pass through the greenhouse, at the crossroads with a tree, go left. All dead ends are empty. Open the door with a palm print. Together with the head we go up to the laboratory. They plan to put us in STEM to find and disable Leslie, but before that we are injected with a protective vaccine - green gel.

1.2. Laboratory
After pouring the gel, we wake up in a dark room., an unknown monster jumps nearby. We go around the room to the left, open the double door, take a flashlight from her. Flashlight can be focused, lighting only a specific place.

Snail (1/5). Taking a flashlight, don't go out the door, let's go left, on a metal gurney on the bottom shelf we will find a snail (developer company symbol). I light a flashlight on the snail, to get a character model for viewing in the main menu.

We pass on a warehouse, we find a couple of corpses, open the massive latch on the door. There's a living person locked in the next hallway in a side room.. We crawl into the ventilation hatch opposite the door, but for now we crawl, someone will already kill him.

1.3. Distracting enemies
Behind the next double door is a corpse, he will try to come to life, kick him.

Scientific research (1/7). We select an audio cassette near the corpse “Entry 231”.

Playing Kidman, we can hide behind the walls, and lure enemies with a voice. We pass two turns, we see the enemy ahead, turn off the flashlight. Luring the enemy, while he runs down one corridor, imperceptibly we pass forward in a different way. Opening the doors.

1.4. Corridors
Torn letter (1/8). There is a safe on the table in the room to the right.. We examine it, here you need to enter 4 numbers, and there are bloody prints on the buttons, suggesting the correct code: 6517. Inside is a scrap of letter.

In the room near the far wall, move the trash cart, open the door. There is a monster walking in the next corridor, we can distract him with a bottle or voice to the dead end room on the right. At this moment in the corridor we open the ventilation hatch.

There are two side rooms in the next corridor., we can open them by pressing a button. As long as the hallway is clear, we run to the left around the corner, we climb into the second ventilation hatch.

1.5. Monster
In the back room we take the pass to the office from the table. Luke collapsed, and the enemy is breaking into the room, so we hide in the locker. An ordinary possessed will enter, and already wants to get us, but at this moment a monster with an opening torso will enter, and will eat it.

We leave from the shelter. The monster ran ahead, an ordinary enemy walks in the left corridor. Let's go straight, we enter the hatch between the corridors, in the second corridor we go to the right, we open the door with the found pass.

1.6. Shine
We get to the checkpoint along the dark corridor. Trying to open the door with a palm print, but we are already dead, and the door won't open. We approach the computer at the table on the right, nothing works either.

At this moment, a monster girl with a spotlight jumps into the room.. Hiding from her near a double locked door. She will check the area around the computer., and then create a new door in the wall, just shining at her. When the monster leaves, we repeat its actions - we focus the light on this wall, a door will appear.

See ourselves, locked in a cell with water, and then move to the greenhouse. We go out to the balcony, below in the building we see Leslie. In the next room we can save on the couch with a cat.

1.7. Office
Music (1/5). Behind the sofa in the corridor with decorative walls, we examine the right penultimate panel, there is a golden object in it, it will unlock the music track in the main menu of the game.

Torn letter (2/8). On the left, behind the glass, we see a separate room. We pass to the far wall, there, in the left nook, you can crawl inside the room. Inside on the table we examine the safe. On him 3 dial. There are paintings in the room, if you shine a flashlight on them, we will see a hint with the correct code: Red - 2, Blue - 12, Yellow - 1 (random code).

Snail (2/5). There is a ventilation hatch under the stairs, inside you can find a snail, shine a lantern on her, to get the cat model.

Let's go down, on the right, empty bottles can be taken out of the vending machine to distract enemies. We leave through the double doors.

There are two enemies in the office space at once. We can distract the nearest one with a phone call, far - with a throw of a bottle or a voice. On the far right desktop we find Lab pass. We enter the doors, then into the side ventilation hatch.

