ARID map achievements guide Arid Unturned

guide to getting achievements from the new Arid card



this guide will tell you in Russian how to get new achievements from the Arid map
to quickly get achievements, they can be obtained in single player mode with the issuance of loot and without other players.
@give [ID] – delivery of items
@teleport wp – teleport to highlighted marker

Welcome to Arid | Welcome to Arid

you need to go to a new ARID card
nothing complicated

Arid Finale | Arid Final

need to be done by 5 quests for 3 NPS
all quests are to
but)bring a couple of things
b)run around the map and place flyers

first NPS Huey

start at his Supplier quest line

Supplier 1
ID: 59564/2

Supplier 2
ID: 59658/3

Supplier 3
arrange 3 flyer ID: 59515/3 from fighters on the territory of the KAHRAMAAD AIRFIELD military base

Supplier 4
ID: 59402
ID: 59403
ID: 59404

Supplier 5
ID: 59686/2

2nd NPS Architect

and his questline Reinforcements

Reinforcements 1
ID: 59028/4

Reinforcements 2
ID: 59440/10

Reinforcements 3
we mark the 4th with ID flyers: 59515/4 fuel tanks
in points:
Point Oscar
Tamara Complex
Abu Al-Kaba’er

Reinforcements 4
we mark with 7 flyers ID: 59515/4 radio tower
in points:
Point Mike
Abu Al-Kaba’er
as well as in points not marked on the map

Reinforcements 5
ID: 59550/8

latest NPS Red

with Arsenal questline

Arsenal 1
ID: 59010/2

Arsenal 2
ID: 59248/3

Arsenal 3
we mark with 5 flyers ID: 59515/5 wrecked cars

Arsenal 4
ID: 59262/5

Arsenal 5
take the key to room B14 at the top of the radio tower located near Point Mike

after which we go to the military base located in the northeast outside the map

you will need a full biosecurity suit
the simplest suit
ID: 1015
ID: 1016
ID: 1017
ID filters: 1270

on the second floor we go into room B14

and take away the quest book


talk to Finale and get the achievement

Lock, Stock and Barrel | Fuse, Stock and Barrel

need to craft RPG

Breeze ID: 59385
Barrel ID: 59386
Trigger ID: 59387
Sight ID: 59359
Illegal parts of ID: 59342
ID tool box: 59376
achievement received

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