Console commands in the updated version of Quake

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use console commands and what console commands exist in the updated version of Quake.


How to call the console line?
The console line is called on the ё button(or ~)
(In the screenshot below, I have cropped the console, because. there were personal files)

How to use the console line?
To perform manipulations with the console line, you need to enter the command into it, for, so that commands like god cease to function, just write it down again. Mandatory before entering the command, you need to enter sv_cheats into the line 1.

What are the console commands?
god - goddess mode
noclip - allows you to walk through walls and fly
fly - allows you to fly
notarget - enemies do not attack you first
kill - kill yourself and start the level over
give H [number] - set health value (255 - full health, but you can ask more)
give S [number] - get the specified number of cartridges for the gun. The number does not add up to the number of cartridges, which you have, and replaces it. A large number can be specified, but as soon as you pick up the ammo, it will reset to the maximum number of rounds, which can be obtained honestly. The same applies to the rest of the ammo commands.
give N [number] - get the specified number of nails for nailguns
give R [number] - get rockets to the rocket launcher
give C [number] - get energy cells to the electric gun
give 3 - get super shotgun
give 4 - get a nailgun
give 5 - get a super nail gun
give 6 - get a grenade launcher
give 7 - get a rocket launcher
give 8 - get an electric gun
impulse 9 - get all weapons and a full set of ammo
impulse 11 - get one rune (to get more, reopen the console and enter the command again)
impulse 255 - increase damage four times
cl_backspeed [number] - set the speed of running back
cl_forwardspeed [number] - set the speed of running forward
cl_sidespeed [number] - set the speed of movement to the side
map [card name] - go to the selected map (for example E4M6, DM6, HIPDM1)
skill [number] - set the level of difficulty (0 - light, 1 - normal, 2 - difficult, 3 - nightmarish)

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