V Rising: How to get leather

There are quite a lot of resources in V Rising. One of the resources, which is needed to improve equipment, is the skin. It's very easy to get it, but the game doesn't explain it very well. In this V Rising guide, we have detailed all, what you need to know about leather mining.


Skin farming in V Rising
There are several methods, with which the player can get the skin.

The easiest way to get leather in V Rising – this is the looting of bandit camps, scattered around the world. However, before, how to go to the robber camp, worth checking out, what kind of loot can be obtained from it. Just base somewhere near the bandit camp and loot it whenever possible. It should also be remembered, that leather can drop as random loot from these rogue camps, even if it's not listed.

Moreover, the player can establish a tannery after defeating the frost archer Kili. After defeating it, the player will be able to build it for 8x planks and 160x animal skins. After it is installed, the player will need to collect animal fiber, hunting wolves and bears. It takes 16 animal skins to craft 1x leather., so the player will have to hunt a lot.

It's all, what do we know about, how to get skin in v rising. For more information on the game, be sure to check out our detailed V Rising wiki page..

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