Fallout Shelter: Lose Your Head Quiz Answers

All options for questions and answers to the quiz "Lose your head"


Quiz option 1
Question 1: How the Brotherhood of Steel arrived in the Commonwealth?
Answer: On a flying ship.
Question 2: Who from the Brotherhood of Steel took refuge in the building of the Cambridge police station?
Answer: Paladin Dance and scriptwriter Haileen.
Question 3: What kind of advanced technology do many of the Brotherhood of Steel use??
Answer: Power Armor.
Question 4: What the Brotherhood of Steel was looking for at Mass Fusion headquarters?
Answer: Beryllium impeller.

Quiz option 2
Question 1: What book was Moira trying to write?
Answer: Wasteland Survival Guide.
Question 2: What is the last name of Moira?
Answer: Brown.
Question 3: Which store did Moira send the lonely Traveler to for food??
Answer: Supermarket.
Question 4: Where Moira Didn't Send the Lonely Traveler?
Answer: To the Yader-Cola plant.

Quiz option 3
Question 1: Who is the most famous reporter living in Diamond City?
Answers: Piper Wright.
Question 2: Who was the sheriff of Megatonna?
Answers: Lukas Simms.
Question 3: What deadly creature lurks in the Salem Witch Museum?
Answers: Death claw.
Question 4: Who works as a DJ at the radio "Galaktiki News"?
Answers: Tridognite.

Quiz option 4
Question 1: What is the name of the old clairvoyant assistant of the Minutemans?
Answer: Murphy's mom
Question 2: Who took over Project Purity prior to launch?
Answer: Enclave
Question 3: What was the name of the insane Subway mechanic?
Answer: Technician Tom
Question 4: What misfortune did Alistair Tenpenny want to get rid of??
Answer: From Megaton

Quiz option 5
Question 1: Which settlement is closest to a refuge 111?
Answer: Shelter.
Question 2: Who trims the bushes in the shelter?
Answer: Codesworth
Question 3: Who wanders next to the "red rocket" not far from the shelter?
Answer: Psyna
Question 4: The great war began before what holiday?
Answer: Halloween.

Quiz option 6
Question 1: On the territory of which former state is Far Harbor?
Answer: Maine.
Question 2: Who is DiMA?
Answer: Sint.
Question 3: What is the name of the Children of Atoms base on Four Harbor Island?
Answer: Core.
Question 4: Why Kasumi Nakano fled to Akadia?
Answer: It seemed to her, that she is synth.

Quiz option 7
Question 1: In which part of the Commonwealth did the Children of the Atom live??
Answer: In the glowing sea.
Question 2: Where Lorenzo Cabot languished in captivity?
Answer: At Parsons Psychiatric Hospital.
Question 3: What place is outside the Commonwealth?
Answer: Far Harbor Hotel.
Question 4: Where was Kellogg's headquarters?
Answer: At Fort Hagen.

Quiz option 8
Question 1: Who was the mad leader of Dave's Republic?
Answer: Dave
Question 2: What was Rivet City before the war?
Answer: Aircraft carrier.
Question 3: Which group does Sarah Lyons belong to??
Answer: Brotherhood of Steel.
Question 4: Who was trapped on the roof of Trinity Tower.
Answer: Rex Goodman

Quiz option 9
Question 1: Name one of the gangs of nuclear-world raiders.
Answer: Polite, Operators, The room.
Question 2: What weapons do you need to defeat the Ryker?
Answer: Water gun.
Question 3: What do hubologists need?
Answer: Spaceship.
Question 4: Nuka-Cola with such taste does not exist ...
Answer: Fresh Nuka Cola.

Quiz option 10
Question 1: What the paramilitary mercenaries called themselves in the Capital Wasteland.
Answer: Claw company
Question 2: What organization created synths?
Answer: Institute.
Question 3: What monument Hannibal Hamlin wanted to restore?
Answer: Lincoln Memorial.
Question 4: What was the name of the super mutant monster, who was hiding in Boston Commons pond.
Answer: Swan.

Quiz option 11
Question 1: Whose famous statue has lost its head in the metropolitan wasteland?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln
Question 2: What was the name of the boy who sat in the refrigerator in the community?
Answer: Billy is the correct answer
Question 3: Super mutants were created using?
Answer: Man-made evolution virus.
Question 4: Who worships the shine?
Answer: Children of the Atom.
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