The Evil Within: Episodes 9,10,11,12 [Passing 100%]

Episode 9. Cruel games
The number of trophies and collectibles in the location:

• Fragment of the map: 3.
• Poster: 1.
• Newspaper: 2.
• Audio diary: 1.
• A note: 3.
• Personal file of Castellanos: 1.

9.1. Hospital
We leave our room. Together with the nurse, we approach and look at the picture above the poster stand. It depicts a family, in the crossed out face of our son we will see the face of Ruvik. After that, let's move in time.

Newspaper (12/21). On the nurse's desk we take the issue "Children were injured in the fire".

We go into the corridor with solitary cameras, sound waves come from there. We fall into a black and white forest, approach the sunflower. Ruvik appears here, after its disappearance, everything will become colored, we can explore a new location. Rear raised bridge, there you can find 500, 500 gel. At a dead end on the right still 500 gel.

Fragment of the map (15/28). There is a map at the crossroads on the low wreckage of the column.

Through the gate we enter the courtyard of a country mansion. We break several barrels and boxes along the walls. Behind the left gate grille 1000 gel, on the left in the dead end we find 1 cartridge, on the far left bench 4 patron.

Key (23). To the right of the door on a dry tree between branches a figurine is stuck.

9.2. Mansion
We enter the building, we see how the doctor leads Leslie out the door with many locks. On the chair to the left lies 1 syringe, under the left staircase 500 gel. There is a room with a mirror under the balcony on the left..

Personal papers (9/15). In front of the mirror "Clipping from the Crimson Post".

Newspaper (13/21). In the hospital at the stand "Near the estate found corpses".

Poster (7/15). At the hospital on the stand poster "Missing Ruben Victoriano".

Back at the mansion, we enter the adjacent open door of the dining room, take 300 gel.

Note (12/16). On the corner of the table lies the "Note from the Mansion Dining Room".

We pass through the inconspicuous door on the right. There will be two mines on the way, take bottles and throw them at them, to quickly neutralize. In the kitchen on the right we will find 4 patron, between the shelves 1 bolt-flash, 1000 gel. In the last dead end room, a laboratory table, it has a brain for trepanning. Listening to audio recording, we need to stick a pin into the brain area of ​​F-7 Consent. You can see the location of the zones on the sheet below on the left., if you hover the mouse over it (area in the lower left side of the brain, to the left of the lower pin).

Key (24). In the laboratory room there is a figurine on a rack near the entrance..

We'll see the memory: Dr. Marcelo communicates with Dr. Ruvik.

9.3. Library
On the way back, there will be a blue flash - this means, that Ruvik appeared behind us. No need to run fast, otherwise he may appear in front of us, just leave him 15-20 seconds. Thus, he will appear several more times in certain places of the mansion..

In the foyer until we go into the right door, go to the 2nd floor in the left door. Ruvik may appear here. We take from the shelf 1 cryo-bolt, on the rock mine, on the table 2 cartridges, 300 gel. We climb to the second tier of the library, under the picture we take the upper dial of the safe. We remember, what is painted in the picture 11 man with bags on his head.

In the library we enter the side corridor, they sit there near the body 2 enemy. There is 1 trap detail. Further in the corridor mine. We enter the side door, we will find ourselves in the bedroom, there is 4 patron.

Note (13/16). In the side bedroom on the table "Note from Ruvik's room".

In the next bedroom on the table there is 1 first aid kit, in the chest of drawers 2 matches, nearby 500 gel. The enemy will enter the room, we fight off it.

In the corridor we reach the turn. Left unopenable double doors, there is another door on the right, and on the side is the entrance to the bathroom. A glass in the toilet 500 gel.

Fragment of the map (16/28). There's a map on the edge of the bathroom.

When we reach the end of the corridor, millstones will appear from the double doors in the back, and we will begin to be pulled there. Aim and shoot the red light at the top of the door. Through the door we get into another bedroom. The bedside tables are empty here, and in a large chest of drawers 1 syringe.