1.8. Laboratory
There is a logo in the room on the left “Moebius” with stars and lobotomy needle. On the right side of the wall there are the same shadows of the stars, only a needle is missing. We focus the world on numbers “1”, so that the shadows blend into the logo, from this a door will appear in the wall.

Scientific research (2/7). There is an organization logo on the left wall of the room, I shine a lantern on him, under it will appear “Entry 16”.

Snail (3/5). In the lower laboratory under the stairs we examine the rack.

In the room we look at a memory, how did the doctor and the boss communicate. We go down to the lower laboratory, shining on an empty curbstone, a projector will appear on it. Watching a video about the idea of ​​creating a fusion system.

We return to the large room, we leave the door after the ghosts. In three places, fenced with foil, shine on the stands, we will see the drawings of the STEM-A6-441 device. Then the ghosts will let us go further. In the last room outside the door we will see the spirit of Laura. On the left we open the door with a latch.

1.9. Biometrics
We leave, through the window we see Sebastian and Joseph passing. The palm-print door still doesn't work. Let's go down, save on the couch, we get into the elevator.

We use a computer in the biometrics department, to restore your profile. We come to the next computer, then to the device in the center of the last room. While we scan our hand, crawling monsters will appear.

Music (2/5). When we free our hand, we crawl into the far right ventilation hatch, there is a dead end musical composition, which can be included in the menu.

Freed, we crawl into the left hatch. There we will meet another crawler, he won't notice us, they are blind, but from afar they feel the corpses. We crawl through the ventilation into the hangar.

1.10. Hangar
There are many crawlers on the floor. Left dead end, on the right we can reach the stairs.

Torn letter (3/8). First, we crawl to the stairs. There is a safe on top, to open it, you need to solve a simple puzzle - light all the lights, while, that all adjacent bulbs will also change from pressing.

On the right side, we lean against any wall, lure opponents, so they move away, at this time we crawl into the hatch, push the lever.

In the next part of the hangar, enemies are crawling in circles, and on the right side there is a movable grill with hatches. We need to go to the first room on the right first., to move the cart and crush the enemy in front. In the second side room on this cart we climb the stairs.

Private bussiness (2/3). Climbing the stairs, we enter the laboratory, we take the document on the table opposite “Recording 1: Recruitment”.

Upstairs we do a head scan. After that, put our palm on the panel., it will fire and lower the bridge. Going back to the previous rooms to the elevator.

1.11. Return
An ordinary enemy will jump out of the elevator, we run past him into the cockpit. We can save one more time on the couch. Open the door with the palm of your hand, which they could not open before.

Torn letter (4/8). In the big hall, on the left on the first table there is a safe with buttons 4 on 4. Further to the right, the same number of paper stickers are glued on the concrete fence., shine a flashlight on them, and we will see the correct answer.

Scientific research (3/7). We go down the staircase, to the left of the double door on the shelf there will be “Entry 229”.

1.12. Server
Turn on the panel in front of the elevator, but suddenly the power supply goes out. We need to wait, when it recovers on 100%, and at this time you need to hide from the monster girl. We move silently between the rows of servers, constantly changing place, because the girl will search every corner. Towards the end, lightning will appear between the server rows, you only need to walk along the walls. Waiting for the elevator, quickly run out of here.

On the top floor we go through a couple of corridors, meet Sebastian and Joseph behind glass. Ruvik appears in front of us and floods the glass room.. Heroes free us from the glass trap, but together we fall into the dungeon.

The Assignment. Episode 2. Crossing paths
2.1. Sewerage

We appear in a locked room, holy lantern on the logo, for a break to appear. We pass through the sewer canal, listening to the message.

On the way there will be an invisible enemy, it is visible only in the light of the lantern, and he doesn't react to light in any way. We take a disposable ax and kill him from behind.

Music (3/5). We find music behind the right metal fence.

Scientific research (4/7). We go to the left room, there on the table “Entry 239”.

Further in the corridor are two rooms, we pass to the right, take the ax, kill the enemy. At the end of the corridor, turn the valve and jump down below.

