God of War: All Treasure Cards

In total in God of War you can find 12 treasure maps. Solve them all, you will get an achievement “treasure hunter”. Unlike other games, you can't dig up the treasure, until the right card is in hand.


Treasure map: gift to the turtle
  • Looking for a map: Отправляйтесь в Пещеру ведьмы и доберитесь до тайной комнаты региона Переправа. The desired scroll will lie on the right in front of the entrance to the room.
  • The text of the riddle: There, where the leaves are red, and moss green, I buried my treasure. There, where does the turtle sleep.
  • looking for treasure: Само сокровище можно найти наверху, in the woods of the witch. From the Witch's Cave, climb up through the well and go forward along the path. After that, how to climb over a fallen trunk, in front of you will be a turtle or a huge tree. It depends on your progress in the story. The treasure lies near the large boulders from the screenshot below..

Treasure map: Inflated corpse
  • Looking for a map: поговорите с Броком и возьмите у него первое поручение по поиску алхимика. The quest marker will take you to the Velunder Mines southeast of the Lake of Nine. Follow the mission and about half way inside the mines (even before the door with runes opens) the scroll will be at your feet. Its really hard to miss, just focus on the red chest from the screenshot below.

  • The text of the riddle: Я отомстил троллю за гибель родных, but this victory cost me dearly. Everything, what do i have left, I buried next to his corpse. Ingrid and I often met the dawn on this shore, looking, as the sun rises above the temple.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь в локацию Скалы Ворона на юго-востоке Озера Девяти. The corpse of the troll can be found in the far part of the area, where you meet the unruly spirit as part of the quest Unfinished Business. Treasure buried near his belly.

Treasure map: Bow down to Thor!
  • Looking for a map: Отправляйтесь в Ландсутерские рудники, which you get access to as part of Brock's second quest “god from malachite”. You can swim there from the south side of the Lake of Nine, roughly opposite Turtle. You need a huge hole in the wood floor, which we will arrange shortly after entering the mine. Get down and go to the elevator on the left side. Climbing up, you will find the map near the red chest.

  • The text of the riddle: Моя жизнь была посвящена служению повелителю грома. I bury my greatest treasure there, where all the inhabitants of Midgard should live – at the feet of the god of gods.
  • looking for treasure: Вам нужен причал у Смотровой башни слева от моста, leading to the Temple of Tyr at the Lake of Nine. Climb to the very top, and then use the rope descent, to get to the next tower. Directly in front of you will be the sanctuary of the Jotuns. The treasure is buried to his right, closer to the rocks.

Treasure map: Captain's Key
  • Looking for a map: Отправляйтесь к причалу Каменный водопад на востоке Озера Девяти. You need to get to the top of the location, where a restless spirit awaits you with an additional task. Near it there is a wooden bridge, which can be lowered with an ax. Behind this bridge you will find a map.

  • The text of the riddle: Когда капитан сгинул во чреве гидры, I got his key! I went to new lands, but my ship crashed against the rocks and sank along with the precious key. Now he rests under the waves, impaled on a reef.
  • looking for treasure: Ваш путь лежит на Остров смерти, a small location in the southwestern part of the Isle of Nine. There is only one high rock on this island, on top of which the ship is stuck. The treasure lies right below him.

Treasure map: creation island
  • Looking for a map: Эту карту вы найдете у южного причала локации Железная бухта. It's in the southwestern part of the Lake of Nine. Initially, you can get here by a rope from the side of the Island of Death. The scroll lies near the boxes closer to the rocks..

  • The text of the riddle: Зачем тратить жизнь на почитание тех, who was created? I honor Storms – first among the gods, from which the genus of Ases descended. On the island, that is dedicated to him, I left my gifts.
  • looking for treasure: Вам нужна локация Хранилище бури. This is a small island in the eastern part of the Isle of Nine. How to moor, turn left and go through the lift gate. The treasure is buried in the sand near the gate to Veithurgard. See the second screenshot below for the exact location..

Treasure map: Historian
  • Looking for a map: Вам нужна локация Руины древних. This is a very small area in the northwest of the Lake of Nine.. The scroll is very easy to spot in the sand.

  • The text of the riddle: Я хотел внести свой вклад в собрание реликвий Фафнира. But when I arrived, his door was locked, and the way back was blocked by robbers. I quickly buried the treasure and hurried to hide. If I survive, I will definitely be back.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь в локацию Хранилище Фафнира. You will get access to it as part of the first Sindri quest. “Fafnir's treasure”. It's in the western part of the Lake of Nine. Reach the large stone gate at the back of the forest, through which you get into the storage itself. The treasure lies in front of the gate near the left statue with fire.

