Way of Will(a priest) The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante

The guide focuses on walking the path of the priest, in which we follow the path of will to the end.

We strongly recommend that you first try the path of the priest yourself.!!!



– smile shadows

Hide and seek:
– sit and wait

– repeat line

Lot – to suffer:
– come to terms with punishment

Gloria's Poems:
– offer to write poetry together

Crying baby:
– hug mother

Toy soldiers:
– tell the truth

– hit grandfather

*Ant farm:
– play alone

Distinguished guest:
– save face

– look further into the kaleidoscope

Temptation by sweetness:
– admit

– intercept the whip


Neighbor down the street:
– solve everything in peace

Dashing horses:
-shield Sophia from the horses

Stefan's arrival:
– keep the conversation going

Shawl on the pavement:
-Leave a handkerchief as a keepsake

A storm of expectations:
– study theology

Noble children:
– hand over Diderik to teachers

White Tree:
– open to revelation

*Not a childish question :
– confirm Nathan's fears

A shadow of the past:
– recognize Gloria as a sister

Nobleman's Lot:
– follow brother's orders

The trial of the offenders:
– support father

– prevent grandfather

Last honors:
– return stiletto

*Forbidden love:
– help Stefan

– keep the secret of Gloria

– hide

Last night:
– go to mother


Arrival in the capital:
– go to the Great Temple of Gemini

Luke's Sermon:
– argue

The city does not sleep:
– go to the secret salon

Guest from the past:
– refuse

Three Shares:
– carry a revelation

The bonds of friendship:
– leave everything, as it is

Searching for the truth:
-Leave doubts and strengthen in the old faith

Black book:
-Keep the secret of Ailis

Criminal connection:
-demand punishment

Second communion:
-lash with full force


-support Jeanne

-Talk to Stefan

Sacred conclave:
-reassure residents

Reception at the Brante House:
-Order a family portrait

Between the devil and the deep sea:
-Contact Nathan

A gift to the family:
-Give out to nobles

La Tari Club:

old friend:
-Dinner with Tommas

In the shade of a tree:
-Point out the flaws of the new faith

Call of the ancestors:
-Take the side of the father

Will and law:
-Support Jeanne

-Make edits to texts

Brothers in misfortune:
-Take to the Inquisition

*Principle of Will:

*With arms in hand:

-Save Ariadella

Feast of the White Tree:
-Contact Mother

On the trail of witchcraft:
-Chase the magician

-Go to Jeanne

*Stephen's plan:

-These are real feelings

Patriarch's sermon:
-Blame Cassius

Privileges and powers:
-Fabricate evidence

*Glorious family

*The Hunt for Tommas:
-Take advantage of the patronage

-Convincing Gloria to Resign

Confession of a sinner:

-Lure Mark into a trap

-Send for Jeanne and Father Lennart

In the scaffold:
-Give strength to mother

*A minute of rest

*Golden cage:
-Keep in touch with Gloria

*Tommas's wedding:
-Perform the rite

-Call mother

-Deny everything

Family council:
-To become confidants of the governor

*Noble blood:
-Accompany Stefan


Triumph loves:
-Obey his will

-To instruct the parishioners

Way of Will

Judgment of the Gods:
Rebel against the Gods

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