Key (25). There is a figurine on a table in the back bedroom to the left of the entrance..

In the back bedroom we climb into the stone hatch in the fireplace, we get into the secret room laboratory. We take 1 burst bolt, 1000 gel. Examining the brain, listening to audio recording. Need to stick the pin into the A-2 Fear area, on the sheet below, we will see its location - opposite the lower installed pin.

9.4. Top floor
We return to the room through the fireplace, see the ghost of the doctor, talking to murdered parents. Ruvik may appear here. We go further along the corridor, we enter the trophy room with many screens.

Audio recording (6/10). There is a tape recorder on the table behind the left screen.

A corpse lies opposite, which will come to life, nearby 500 gel. We kill the enemy in the mask. Through this room we will return to the foyer through the right door.

In the foyer on the 2nd floor, enter the central double doors, we get to the gallery. On one table we take the lower dial of the safe. We remember, that there is a picture next to it, where depicted 2 human.

Key (26). In the upper gallery we look at the ceiling, a statuette is installed in the large window in the right-hand corner, shoot her, we select the key.

9.5. Music room
In the lobby on the 1st floor, go to the right door, we get to the gallery with pictures. On the left table in the center there is 1 syringe, sideways 3 matches.

In the side room 2 a rifle cartridge and an old woman with an ax behind a curtain. In the second side room 2 machine guns and mine. In the back music room to the right of the piano, there is 1 grenade. On the left is a painting with a safe and two dials.

Note (14/16). Under the picture-safe "Note from the music room of the mansion".

Safe Puzzle. On the top floor we found two dials, insert them. You need to enter two numbers, above 11, from below 2 (by the number of people in the paintings). The door will open, behind her is the third laboratory room with the brain. We need to get into the C-4 Hope brain zone (between the two top pins, slightly to the left of their middle).

When will we return, see ghosts. Ruvik plays the piano, Dr. Marcelo came to him for funding the hospital. In conversation it turns out, that Ruvik's parents are missing, and he himself does not want to help maintain the hospital. Prior to that, Marcelo supplied Ruvik with patients for experiments..

9.6. Ruvik's memories
After examining all three brains, back to the lobby, we enter the opened large door. Ruvik is catching up in the endless corridor. After his touch, we look at his memories.

We are in the room, where little Ruvik dissects a pig. On the table next to us we can take 1 burst bolt. We pass along the corridor, meet big bloody Ruvik, we run away from him into another corridor.

Before us is a long room with spikes on the ceiling and stretched wires. On the right we can take 300 gel. The thorns come down slowly, the main thing is not to touch the wires, otherwise the ceiling will collapse instantly.

9.7. Maze
We find ourselves in the hallway with mannequins. Ahead is a maze with lattice walls appearing, bloody Ruvik is chasing us, passing through these walls. We carry out a sequence of actions:

1. Here we find 2 patron, because in front of the castle, which can only be broken by a shot.

2. On the right we pass behind bars, shoot a mine from afar, take 300 gel and more 2 patron. We shoot another castle.

3. There are three traps on the way, turn left. We go around the next mine, if there are no extra cartridges.

4. We go along the shaft with peaks, squat, so that we don't get hurt. We shoot down the last castle on the way.

5. We run along the corridor between the mannequins, the game camera view will change, run towards the screen, not saving stamina.

9.8. Shed on fire
Fragment of the map (17/28). There is a fragment of the map on the table.

We go out through the corridor into the street. We go through the field of sunflowers to the barn. On the left you can take 3 cartridge and 300 gel. Right - 2 patron, 2 rifle cartridge. We enter the barn, see memories. Here young Ruben played with his sister Laura, and the locals at this time locked up and set fire to the barn.

There are two wheel arrangements on the left. First, spin the wheel against the wall, to slide into the elevator. Then spin the wheel to the side, to put it down. We enter the elevator, shoot the side wheel.

