A guide to all of Grounded's achievements

Achievements were added to the game a few days before the update 30.06.21 “SHROOM AND DOOM UPDATE”


I will immediately delight the owners of old saves (before the update 30.06.21) – if you have been through the game for a long time, then most of the achievements will be given to you when you enter your save. Of course, depending on how much you went before, I have a machine gun somewhere 8 opened including plot

“Save BURG.La after the explosion in the laboratory under the oak tree”

First story achievement. Complete tasks, what the game itself gives. When you reach the big oak tree and go inside, pick up the mustachioed robot and your achievement

Caution, before Burgle, you will first have to open the doors to him, and then it will be guarded by enemies

“Finish the laboratory in the hedge”

Second storyline achievement, you don't have to build anything)) The laboratory is located at the bottom of the map on the branches of the mothers, which will be quite difficult. A place protected by juvenile spiders and their large relatives. Walking through all corridors and finding the code, who opens the last door, should unlock this achievement. Can also collect audio file at the end, will open it

“Complete the laboratory on the pond”

Third story achievement. It will be harder to get than the previous one, get ready) The laboratory is in the pond, in the deepest part of it. At a minimum you need diving equipment. You will be greeted by new bell spiders and old taser robots. The achievement is unlocked either by opening the dome, or after finding the last audio file in this laboratory

Rules of science
“Purchase your first upgrade from BURG.La”

After completing several tasks for Burgle, you can buy mutations from him, items / recipes (construction details, cosmetic items). To achieve, it is enough to buy something from the tools, shopping at his walls was enough

Resource expert
“Analyze 15 resources”

Big, but a pretty simple achievement. First we find the research station, which is indicated by a purple icon on your map. There will be several analyzers for the whole game, so don't miss. Then just parse all resources, until you get an achievement. It is not necessary to do everything on one analyzer.

You can't do more at a time 3 analyze things. Have to keep busy with something every 10-20 minutes after each checked three

Growing pains
“Get the first mutation”

Mutations are achieved by performing specific tasks around the world. Facilitate your subsequent survival at times. There are all of them in the game 13, running with everyone will not work – can only be turned on 3 pieces, you choose their order. Some mutations have three levels of enhancement

List of mutations and how to get them:

1. Lung buff (increases maximum stamina) – can be bought from BURG.L for 7000 science points.
2.Herbal master (accelerates the cutting of grass)
level 1: Slice 50 blades of grass;
level 2: Slice 200 blades of grass;
level 3: slice 500 blades of grass.
3. Stone cracker (accelerates the extraction of stones)
level 1: smash 25 stones;
level 2: smash 60 stones;
level 3: smash 105 stones.
4. Ant-Nihilizer (level 1 and 2 increase damage, ant-inflicted; level 3 reduces damage, ant-inflicted)
level 1: kill 15 ants in the ground;
level 2: kill 45 ants;
level 3: kill 100 ants.
5. Kulak Lila (increased damage with fists) – kill 50 creatures with bare fists.
6. Coup De Grass (increases the likelihood, that the player will critically hit) – you will need scuba gear and find a small hole at the bottom of the map, which you can dive into. A small puddle will lead to a cave, where can you find the four-leafed lucky clover and this mutation.
7. Juicy (does so, that the player does not need to eat and drink so often) – find all the big boxes of juice throughout the game and you will be given a mutation. There are only 5, not difficult enough
8. Natural researcher (increases the player's movement speed)
level 1: Discover for yourself 5 interesting places;
level 2: Discover for yourself 20 attractions;
level 3: Discover for yourself 50 attractions.
9. Cardio fan (increases stamina regeneration) – the first I received, the most basic. We just run constantly on the shift, it is important that your character suffocates and the stamina ends completely.
level 1: run out of stamina 100 time;
level 2: run out of endurance 250 time;
level 3: run out of endurance 500 time
10. Trusted friend (increases revive speed)
level 1: revive the player 5 time;
level 2: revive the player 15 time;
level 3: revive the player 30 time.
11. Sniper (increased damage to all ranged weapons such as bows)
level 1: kill 40 creatures with a bow;
level 2: kill 100 creatures with a bow;
level 3: kill 200 creatures with a bow.
12. Meat shield (increases maximum health) – can be bought from BURG.L for 7000 science points.
13. Fresh defense – take a piece of mint (level tool required 2)

“Find 20 plots on the map”

Also an elementary achievement. Walk more around the map – get achievement faster. Points of interest are counted, which are shown on the map and the inscription pops up, when you first meet them

Dinner party
“Cook the beetle on a skewer”

We build a spindle in your camp, let's go kill aphids or weevils (they gave me an achievement for him) and then we fry their meat

For every taste
“Receive 10 new color schemes for KU.C”

Various so-called themes for your inventory

This will help you

“Put on the Tier 2 Armor Set”

We make a set of armor with the Roman numeral TWO on a workbench. Optional to achieve, so that the set is completely from one type of armor

“Sit in a chair”

Craft your own chair, for crafting, you need berry skin and sit down in your creation

“Execute 10 perfect blocks in a row”

Almost all weapons can block insect strikes – be it a spider, ant, ladybug, etc. Block the blow – hold down the PKM. I advise you to try, when your character is more pumped and is able to hold out more 10 blows of the same ant for example

“Craft your first level 3 item”

Craft any item or piece of armor with the Roman numeral THREE, in my case it was a big mint hammer

Street basketball
“Throw the ball into a basketball hoop from a distance 40 centimeters”

First you need to craft a basketball hoop. The so-called “ball” not, but any thrown object can crawl through the hoop. If you successfully hit the hoop with a throwing object, sparks will fly out. We just do it from a distance 40 cm

Protein cocktail
“Use 5 hearty smoothies, made according to learned instructions”

Smoothies give extremely pleasant and healthy BUFFES. First, craft a smoothie mixer in your camp, and then you can start using the recipes yourself

this guide will help you

Overcome your fear
“Kill the first wolf spider”

I think one of the hardest achievements in the game. It is necessary to kill the grayish large spider, not to be confused with a spider with a yellow and black belly. The enemy is extremely serious, even when you are fully pumped. The spider strongly poisons and destroys almost half of the lives in one blow. One on one and without a bow will be extremely difficult, calling friends – so more chances))

until “raw” achivki
Friends underground
“Tame the beetle”

Currently, only aphids or weevils can be tamed.. You will need a chopper, to cook herbal gruel and put it next to the insect. Each beetle requires its own beetle house

“Build your first mushroom brick building”

Use new mushroom brick items to construct a building. You will need a meat grinder, to chop mushrooms, and oven, to bake them into bricks. Both buildings belong to the new Haze lab

Mom's genes
“Kill the new Brood Spider Mother”

Unlocked after killing the first and only boss in Grounded. She can be found in her own lair next to the Flingman flying disc in the hedge. (bottom-right corner). To call it, you will need to craft a decoy called “Broodmother BLT”

The developers themselves warn, that the boss is very strong – while afraid to go to her) Also say, that from it it will be possible to make the most powerful weapon in the game.

The World Wide Web
“Take a longer homemade cable car ride 100 cm”

To unlock the Zipline in the first plae, you need Jungle Temple BURG.L chip. Once you transfer cihp to BURG.L you can purchase a Zipline recipe for 10 000 raw scientific
To build ziplines, you need to build two anchors first, Where would you like to go, for each of them to go. To connect them, you will need a lot of silk rope, and considering, that it should be longer 100 cm, it will take a lot of silk rope

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