2.2. Defense
We pass through the canal, the earth is collapsing below us, and we find ourselves under the rubble. We select a pistol nearby and temporarily shoot back, until we get out. Endless cartridges, you only need to recharge on time. We will be attacked by crawlers and common enemies. And at the end there will be a monster girl, shoot her once, and she will run away.

Torn letter (5/8). There is a ladder on the right penultimate support, we climb along it to the upper bridge, there is a safe with only one dial. To the right of this place on the last support there is a clue with the correct combination: 12 to the right, 20 to the left, 4 to the right (random code). The number of movements is not specified., and to which digit you need to move.

Below we pass into the pipe, there we climb the stairs. We find ourselves in the room, where can you save yourself on the couch. Further through the ventilation hatch.

2.3. Circuit breakers
We leave at the intersection of sewer canals. Joseph walked by and the doors closed behind him, need to open them, using fuses.

We take the 1st fuse, we insert it into the shield in the left connector. This will open the door to the left, we go down there, we go through the pipes.

Torn letter (6/8). At the crossroads of pipes, we turn to a dead end on the left, shine a lantern in the logo “Moebius”, a passage will appear. Climb into the room with the safe. You need to press the buttons on the field 4 on 4. We will see the correct answer on the opposite wall., if you shine a lantern.

At the cross of pipes, go to the right. We go up, turn the valve, we walk through the technical rooms. Monsters are planted here in flasks with water Trauma. We reach the end, we go out into the sewer from the other side, take the 2nd fuse.

2.4. The way back
On the way back, one of the monsters will break out of the flask and walk along the corridor. Hiding from him in the hatch to the right, and when he passes by, go to the room with generators. The monster will come here, for some time we hide from him behind the generator. When it comes out, we can calmly tighten the valve and exit.

2.5. Last fuse
We insert the 2nd fuse into the shield in the right connector, we go to the opened channel below. On the way, a couple of dead-end rooms and a spiked trap on the floor. We go out to the balcony, take the 3rd fuse.

On the way back we see psychic waves. Together the channel is a solid wall. The enemy comes out of the side room, here we can only kill him in a trap. Spikes take a long time, we need to go through them ourselves first, and then for the enemy to pass, then he will die.

In the second room, the same trap and immediately 2 enemy. If we can't kill them at the same time, then you will have to hide from the second, since the trap is disposable. Push the lever in front, use another lever to close the door behind us. Turn the valve.

Snail (4/5). There is a grate in the second room to the left of the door., I pass under it, we find a snail in a dead end on the boxes.

2.6. In front of the door
There are many monsters behind the fence. We quickly run around the room, the chase will begin after us. We return to the sewer to the dashboard, insert the fuse and run through the opened gate.

Scientific research (5/7). After the gate in the room on yellow barrels “Entry 246”.

Music (4/5). When we jump down, go to the tunnel, where is Joseph. There is music at the end of the tunnel in front of the blockage..

We jump into the trench with blood, below we meet Joseph. We are in front of a locked massive door, Sebastian should come soon. Shine a flashlight on the logo, we pass the appeared door. We can save on the couch, then we go up the spiral staircase.

Scientific research (6/7). At the end of the spiral staircase, shine on the logo, another door will appear. Inside there are three stands with stars, part of the logo on the wall. Shining on the right stand, to complement the logo with a shadow. This is how we open the cassette shelf “Entry 215”.

At the top of the stairs we go through the main door., we communicate with the boss, he orders to kill Sebastian, which turned out to be stronger, what seemed. We return to the massive door and help our colleagues.

2.7. Boss: Joseph (obsessed)
In the next hallway, both Sebastian and Joseph turn into monsters.. Ruvik possesses Joseph, we fight with him in a separate room.

1-th ax we have from the very beginning. Sneaking up behind, hitting Joseph. If he finds us, kick it off and run away. We can distract him with an audio recorder.

2-oh ax near one of the bunks. Joseph will start shooting at us, if he sees, so you can't get caught anymore.