Key (27). On the top floor in the right corner we burn hay bales, behind them a figurine.

9.9. Boss: Ruvik
Trying to get out of the burning barn through the window, but Ruvik appears and throws us back. Ruvik's bloody silhouette itself is invulnerable, but he will constantly summon common enemies, they need to be killed. There is 2 cartridges, 1 gapun, but most of the ammunition will be obtained from killed enemies.

After the victory we will see, how Ruvik will lift the spirit of a dead girl. We fall into the corridor, we reach the room, we pass through the opening between the bookshelves.

Episode 10. Master tool
The number of trophies and collectibles in the location:

• Fragment of the map: 3.
• Poster: 2.
• Newspaper: 3.
• Audio diary: 1.
• A note: 1.
• Personal file of Castellanos: 1.

10.1. Basement
From the secret room we go down to the basement. We see in the memories of the conversation between the doctor and Ruben. On the left there is 1 cryo-bolt, a little gel in the boxes on the right. Nearby is a room with a mirror.

Note (15/16). On the table in the center is the "Note from the basement of the mansion".

Mental hospital “Lighthouse”

Newspaper (14/21). At the hospital at the stand "A wealthy landowner and his wife died in an accident".

After reading the press, inspecting the camera, to the left of our. A stranger talks to us about Ruvik's feelings.

Back to the basement. On the left behind the barrels we find 2 patron. We go down the stairs into the cable channel. Stretching on the way, if we get caught, the secret room on the left will close. In this room 2 cartridges, 1 burst bolt, 1500 gel.

Key (28). In the left secret room we break the boxes, behind them a figurine.

Further side rooms are locked, there are 500 gel.

10.2. Attraction
We go out into a dark hall with fortifications and stretch marks, wanders here 1 enemy. If we fall for the traps, alarm and light will turn on. The blade will start to rotate in the central circular room., have to crawl.

We reach the side corridor, here a sniper will shoot at us through the window, and more will attack ahead 1 enemy, deal with him first. Then there is 2 rifle cartridge, we can kill a sniper with them.

First, we go up to the 2nd floor.. We take 1 buckshot and gel in boxes. In the room ahead 3 enemy, one of them with a pistol. Killing enemies, disarming the mine, take 1 bolt-flash. We go out to the balcony, we kill the second sniper on the next balcony, take 2 patron. In the back room, we take the battery from the table..

10.3. Exit from the attraction
Going back down, we go to the central hall. We wait, when the blade passes by, climb over the fence on the right. They will go to us 2 enemy, one will die right away, the second will crawl. Sitting we cannot shoot, but we can throw the bottle, to make the enemy stand. Or we can go back through the fence, the enemy will die, when will he start climbing.

In the next sector of the hall there is 500 gel and stretching, to the right of her we enter the door. We take in the room 3 matches. They will attack more 2 enemy, we can set them on fire in advance. In a room around the corner in the wall 2 harpoon. Here we insert the battery into the device, this will open a double door in the hall.

We walk through the hall to the door. The room on the left is closed, in front of the room, inside which 2 patron, 500 gel and card.

Fragment of the map (18/28). There is a map in the room to the left of the round hatch.

We go down the stairs into the round hatch, we find ourselves in a corridor with many corpses. We pass to the room with a curtain, take 1 electric bolt, 3 matches, 1 cartridge.

10.4. In the dark
Key (29). On the left is an open opening to a room with thorns. Shoot the statuette from afar, we crawl up to her, we select the key, and crawl out quickly, until the spiked plate fell.

There are random items in the boxes on the right, up ahead 3 patron, 1 syringe. Double door with lever does not open yet, so we go to the blue door on the left.

There are several rooms here, interconnected, they roam 3 enemy. Enemies can be easily killed, without making a fuss. In the cleared area we will find 1 cryo-bolt, 1 grenade, 2 matches. In the back room we find the battery, with him we go further along the corridors with electric ovens.

