Icarus: Mission Basics(research)

This guide is about, what I personally managed to find out as I went through the story missions of the Icarus game.


First you need to create a character, here I will not talk about the creation process, everyone there chooses according to their taste.
Next, we are transferred to the game start screen and select our first survey.:
In the game Icarus, the initial survey grid looks like this:
To start the survey, you need to click the mouse on the survey available to you, initially, if you just started playing, only the first research is available to you, after you go through any survey, other lines connected with it will open.

General mission concept(research).
Every exploration has a purpose, as well as a timer for the duration of this goal.
Let's look at the example of the first survey, to select it, you need to click the image on the survey grid:
Now when we clicked it, the survey menu appears:
1. Biom, ENT assignments and general recommendations, I strongly advise you to always read this information.
2. The general meaning of the survey task, more specific subtasks will be given after disembarking.
3. Prospecting timer, please note, what is the real time shown here for performing a specific survey.
4. Complexity of research, according to my personal observations, it does not really mean anything and any easy(lung) survey may be more difficult than survey marked with normal(fine).
5. The button transfers to the screen the equipment that you will take for this survey:
6. Survey start button.


7. There are awards for some research, which can be obtained for completing the task and successfully returning to the station. Rewards can be used to craft high-tech equipment at the station.

What you need to do on the test?
So, you landed on a survey, the sun is shining, beautiful graphics everywhere, low fps, in general, everything is fine and here the question arises for what all this is? The exploration mode in Icarus is not aimless, The exploration mode in Icarus is not aimless, which must be completed in order to successfully complete the search for return to the station and the discovery of new surveys.
We will analyze the basics of completing tasks using the example of a starting survey which is called BEACHEAD:RECON:
We see such a picture after disembarkation.:
1. Survey name, in this case BEACHEAD:RECON.
2. The main task for the survey, in this case RECON:FOREST ZONE(Intelligence service:Forest zone(biom)).
3. Subtasks for exploration, which must be completed to successfully complete the main task.
4. Empty subproblem square denoting, that it has not yet been completed.
5. Completed subtask square signifying, that subtask is done.
6. After all subtasks are completed, the main task is considered completed.

Now you can complete the survey, what will be discussed below.

Game map, how to find tags, your own shuttle, etc.?
Let's look at the example of finding our shuttle to work with the map in the game.
You urgently need to find your shuttle, but you forgot exactly where he stands:
For this, the map will help us., which also has several modes:
1. General map legend, it denotes the player or players, each in its own color, shuttle, as well as different subtasks of your research.
2. What the player's location looks like on the map in the example of the screenshot above, different players are marked with different colors, the marker of their nickname is also visible above them.
3. Shuttle icon, important note, if you play as a group, then each player has his own shuttle which is not visible by the icon on the map for others, but visually in the game you will still see them.
Map modes:
4. Normal photographic mode as from satellite, no labels for contours of rocks and biomes.
5. Rock and Biome Outline Mode, any marks are very clearly visible on it, including players, shuttle and survey tasks. The most convenient mode, to perform subtasks of the survey.
6. Normal + Outline Mode, most crowded regime, it is very difficult to notice anything.

How to complete the survey?
For, to complete the survey you need to return to your shuttle, which you originally flew on, he looks like this:
After interacting with it, the following menu appears:
1. Button to complete the survey and return to the station(the main thing for me is the progress of the game).
2. Slots in a capsule for curiosities(second station currency) and for that, to return the equipment crafted on it to the station and repair it, if you don't return, it will disappear and have to be crafted again.

IMPORTANT!!! If you play online with friends, the host should be the last to fly away(exploration session creator), otherwise, the completion of the task of other players who did not fly away may not be counted. Perhaps at the moment when you read this, the developers have made a change and this paragraph is not up-to-date.

The survey completion screen looks like this:

First research.
Below I will gradually add a general description and small tips on the main tasks of the survey.:

Forest(biome Forest).
It includes the following research:

The first research and of course the easiest, the main task is to explore the forest biome, sub-tasks include:
1. Craft, hunts, collect.
2. Get level, distribute talents and learn the blueprints you need.
3. Create a bed and any shelter.
After completing subtasks, leave the shuttle survey.
You will not receive any rewards for researching other than advancing to the next research..

