Fallout Shelter: All kinds of rooms

Hello, guys! I would like to acquaint all of you with the assortment of rooms in the Fallout Shelter toy. Drove!


Loot and other rooms

  • Elevator — используется для перемещения между этажами Убежища.
  • Living room — предназначена для размножения жителей, and further increases the total number of allowed residents (maximum – 200 human).
  • Generator — дает возможность обывателям производить энергию.
  • Canteen — позволяет производить пищу.
  • Water treatment station — позволяет добывать жителям воду.
  • Pantry - designed for storing weapons, costumes, trash and pets (improvement increases this number).
  • Медпункт - used for the manufacture and storage of Stimulants (very useful things).
  • Laboratory - needed for the manufacture and storage of Antiradin (although radiation may not be treated).
  • Caretaker's Office — это уже наше место, makes it possible to send residents to various Quests outside the Vault.
  • Радиостудия - used to attract new residents, although sometimes it can attract raiders with death claws.
  • Weapons workshop — используется для крафта оружия.
  • Costume workshop — необходима для крафта костюмов (do not run naked!).
  • Workshop themes — нужна для создания различных тем, with which you can change the design of some rooms.
  • Парикмахерская - makes it possible for residents to change their hairstyle, hair color, and with improvement – facial features.
  • Nuclear reactor — более эффективная версия Генератора (although more expensive), allows you to generate a lot of energy.
  • Garden - a more efficient version of the Canteen, in it, residents will be able to produce significantly more food.
  • Water filtration room — более эффективная версия Станции обработки воды, makes it possible to extract water in decent quantities.
  • Пункт разлива «Ядер-Колы» - the most expensive room, produces both water and food, just a gun.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L upgrade rooms.

  • Fitness room — прокачка параметра S (Strength).
  • Спортзал - pumping parameter A (Agility).
  • Armory room — прокачка параметра P (Perception).
  • Cool room — прокачка параметра I (Intelligence).
  • Зал фитнеса - pumping parameter E (Endurance).
  • Гостиная - pumping parameter C (Charisma).
  • Game room — прокачка параметра L (Luck).


Also, all production rooms can be used to speed up production (depending on the probability of this acceleration), which, if successful, will bring the necessary resource + Lids, and in case of failure – will lead to an Occurrence.

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