10.5. Saw traps
We enter the room with many saws, but they don't work yet. We collect in the corners 3 patron, 3 cartridges, 2 rifle cartridge. Climb through a small hole in the wall, remove the stretch, insert the battery in the room. This will open up double doors, but the lights will turn on and all the traps around.

On the way back will come out 2 common enemy, then 1 fat man. And at the end Trauma will appear - a tall monster with pads on his hands. It will take a lot of rounds to destroy it.. It is not necessary to kill this monster specifically., we can deceive him, push the lever, and run behind moving obstacles, he will not catch up. But if we kill him, we get 3000 gel.

Key (30). We reach the movable wall of the electric furnace. When she moves forward, behind it we will see a figurine. We shoot from afar, we crawl there, take the key.

We reach the next room, where there are many electric ovens. We carefully enter there, and then we run back. All electric furnaces will move forward at once and stop in this position.. We crawl after them, collecting the gel, climb the stairs. We pass along the safe balcony, take 1 burst bolt, 2 patron. We climb into the low corridor, on the way we take 3 matches.

Fragment of the map (19/28). In the low corridor just behind the matches on the left wall the map.

10.6. Two injuries
We jump into the room, take from the barrel 1 syringe. An ordinary enemy will have his back to us, kill him silently. Ahead in the circular room at once 2 huge monsters, fight them. There is 2 harpoon on the wall, 3 cartridge in the corner, 6 cartridges on the barrel, 2 cartridges around the wheel. Injury has a vulnerable point on the back, and he walks rather slowly, therefore you need to run behind him and attack from there, or use explosive shells. For each killed monster we get 3000 gel. We turn the wheel, we pass further.

In the left side room 1 bolt-flash and 300 gel. Pull the lever in front, quickly crawl under the raised saw. So we'll go back to the double door room, open it and exit.

10.7. Top floor
We'll see a four-legged monster, and move to the mansion corridor. We enter the room, there are several cabinets with equipment. Nearby is a room with a mirror.

Audio recording (7/10). In the room on the left on the bed we will see a tape recorder.

Personal papers (10/15). To the left of the mirror "Diary - 27 February 2012 of the year".

Mental hospital “Lighthouse”

Newspaper (15/21). At the hospital at the stand "Police officer's house burned down".

Poster (8/15). At the hospital at the "Missing Patrick Higgins" booth.

We go into a large room, behind bars we see a crawling monster. This is a distorted image of Laura - Ruvik's sister, which burned out in life, and now her spirit is afraid of fire. Going down the stairs, at the bottom right we take 2 patron. Push the lever, from this, the walls in front will slowly begin to rise, and Laura will chase after us.

We will have time to crawl under two walls before the arrival of the monster. Then we calmly walk along the corridor, not wasting stamina. Ordinary opponents will come out of doors around, do not pay attention to them. You can take ahead 1000 gel, but we need to swerve to the right. Closing the double doors behind us, The beast will lag behind.

10.8. Chase
We take 3 matches. We go out to a large platform, in the center behind bars we see an elevator. On the left behind the bars we can see a statuette with a key, but there is no way to go there yet. Push the lever, this will turn off the fire on the way. On the left at the grate we take 4 patron.

Ahead on the right is another fiery obstacle, to remove it, we look at the pipes under the ceiling, shoot the valve. In the next corridor we will meet Laura, we run away from it to the left. We enter the stone room with ovens. Push the lever and wait, until the fire goes out ahead, running in circles from the boss. We run into the opened passage, go up the stairs.

On the upper floor in the corridor, the 1st chimney with a valve, when a monster passes under it, shoot the valve, the monster will be caught in a stream of fire. Further in the circular room, the 2nd pipe with a valve. Here, first press the lever, and then cut into circles, hiding from the boss behind a tiny piece of wall.

We run through the round hatch, we find ourselves locked in a furnace with pipes. We look at the ceiling in the center, shoot the valve, so as not to burn alive.