The main task of this survey is to conduct a scan using the discarded equipment of the Biome Forest.
The subtasks of this survey will be as follows.
1. Find Scanning Equipment.
2. Scan location 1.
During the scan, you will be attacked by 2 bears at the same time, who are serious opponents at the beginning of the game, so I advise you to make at least advanced bows. If you run far from the point while scanning, bears will interrupt scanning by breaking equipment, so you have to kill them.
3. Scan location 2.
During the scan, you will be simultaneously attacked by 3 wolves at once, wolves are not serious opponents in the game, it will be easy to cope with the very first spear. If you run far from the point while scanning, the wolves will interrupt the scan by breaking the equipment, so you have to kill them.
4. Scan location 3.
During the scan, you will be simultaneously attacked by 3 pumas at once, cougars are slightly stronger than wolves, but much weaker than bears. If you run far from the point while scanning, Cougars interrupt scanning by breaking equipment, so you have to kill them.
5. Pick up the scanning equipment and return to the station.

This research is your first test of strength in the game., desirable level and technology not lower 2 rank, don't let the bears farm you.

Upon successful completion of the survey, you will receive your first currency in quantity 100 units, exploration for other biomes will also open.

The main objective of this survey is the collection of biosamples in the forest biome..
This task is extremely simple and does not even require building a base or any additional tools., you can hide from wolves and bears in the forest without defending yourself from them. The main thing is to take care of the replenishment of food, water and oxygen.
The subtasks of this survey are as follows..
1. Inspect 3 sample.
2. Collect samples and take them to the shuttle.

The reward for this exploration will be 100 currency and this is even too much for 15-20 a minute walk through the woods.

This survey, as written in the name, proposes to engage in geological exploration of the territory, which includes the following subtasks:
1) Geological exploration of point Alpha.
Will pass without complications.
2) Geological exploration of the Beta point.
Will pass without complications.
3) Geological exploration of point Gamma.
Will pass without complications.
4) Geological exploration of point Delta.
And here it will be fun, animals will start attacking you without stopping until the completion of geological exploration before 100%, will be ok +-10 bears and 20+ wolves, therefore, prepare for this battle seriously, animals will try to break geological equipment.

The reward for completing the task will be 75 station currency, which is not enough, given its complexity.

The first possible bossfight in this game, the main task of this research is to track down and kill an especially powerful wolf. Subtasks include the following:
1. Explore 3 places of the beast's attack.
2. Find the lair of the beast at night and kill him.
This is a very difficult research and you will have to prepare thoroughly for it., the beast has a huge number of hit points and great damage, the best option against him would be a firearm or as a last resort a crossbow / composite bow with good bolts / arrows using terrain, trying to stone him, your buildings, etc.. He will also periodically summon his pack of ordinary wolves, who will have to kill.

The reward for completing the survey will be 125 station currency, which is very small and not comparable to the complexity of the task(I'm talking about if you do it honestly, without using exploits of course).

Southern Glacier(biome South Glacier).

The main objective of this survey will be to stop catastrophic storms in the biome of the South Glacier and, consequently, to open it for research.. Survey subtasks will be as follows:
1. Collect 3 parts of a discarded device.
They will have to be collected in conditions of extremely low temperatures and constantly going snow storms that kill your characters very quickly, the presence of polar bears will also be a significant obstacle to the performance of subtasks, which are ten times superior in strength and vitality to their brown counterparts, fortunately, there are no obligatory battles with them and they can simply be avoided.
2. Assemble the device, place it in the South Glacier biome zone in the hideout and turn it on during a blizzard.
It is advisable to take building material from a stone house with you for this subtask., build a minimal shelter, install a device in it and wait in it until it turns off the blizzard, there will be no aggressive animals, unless of course you are lined up in their spawn area.

Upon completion of the main task, constant snow storms will stop, and upon returning to the station, the player or players will receive 125 currencies and next exploration in this biome.

The main objective of this survey will be to scan the South Glacier biome..
Subtasks similar to scanning a biome Forest:
1. Pick up device.
2. Scan in location 1.
Scanning the device will be attacked by a polar bear, how to deal with it is up to you, this is an extremely dangerous creature and the best solution would be to use a firearm.
3. Scan in location 2.
Scanning to the device will be attacked by an ordinary wolf, why did he attack alone, I don’t know if this is what the developers intended, too easy.
4. Scan in location 3.
When scanned to the device, a cougar attack will be carried out, cougar will be alone too.

Prospecting is challenging enough, considering the long hike throughout the South Glacier biome and the constant skirmishes with bears, which, with proper secrecy, can of course be avoided, but a fight with a bear when scanning a location 1 can not be avoided.

Upon completion of the exploration, the player or players will receive 150 station currency, as well as access to the rest of the research of the South Glacier biome, as well as research for the passage to a new biome.

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