Unturned: How to create a music pack

In this guide, I will tell you how to add your music to unturned. Without SMS and registration 😉
Programs, which you need.
1) Unity: https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download (I recommend installing Unity 2019, as unforeseen errors are possible)
2) Any text editor, eg: Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org
or you can use Visual Studio Code: https://code.visualstudio.com

Create a mod folder
Create a folder with any name(it won't show up anywhere, so call it what you want)

Now in this folder create a folder with the name of your music

Creating a project in Unity
After installing Unity

you need to create a project

Click on the button “New project”

Then press “Create project”

You can immediately delete the scenes folder:

Create a folder with absolutely any name, eg: “Inferno”

Now we carefully read and remember the actions!
You need to open this folder and put the coolest melody in the world into it 🙂
If your tune is not in mp3 format, then you need to use a converter: https://online-audio-converter.com/ru/ (The first audio converter that came across)

Also you need to compress your audio file. Click on the audio file with the right or left mouse button, and the properties of the audio file pop up on the right. Place a check next to Force To Mono and slider Quality put from 15 to 30%

Now go back to Assets and select your music folder

You need to create AssetBundle. Click on None and choose New.

Now you need to name AssetBundle. call it that: “song title.masterbundle”.
I have this name:

Now go to the game folder and find the file Materbundle.dat.
Path to file: steamappscommonUnturnedBundles

Copy Masterbundle.dat to the folder you created earlier.

Now open Masterbundle.dat through a text editor

IN 1 line core.masterbundle change to song title.masterbundle(I have inferno.masterbundle)
IN 5 line to be removed /CoreMasterBundle remains so: Asset_Prefix Assets

Navigate the game files and find Unturned_Theme.asset
Way: steamappscommonUnturnedBundlesAssetsSongs

Copy it to a folder you already know 😉

Rename Unturned_Theme.asset by the name of your song(same name as yours Masterbundle)

Export music from Unity
Open game folder: steamappscommonUnturnedBundlesSources

You need Project.unitypackage
Remember its location!

Return to the Unity project
Above you can see Assets.
You are taking Import Package after Custom Package

Next find Project.unitypackage

Open it and click Import


Now everything is ready to export the music!
At the top, select Windows in it Unturned > Master Bundle Tool

IN Asset Bundles choose song title.masterbundle and click the checkbox Multi-platform

Then export the music to your favorite folder

Click on Export


Connection of components
Now you need to link the mod files, so that the game understands what to do with them.
Open up song title.asset(inferno.asset)

Now open songname.masterbundle.manifest(inferno.masterbundle.manifest)

inferno.masterbundle.manifest, since in inferno.masterbundle.manifest it's already written.

In file song title.asset(inferno.asset) find the line inferno.masterbundle.manifest and change the link to, inferno.masterbundle.manifest.

Now change this line core.masterbundle on song title.masterbundle
inferno.masterbundle.manifest 10-13 lines.


inferno.masterbundle.manifest, inferno.masterbundle.manifest.

inferno.masterbundle.manifest: https://www.guidgenerator.com/online-guid-generator.aspx


Come in Unturned. Tab Workshop


In field inferno.masterbundle.manifest paste the link to the main mod folder.
In field inferno.masterbundle.manifest insert image link
Put the rest like this , as in the screenshot

Music pack
You can also repeat all the steps, shown above, to create a complete music pack.

This is not the whole mod., but there is already something to listen ^:^
Link to mod: MEMS’S MUSIC PACK

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