Team Fortress 2: All cheats and commands

Using the developer console, you can turn on and off various gameplay and graphics settings, and also change their numerical value. Console can be enabled in advanced settings.

The following settings can be added to .cfg files for certain classes, located in the folder with Team Fortress 2.


cl_ commands
  • cl_ask_blacklist_opt_out 0/1 — a question about adding a server to the black list after a short stay on it (on / off)
  • cl_ask_favorite_opt_out 0/1 — a question about adding a server to favorites after a sufficiently long stay on it (on / off)
  • cl_autoreload 0/1 - automatic recharge (on / off)
  • cl_autorezoom 0/1 - return to aiming mode with a sniper rifle (on / off)
  • cl_burninggibs 0/1 - burning body parts (on / off)
  • cl_cloud_settings <0/1> – synchronization of configuration files in the Steam cloud (on / off)
  • cl_crosshair_file - changes crosshair image. “” - standard scope. example: «crosshair1»
  • cl_drawhud 0/1 - show/hide UI - requires sv_cheats 1
  • cl_first_person_uses_world_model <0/1> – whole body recognition mode (to use VR helmet) (on / off)
  • cl_flipviewmodels 0/1 - weapon display mode normal / opposite (in the left hand) - does not work when on the server
  • cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel <0/1> – player model in HUD (on / off)
  • cl_interp - how far to interpolate (are drawn beyond their present position) character models in the world. The best value for a hitscan weapon is 0.034
  • cl_new_impact_effects 0/1 - new surface damage effects, best seen on glass (on / off)
  • cl_ragdoll_collide 0/1 - ragdoll collisions (on / off) (client side only)
  • cl_ragdoll_fade_time - time, after which ragdolls begin to disappear (client side only)
  • cl_showbackpackrarities 0/1 - color highlighting of items when exchanging (on / off)
  • cl_showfps 0/1/2 - frames per second counter (off/realtime/rounded value)
  • cl_yawspeed - speed, with which the character is rotated using the +left and +right commands
  • cl_spec_carrieditems - Show custom items on the spectated player
Commands ent_
  • ent_create tank_boss – Create a Tank from Mann vs. Machine there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create obj_sentrygun – Create Turret 1 level there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create obj_dispenser – Create Distributor 1 level there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create obj_teleporter – Create Teleport 1 level there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create eyeball_boss – Create Glazastus there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create headless_hatman – Create a Headless Horseman there, where is your aim. Note: The headless horseman on foot can kill any enemy with a single hit., even the tank in Mann vs. Machine
  • ent_create merasmus – Create Merasmus there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_healthkit_small – Spawns a small first aid kit there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_healthkit_medium – Spawns a Medium Medkit there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_healthkit_full – Build a big First Aid Kit there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_ammopack_small – Spawns a small ammo box there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_ammopack_medium – Spawns a medium ammo box there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_ammopack_full – Spawns a large ammo box there, where is your aim.
  • ent_create item_teamflag – Creates neutral Intelligence there, where is your aim.
tf_ Commands
  • tf_allow_player_use 0/1 — disables/allows the use of the +use command on the server, useful on servers with fan maps, default value "0". - server variable
  • tf_damage_disablespread 0/1 - damage difference (+-10%) for weapons (on / off) - server variable
  • tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg - Pitch when calculating maximum weapon damage, in most cases the minimum value is recommended, default value - 100
  • tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg - Pitch when calculating minimum weapon damage, in most cases the maximum value is recommended, default value - 100
  • tf_dingaling_volume - volume of hit sounds, default value - 1.00
  • tf_dingaling_wav_override - Enable custom hit sounds
  • tf_dingalingaling 0/1 - weapon impact sound (on / off)
  • tf_medigun_autoheal 0/1 — automatically continue treatment without holding down the mouse button (on / off)
  • tf_overtime_nag 0/1 - the incessant shouts of "EXTRA TIME!» during extra time (on / off) - server variable
  • tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 0/1 - fixed spread of such weapons, like a shotgun, cutter and breaker (on / off) - server variable