10.9. Boss: Laura
Today I will teach you how to burn four-armed prostitutes

We leave from the other side, here is an oblong room. The monster will appear in front, we can detonate a mine on the wall next to her. We need to shoot three bolts: left and right in the first room, and to the left of the fiery obstacle. There are corpses here, which can be set on fire with a match, when the monster will emerge from them.

Waiting for disconnection, we jump into the pit. At the bottom there is a 3rd and 4th pipe with a valve, lure the enemy under them. After that we shoot at the valve at the intersection of pipes., to remove the fiery obstacle in front of the lever. Monster can be slowed down with energy or cryo-bolt, and at this time press the lever.

Key (31). On replay, when we have fire bolts and a grenade launcher, the boss can be killed on the spot. After killing her, when we get to the elevator, the video will not appear with her finishing, and we can go to a dead end on the right, where there is a figurine with a key and a set of cartridges.

We run to the elevator, the video will start. Laura grabs us through the bars, but we will have time to leave. Ruvik will meet us below, obviously dissatisfied with our survivability. We learn from him, that detective Joseph is already dead.

Take the elevator down to the entrance hall of the mansion.

Fragment of the map (20/28). The room with the mirror is gone, but there is a map near her locked door.

We pass through empty red rooms, where were already in the memories. We get to the laboratory. This is where the doctor conducts an experiment on Leslie.. He manages to bring us back to the present, but only for a short moment. After that, a huge four-legged monster appears - Amalgam. The doctor dies.

10.10. Underground parking
We appear in a concrete corridor. Behind the back 1000 gel. There is a room with a mirror nearby.

Mental hospital “Lighthouse”

Newspaper (16/21). In the hospital at the stand "Discovered violations in the work of the mental hospital".

Poster (9/15). At the hospital at the stand "Missing Doctor Marcelo Jimenez".

In the hospital we examine the camera to the left of our. A stranger talks about hacking the STEM system, which connects consciousness.

Go ahead, we jump into the trench. In another room we take 3 patron, 3 matches, 3 trap details. In the second trench, the monster will try to grab us. We get out to the underground parking. We run from the monster, we fall to the floor below.

10.11. Boss: Amalgam Alpha
Amalgam is vulnerable to explosions, you need to attack it with explosive bolts and grenades. But this enemy does not stand idle for a long time., we throw a grenade only when it stops. At the end you can finish off with a shotgun, bullets, harpoons. We leave the rifle at the end of the battle..

The boss attacks with ram attacks, so as not to fall under them, it is best to stand on an open corner of the building. When the boss runs from one side, hiding around the corner. When he's on the other side, hiding in the other direction. There are also two rooms with ammunition and syringes at the location.. But if we run there for a long time, the boss will destroy the premises, and there won't be any more to hide.

2 stage. The boss nach glows purple, will walk slower and start throwing cars. There is a weak spot in its open mouth.. When he opens his mouth, slow down the monster with bolts and shoot from a rifle. Two or three accurate shots and the battle will end. After the victory, we collect ammunition. We take away from the body of the monster 20 000 gel. We go to the elevator.

Episode 11. Reunion
The number of trophies and collectibles in the location:

• Fragment of the map: 3.
• Poster: 1.
• Newspaper: 2.
• Audio diary: 1.
• Personal file of Castellanos: 2.

11.1. City ruins
Moving on to Sebastian's memories - to the modern world. The elevator will fall into the water, getting out of it. We leave from the half-flooded wreckage of the building, walking on the asphalt.

Key (32). Carousel on the right, there is a statuette on the saddle of one horse. We shoot her, swim closer and take the key. To get out of the puddle, we climb up the red car.

The road will lead us to the bar building, we make our way there through the rift. Collect ammo in the jukebox room: in a red chest of drawers 2 rifle cartridge, on the table against the wall 3 matches, on a round table 1 bolt-flash. On the right in a dead-end room in a chest of drawers we find 350 gel, and on the table in a silver case a new weapon - the Magnum revolver.

