Icarus: Guide for tips on playing and for cooperating

Good day! This guide has been created for easy advice on how to play and for the cooperation of Russian players in Icarus.. Please unsubscribe in the comments for those who are looking for a group for the game and for those who are already new to the game and are ready to help with advice.


A collection of simple tips for observation
As I understand it, hunting farms experience faster than gathering
The game has a stealth mechanic, so we recall Elder Scrols and shoot from a bow from “stelsa” (default CTRL) more damage and, as a rule, shotaesh in the head of deer wolves
Tools can be repaired by licking them in the inventory
Rains and other weather events can damage your outdoor equipment
If you go to the fire and light up you can set fire to the surrounding elements (I set fire to my Oxythus purifier)
I liked the big island for the initial farming, there is coal on it near a large rock
From the tips that I gathered from video guides of other players:
1)It is better to spend crafting points on clothes made of leather and fabric, for fur armor is top at the start and it is better to pump up and wear it
2)Better to spend crafting points on building from wood and stone because they are easy to break and stone is better
3) It is better to settle on an island like this, because the enemies there do not resay and you can chill

Cave with a worm and resources
As you can see in the marked location there is a cave in which the worm is found(there are still monsters), he spits, but this cave contains iron ore, copper ore and aluminum ore(it cannot be broken with a stone pick) And also there is water.
Place on the map where the 2nd cave And here is where 3 cave and it is largerPS Into the cave status “Underground” it's kind of cold and you can get pneumonia

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