3-ax. After two hits, the side room will open, an ax hangs in it in front of the entrance to the room on the right wall. There are several installations on the tables in the room itself, to distract. (4-th ax in the far corner of the room with a movie projector, 5-th ax on the second table in the side room, but you need to apply everything 3 blow, and extra axes are not needed).

2.8. Village
We are trapped in Kidman's personal memory. We appear in a wooden house, go out to the street, we walked through this rustic trading square.

Private bussiness (3/3). In the initial wooden house we pass into the right dead-end room, we find a document on the chair “Recording 13: testing”.

Torn letter (7/8). On the square we go to the locked wooden gate, where did we come from here, playing Sebastian. Breaking boxes at the entrance, under them we find a safe. You need to solve the puzzle - light all the buttons on the safe.

Snail (5/5). We go along the shopping street, here in one place there is a hole in the stone wall. I'm going there, breaking boxes, we find a snail in the cage, shine a flashlight on her, Accessing the Possessed Joseph Model.

When we get to the statue, the spotlights will go out and the statue will disappear. 1 the lantern is on.

2-oh, turn the lantern towards the statue, it will light up again.

3-no lantern, follow him to the shopping street, at the dead end on the left on the chest of drawers we take the spotlight. We go back and install it on the stand.

4-the second lantern is broken together with the stand. We take his place, shine our lantern up, instead of a spotlight. The statue will reappear, this will open the door to the crypt. We pass there, save on the couch.

Scientific research (7/7). On the table near the sofa, the last “Entry 201”.

2.9. Cemetery
We leave the crypt, outside the gate we will see Leslie, he runs away from the possessed. Ahead 3 the enemy are sitting by the corpse. We can lure one of the enemies into a pit with stakes on the right, but there is no way to remove others. On the right we can dedicate to the wall, to get inside. Inside the building 2 crawling enemy, we pass them, breaking boards on the way, silently get to the gate.

Behind the gates more 5 enemies. There is a stakes trap on the right. There is an ax on the left in the fenced area. Further to the left on the hill there is a bell, it should be used, to distract enemies. When the enemies are at the bell, we approach the lattice gate, we persuade Leslie to let us in.

2.10. Church
Ruvik appears in the basement of the church., but then Leslie instantly appears in his place.

Torn letter (8/8). There are many holes in the wall, in the far right hole we find the safe. Enter the password for the bloody prints left. In the main menu under “Archive” add up all the scraps, and we get the whole document.

Music (5/5). We crawl into the hatch under the statue, where Sebastian hid from two giants, find music.

We pass the cemetery along the upper tier. We get to the monument. Locked door ahead, there is a note and three numbers around the posts: V, VII, XII. Some items are missing here.

Back to the base of the statue, hide Leslie in the tunnel under her. Ahead we shine on the logo, we pass into the right corridor of the cemetery. We open all the paths with a flashlight, on three pedestals inside we find three statuettes. If we push the lever, the giant will run out, but will disappear immediately. Back to the note, arrange:

V - statuette with a bull's head, VII - statuette with a cross, XII - statuette with wings.

2.11. Giant
It remains to cross the clearing, where Sebastian fought the mutant dog. And a giant is attacking us here. There are several boxes in the center, if we destroy them, then there will be nowhere to hide. We just need to sit behind one of the boxes, call the giant with a voice, and then sneak from the other side and run to the grate, where Leslie is already waiting.

Ruvik appears in the church building. He demonstrates, that Leslie is just an empty shell, which he runs, and therefore he is still alive. We are not doing our job, and the boss comes to us.

2.12. Boss
We run away along the corridors, fleeing the boss's shadow. 2 times to the left, 1 times to the right. Then the shadows of the hands in front will start to turn into real hands, we shy away from them, snuggling to the left, then to the right wall. We run out of the building. we fall under the light of the lighthouse. This is where the DLC ends.

Completion Bonus:

– A new game + (you can continue to collect collectibles);
– Complexity “Kuraami” (we play in complete darkness, visible only in flashlight).


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