V Rising: Blood Ability Guide

In the game V Rising, the player has a number of abilities available. The good news is, that you don't have to limit yourself to a certain group of abilities. V Rising abilities are divided into five types – Blood, freezing, Unholy, Chaos and Illusion.

The game allows you to use abilities from different groups at the same time. for example, you can use abilities from groups at the same time “Blood” and “Chaos” or “unholiness” and “Illusion”.

In this guide you will learn about all blood abilities, available in V Rising.


Blood abilities in V Rising
Blood Fury: increased shield for yourself and allies by 110% from the power of the spell and +25% increase attack speed on 4,5 from.

Shadowbolt: Launches a projectile, causing 200% damage. Sanguine Coil is traded for increased damage.

Blood Rite: Receives healing for 30% from the power of the spell and +100% magic damage inside AoE. The ability also grants Damage Block for 1,5 from.

Sanguine Coil: Fire a projectile, causing +75% magic damage and +40% life theft. This spell can heal you for +40% and allies on +100% from your spell power.

Veil of blood: Throw yourself in any direction and become invisible on 2,2 from. Attack enemies, to get a raise +25% to damage and +5% to healing.

Crimson Aegis: Create a shield on 200% from spell power for yourself or allies.

Heart Strike (Of course, your birthplace): +150% magic damage to all nearby enemies, when you rush forward. Receive at the same time +150% healing.

Crimson Beam (Of course, your birthplace): Release the beam, causing +150% magic damage to all enemies. Receive +100% healing for all allies, hit by the ultimate, and +25% healing for yourself.

It's all, what you need to know about blood abilities in V Rising.

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