  • tf_weapon_criticals 0/1 - random crits (on / off) - server variable
sv_ Commands
  • sv_cheats 0/1 - cheats (on / off) - server variable
  • sv_lan 0/1 – variable for networks in local areas – server statement only server variable
  • sv_gravity - sets the gravity of the server - server variable
  • sv_pure 0/1/2 – user content management – server statement only server variable
  • sv_password - sets the server password - server variable
mp_ commands
  • mp_autoteambalance - command for autobalancing players (produced by the server).
  • mp_disable_respawn_times - command to select the respawn time (produced by the server).
  • mp_idledealmethod - command to manage inactive players (produced by the server).
  • mp_restartgame - the command restarts the round (produced by the server).
  • mp_teams_unbalance_limit - command to balance forces in a team of players (produced by the server).
  • mp_timelimit - command to select the time of the map (produced by the server).
  • mp_usehwmmodels 1 & mp_usehwmvcds 1 – use of high-poly class models, used in the video series "Introducing the Class…»
  • mp_waitingforplayerscancel 1 - removes time when "waiting for commands…» (produced by the server).
hud_ commands
  • hud_combattext 0/ - Numerical value of damage over the head of the enemy (on / off)
  • hud_combattext_batching 0/1 - Toggles damage text overlay on each other within 0.10 sec. interval (on / off)
  • hud_combattext_batching_window - Any number up to including 2.0 acceptable, time in seconds for the above mentioned, only for more == 1.
  • hud_combattext_healing 0/1 - Toggles healing text for allies (on / off)
  • hud_combattext_doesnt_block_overhead_text 0/1 - Toggles overlapping particle effects, used for crits and mini-crits (on / off)
  • hud_reloadscheme — Use this, to fix various UI coloring issues or stuck crit effects.
  • hud_saytext_time 0 — Time interval (in seconds), during which chat comments are displayed before disappearing
Various commands for players
  • bind <key> <team> - Binds a specific command to the selected key.
  • unbind <key> - Unassigns a key, previously given to her.
  • dropitem - Drop flag or intel.
  • explode - Commit suicide. (the corpse is torn to pieces)
  • kill - Commit suicide.
  • fov_desired 70-90 - Line of sight. (higher values ​​will show more, but performance will decrease.)
  • jointeam red / blue / spectator - Go for the team. (take advantage of this, if stuck in "dead observers", when many people try to join a team at the same time)
  • jpeg - Take a screenshot in jpeg format.
  • record fix; stop - Used to fix glitches with UI color and bugs with crit effects.
  • retry - Retry the connection to the server.
  • status - Show map and connection status.
  • viewmodel_fov — Distance, on which the weapon looms, with more
  • the value of the variable shows most of the weapon, but hands and other parts of the body may be circumcised.
  • r_drawviewmodel — Draw various models.
  • restart - Restarts the north.
  • +attack – Enables auto attack.
  • -attack – Disables auto attack.
  • Say <Message> – Sends your message to the chat.
  • find <team> - Search function, displays all commands with that word, which you entered.
  • hurtme <number> - deals a certain amount of damage to you (number can be negative for extra health) - only works with sv_cheats 1 .
  • zoom_sensitivity_ratio <number> - Sets the sensitivity ratio, in rifle aiming mode, and normal sensitivity.
  • net_graph <1-6>
    By changing the number, you can find out various kinds of information., such as ping, fps, lerp, packet loss, etc..
Commands for admins

  • changelevel <card name> - Change map.
  • cvarlist — Show complete list of variables.
  • exec - Execute a configuration file.
  • map <card name> - change map - server variable
    Creates a new server, if entered in the main menu - allows you to bypass the "Create a new server" menu
  • maps — Show list of maps.
  • rcon_password <r then cmd and enter net user there> - Gives the player access to RCON commands.
  • nextlevel <card name > - Sets what the next map will be.
  • rcon <team> - Execute a specific RCON command.


For the record
  • record <demo name>- Start recording demo.
  • stop - Stops demo recording.
  • startmovie <video name> avi - Opens the interface, allowing you to record a video in high quality.
  • endmovie - Stop recording in high quality.
  • host_framerate <number> - Sets a constant number of frames when recording.
  • host_timescale <number> - Used in conjunction with host_framerate to make outgoing video smoother.

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