Treasure map: unblinking gaze
  • Looking for a map: Найти эту карту совсем не сложно. You will pass by many times, doing Sindri's first task inside Fafnir's vault. The map lies near the dead knight in the center of the stone circle.

  • The text of the riddle: Путь будет долгим, so I only take the essentials with me. The rest of the belongings will remain under the watchful eye of the stone face, until i get back.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь в Предгорье и повторите свой сюжетный путь к горе. You need to get to the highest point, where are the gates leading inside, but do not enter them.. A piece of rock will hang over you, nose-like. The treasure lies on a ledge near the cliff directly below it..

Treasure Map Hunter's Kingdom
  • Looking for a map: Reach the Observation Tower in the southern part of the Lake of Nine. Climb up, until you see the rope descent to the tower of Muspelheim. Slow down near him and go down the chain next to you. The map lies near the chest with runes.

  • The text of the riddle: Мотсогнир, lord of people and animals…I came here, to find out, did he figure out the secret of the legendary armor. But I found only grief and death. I leave these gifts in memory of those, who died for the glory of the dwarf king.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь в Вейтургард, this is a separate location east of the Lake of Nine. To open the gate, blocking access to the area, you need to land on the pier Stone Falls and turn the wheel with the chain there.

  • In Veiturgard you need to go south of the region. Pass by the huge dragon and reach the gate, locked in four runes. Turn left before the gate, there is a legendary mark. The treasure lies right in front of her.

Treasure map: Grebtsy Njorda
  • Looking for a map: Вам нужна локация Цитадель Нортри к северу от Озера Девяти и одноименные мистические врата внутри неё. You will get access here as part of the second additional task Sindri “family business”. The map lies inside the old ship, on the lower deck. To find him after completing the quest, stand facing the gnome's shop. There will be a channel on your left, on which you can swim to the right place.

  • The text of the riddle: В последнем путешествии мой корабль настигла яростная гроза Тора. I already gave up hope, when the gentle wind of the Njord dispersed the clouds and filled my sails. I hid my treasures there, where I can move the oar forever with the rowers of Njord.
  • looking for treasure: Вам нужен южный причал Канала Каменщика. Start climbing up to the Valkyrie Council and climb onto the next ledge after the gnome's shop. Instead of, to keep climbing, turn into the passage between the rocks. The treasure lies near the statue of the rower.

Treasure map: Salary to the finder
  • Looking for a map: Отыщите южный причал Забытых пещер к северо-западу от Храма Тюра. Not far from the coast there is a mystical gate of the same name., and to their right – cave. The card is inside it..

  • The text of the riddle: Я много лет работал на Хресла Фармадр, but my pay was meager. While there is a quarrel in the camp between Vandreed and his old man, no one cares about my modest savings. My secret hideout will be the perfect stash.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь в Цитадель Нортри к северу от Озера Девяти. Pass through the mystical gate of the same name and swim along the channel to the left of the gnome's shop. You need to find a location, where we launched the water wheel as part of the second task of Sindri “family business”. Opposite the wheel there is a wooden tower, which you can climb. Treasure lies above.

Treasure map: They won't look here.
  • Looking for a map: Пройдите сквозь мистические врата Вершина и начните спускаться с горы вниз мимо дерева с телом Мимира к снежным склонам со скриншота ниже. You need to get to that place, where we went outside after lifting from the Foothills on the trolley. On the left there will be an inconspicuous descent down, you there (cm. second screenshot). Go through the gate and see the gnome's shop. Go past it along the stone cornice and further to the tunnel with rails. The card will be right in it, can't get past.

  • The text of the riddle: Валькирии будут охотиться за мной до последнего мига. I'll hide it, what they need, right under their noses.
  • looking for treasure: Это сокровище можно отыскать в тронном зале Совета валькирий. You will easily stumble upon a dig site, exploring the area. From the mystical gate you need to go in a circle to the right. The treasure will lie between the second and third thrones.

Treasure map: island of light
  • Looking for a map: Эта карта находится в локации Канал каменщика на севере Озера Девяти. You need to go ashore at the southern pier and take a couple of steps to the left. The scroll lies right on the sand.

  • The text of the riddle: Не взирая на то, that we come from Alfheim, light elves have been watching Midgard for a long time. I've spent most of my life on this outpost. Most likely, here I will die.
  • looking for treasure: Отправляйтесь на остров с названием Застава светлых эльфов. It's in the northern part of the Lake of Nine. To find treasure, you need to turn on the blue bridge and go deep into the location past the chest with runes. Landmark – large stone columns with seagulls, rising from the water. To the right of them there will be a lifting iron gate.. You will open them, continuing to explore the island. The treasure lies near the cliff right outside this gate..

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