Fragment of the map (21/28). To the right of Magnum, a map hangs on the wall.

On the left we exit the bar. The house ahead will collapse, and we'll get to the alley. Houses will begin to move towards each other, run forward faster. At the end we squeeze into a narrow gap between buildings.

11.2. Lane
There will be a counter with mannequins on the side., take from him 1 first aid kit. Further down the street there is 2 matches and 300 gel. Around the corner we will be attacked by a masked fireman, shoot him in the leg and burn him with a match.

The enemy will be behind the fence, until you get there. We climb the hill behind the white van, we climb the fence. Here 4 enemy, we can kill everyone without being noticed. Around we find 2 cartridges, 1 grenade. Upstairs on a green container 2 patron.

When we have examined everything, we approach the blue doors, leading to the street. Doors won't open, but new enemies will come out of the inner door, go there. In the fenced area we take 2 matches, 2 rifle cartridge and a bunch of old keys. Outside will attack 3 waves of monsters, some are even armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor. Defeating the attackers, we go to the door to the street, we open them with keys.

We go to the burning bus, behind him, at the sign, go to the staircase. On the top platform there is 3 patron. We go down to the water, then even lower to the second bus. We sneak up on a sitting enemy, but the platform below us collapses, and we fall into the water. On the roof of a white car we find 3 patron.

Key (33). A figurine floats in the water. We can't shoot here, so we push the statue to the land in the blue pipe. We shoot and take away the key.

11.3. Small fish
A water monster swims in the next puddle, going into the water is deadly. To distract the monster, shoot at the corpse, hanging on a rope. While the water one eats the corpse, we swim quickly to the roof of the white car.

We cross the next puddle at speed.

The third time we shoot at two corpses at once, we swim to the inclined road ahead.

11.4. Street
Upstairs we inspect the boxes, we jump onto the roadway, there on the boxes 1 sleeper, even further in the stroller 2 matches, in case 5 cartridges of magnum. Soon the whole world will turn blue, Ruvik will appear, he will create his counterparts. Clones will animate all bodies around them. If you come close to the double, then he will grab us with his claws from the ground, so keep our distance. We do not pay attention to ordinary enemies, when we kill two clones, everyone else will perish and the door will open forward. For each clone we get 1000 gel.

On the road and in cars we find 3 patron, 1 and 2 cartridges. We enter the ruins of the building. On the left we take 3 trap details, 1 syringe. We will see a mirror inside, and automatically go to the hospital.

Mental hospital “Lighthouse”

Newspaper (17/21). At the hospital at the stand "Disfigured corpse was found in the sewers".

Poster (10/15). At the hospital at the stand "Missing Police Inspector Arnold Brown".

11.5. Bunker
We go down to the construction site. On the way we take 2 matches, 2 rifle cartridge. At the site with a yellow fence, we take 1 grenade. There is a crowd of enemies ahead behind bars, they will all gradually descend to our bottom. Our task is to storm the bunker, from which the enemies will emerge.

1 wave: two common enemies.
2 wave: common enemy with a sawn-off shotgun.
3 wave: two regular enemies with explosive bolts.
4 wave: two common enemies with dynamite, common enemy.
5 wave: armored enemy with assault rifle.

We enter the bunker, take 1 electric bolt, 5 cartridges, 300 gel.

11.6. Elevator call
We walk along the path, we jump to the next site. We collect 300 gel in tube, 4 patron, 1 syringe, on top of the tower 1 sleeper. At the top turn the generator handle, an elevator will come from this, in him 2 enemy with machine guns and body armor, several ordinary enemies will come to their aid. We quickly leave the upper platform, she shoots well. Armored enemies need to be knocked down, and then set it on fire. We get into the elevator.

11.7. By elevator
We collect all the ammunition in the elevator car: 7 cartridges, 2 cartridges, 3 rifle cartridge, 3 trap details. The booth will slowly move forward, and enemies will constantly appear around. We are waiting, when enemies come to the edge of the cliff, shoot them in the legs, and they will fall down. Sometimes it will be more effective to shoot explosive barrels.. If there are not enough cartridges, we only shoot at dynamite and machine gunners, we do not pay attention to enemies with hatchets.

