God of War: Where to find all catalysts

Glacial Catalyst (Glacial catalyst) - Rare item in God of War. This is a fragment from one of the Hel glaciers. (Whole), needed to enhance Endless Storm Charm (Charm of Infinite Storms). Since it is one of the best mascots in the game, you, probably, want to improve it. There are only three glacial catalysts in the game. You will need all three, if you want to survive from the talisman at most. This guide will show you how to find them..


Locations of Glacial Catalysts
The first Glacial Catalyst can be obtained from the Treasure Map "Don't Blink" (Don’t Blink). You will receive it in Fafnir's Dungeon. (Fafnir’s Storeroom). Move through the story to the treasured mountain, the catalyst will be yours. The second is also a reward for solving the treasure map - Ordsman Njord (Njord’s Oarsmen). A scroll with a hint and a picture can be obtained from the Citadel of Northrie (Northri’s Stronghold.). The treasure is located on the shore of the Lake of Nine. The third and final catalyst is next to Tamura's body. (Thamur’s Corpse), and you can take it, once you have the Magic Chisel (Magic Chisel). Break the seal and go through the door, once you complete the quest. You will see iron gates, locked with a rune lock. Turn around and look above the tunnel, who brought you there, and you will find the first rune. Raise your brass paws to the giant's shield, then jump onto the ledge. Look at the iceberg on the opposite side. You will notice the second rune. Go to the edge of the platform and drop down to the lower ledge, then look at the tip of the iceberg. There will be a third rune. That's it, what do you need to do, is to return to the iron gate and pick up the glacial catalyst.

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