Strong weapon in Dying Light 2

The most iconic weapon in Bloody Ties? How and where to get it we will tell here



P.s we will use glitches, so if it is fixed, I will immediately write in the title
First you need to have Bloody Ties DLC, no way without him.

What do you need?

Everything you need to enter any challenge

Next, going into the test, we can throw weapons on the button Backspace
P.s does not work with crossbow, but I found another solution, I'll tell you about it later

Next comes the work of the hands 😀 all that is required of you press the test cancel button N and at the end of the test cancel, have time to raise the weapon

If you look at the screenshot, an icon of the same weapon appeared in the corner

Don't be upset if it didn't work out 1 times, I have it like 1 it turns out the same with 10 times 😀

What weapon did we get?

Yes, it may seem weak., but in fact it is only at first glance, especially when you kill flyers for 2-3 poke 😀

There are trials where weapons appear lying on boxes, they can also be taken through this method, there is a chance to find weapons without upgrades, that will allow you to hang your

The author from whom I found a method with pressing N

I would also like to mention one author of the guide where I saw a method with by pressing N , I just slightly supplemented his method with my own Author Max Wolf
Author don't hit :3

Other weapons

What weapons can we get?

Great Savage Ax

military machete


And others

Crossbow Method

We take as a basis the method with pressing N and add one thing
First we need tests Riot in the castle or any other with a Crossbow

As you can see in the screenshot, you can click the button G to change weapons this way you can throw the Crossbow out of your hands

Next, turn the method by pressing N, and get a crossbow in inventory)

Like and weak, and it seems to fit

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