At the end we jump from the elevator. On the right we will find 1000 gel, left 2 patron magnum.

Fragment of the map (22/28). We jump to the lower ledge. Looking back after the fall, we will find a map under the rock.

On the left we go out into the broken window, go along the blue pipe to the neighboring building.

11.8. Office
We enter the office space. There is a vending machine on the side “Brain Energy”, use it several times, to get items: 1 once - 300 gel, 2 once - a figurine, 3 raz - mine. Seeing a mine, sit down right away, retreat, explode from afar, it will be difficult to de-mine it.

Key (34). Push 2 once on the machine, a figurine with a key will be dropped.

Audio recording (8/10). There is a tape recorder in the far left corner of the office..

Personal papers (11/15). On the right in the room with the mirror "Diary - 11 july 2012 G". The hospital has no new documents.

At the end of the hall there is a second machine, he will give 3 times by 300 gel, and the fourth time - a difficult mine. On the left on the table we take 3 patron, 1 cartridge. In the next room 1 sleeper, in the side room 1000 gel, even further at the exit 2 matches.

11.9. Water
We go out into the flooded courtyard, on the opposite balcony we see Kidman, running away from monsters. Dangerous monsters swim in the water. On the right, the doors will periodically open and close, we need to be on time.

1. When the doors just start to rise, shoot the suspended body on the left, jump off and swim to the door.

At the next section, we can climb onto a white car, there 2 patron, then go to the stairs, there still 2 patron. From the balcony we see the enemy sniper on the left below in the car, we can kill him in advance, and then we can use it as bait.

2. We shoot at the hanging body, we sail to the next car, you can climb on it from the right side.

3. There is still a body ahead, we don't touch it yet. There's a bottle on the car, we can throw her, to distract the water. At this moment we are sailing to the next car on the left under the arch.

4. We are waiting, when the doors start to open, shoot the last body, and swim.

11.10. Salvation Kidman
We climb the stairs into the building. We find 2 matches. In the room ahead 6 enemies, some can be eliminated unnoticed. There's a trap right outside the window, I'm not going there. Further behind the mine crates.

When we kill enemies, Kidman will come out of the balcony. But more will come out of the double doors 3 enemy. Some of them will shoot Kidman, we achieve the remaining. Behind the doors is an enemy with a machine gun and a bulletproof vest, throw a grenade at him or come closer. We take in the room 500 gel.

Key (35). Upstairs press the elevator button, inside the booth there will be a figurine with a key. But the elevator will not go to other floors.

Going down the stairs, under it we find 500 gel, next to the boxes 1 sleeper. We go out to the balcony and go down to the street. We pick up more at the wall 500 gel. We enter the blue door.

Fragment of the map (23/28). There is a narrow alley just behind the blue door on the left., there is a mannequin and a map.

We go around the fences, under the next stairs on the left we take 500 gel, a little further behind the containers more 1000 gel. We enter the building, here we will temporarily turn into a monster, and Kidman banning us in the room. We regain consciousness, Leslie will open another door for us.

11.11. Storage
We enter a warehouse with many mannequins. The entire room is filled with flammable gas, therefore, you cannot shoot and set fire to anything. In the first room on the left, near the lockers, there is 1 syringe. Trauma will walk here, another one will exit the container. These enemies are blind, and they are easy to fool, there are two bottles for this, you can hide in the low aisles in the shelves. Inside the container there is 1000 gel.

Deceiving enemies, climb the stairs, go along the bridge to the second half of the warehouse. Here is the door, locked on a key card, in front of her 2 matches. They walk sideways between the rows 2 common enemy, they can be killed without being noticed. Inside the container, more 2 the enemy is eaten by the corpse, key card near them, it can be taken unnoticed from enemies. There is a valve on the right to close the gas.

Back to the door, use the key. We go out to the balcony, in the distance we'll see Joseph.

Key (36). From the balcony we look at the construction crane behind the water tower. Take the sniper rifle and shoot the statuette., suspended from this crane. We can pick up the fallen key a little later..

11.12. Outside
Let's go down, find a room with a mirror.

Personal papers (12/15). On the floor in the room lies "Diary - August 2012 of the year".

Newspaper (18/21). In the hospital, at the stand "Missing Investigator, looking for a serial killer ".

We return to the alley. In the far left corner we enter the blue container, there 1 cartridge, 1 cartridge, 1 rifle cartridge. We enter the upper room with mannequins along the stairs., take 500 gel, 2 matches. An enemy with dynamites will jump out of the locker, preparing for its appearance. We punch the boards, on a thin bridge we cross the abyss. On the other side we take from the bench 500 gel.

Key (36). If earlier we shot the statuette, hanging on a tower crane, now there will be a fallen key in front of the lattice door.

Episode 12. Drive
The number of trophies and collectibles in the location:

• Fragment of the map: 1.

12.1. Chase
We meet Joseph in the garage, we get on the bus together. Kidman also resorts here., all three of us quickly leave the huge monster spider. The monster will open the roof, and will begin to attack with a claw. We shoot from any weapon, aiming at his head.

You gotta look at the floor from time to time, the monster will throw small larvae there. We kill them from afar, pick up the remaining ammunition. Also, ammunition is spread out on the side seats..

12.2. Ambush
We'll peel off the spider and hide in the wreckage. Enemies with dynamite will start attacking from one of the debris from above. We are waiting, when they light the fuse, and then we shoot at them, so they explode. Shoot masked enemies at the feet.

Enemies will go to the right first, then - in the center, after - on both sides. There will be small pauses between the waves.. At the end, Joseph will shoot the enemy near the fuel tanker, and we can drive on.

12.3. Boss: Spider Heresy
The spider will attack us again. Now, besides the usual actions, he will rock the bus, interfering with aim, and hook the pincers from right to left - at this moment you need to squat. We can get more ammunition, letting the boss drop small maggots onto the bus.

When we do enough damage, we will be able to break away from the spider through the underground tunnel. Detective Joseph will prompt, that the way out of these nightmares should be in the hospital “Lighthouse”, because she is present in all memory locations. Immediately after that, someone will shoot Joseph., stop, to find a first aid kit for him.

12.4. Find a first aid kit
We're on the freeway, filled with cars, we need to get to the ambulance. There is a fairly large cluster of monsters at the location, therefore it is better to act covertly. The blue car ahead has 1 burst bolt, near on earth 5 matches. We can blow up barrels near enemies.

There will be a sniper on the roof of the car ahead, sneaking up on him. In one place you will have to quickly run on an inclined machine. We go around the truck on the right, shoot the barrel and blow up the sniper. Nearby we find 4 rifle cartridge. We take in the ambulance 1 syringe and styptic for Joseph.

Fragment of the map (24/28). There is a map inside the ambulance on the right..

12.5. Return trip
When will we return, a jeep with a machine gun will drive up. We are waiting for the breaks between the bursts of the machine gun and quickly run from cover to cover. The enemy will blow up the red car, picking up in its wreckage 2 cartridges, 2 matches. There are a dozen more enemies behind the car, do not pay attention to them yet. When will we come, the machine gunner will get the dynamite, shoot him in the legs, we leave and wait for the explosion.

We sit down at the machine gun ourselves and shoot the remaining enemies. First of all, we destroy the dynamite. Enemies will attack in several waves. When we hear the voice of colleagues, do not rush to leave the machine gun, first we destroy the last enemies, attacking the bus. After that, we run to heal Joseph.

We sit behind the wheel, driving on the road. Driving around cars, crush enemies on the road. But at the end we will meet Ruvik, he will direct our bus to the building, and we'll crash.


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